Monday, 17 December 2012

Ewa or Angelina?

As Junkmale wrote yesterday, Ewa took part in one of charity event in Czech Republic called "Heart for kids" singing "Happy Day". All EFUK team was delighted about this perform, but what tabloids says?

The most interesting article is about comparing Ewa with Angelina Jolie and her "Oscar leg". They wrote that they can't find difference between both of them but Ewa's leg looks much better than emaciated Angelina's. You can find some pics here, what do you think?{%223967726321355%22%3A524765210867608%2C%223965670029949%22%3A258050350989694}&action_type_map={%223967726321355%22%3A%22og.likes%22%2C%223965670029949%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map


It's that time of year once again.
Just a quick message to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at EFUK.
Thanks to everyone who has visited the Blog, commented, joined or supported us in any way throughout 2012.  It is very appreciated.
If you are not Christian then have a great day anyway.
Roll on 2013.

Junkmale and Paulina.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy day in Farnaworld.

Ewa began what will probably be a busy Christmas schedule by appearing in this annual Charity fundraiser in the Czech Republic.
The question remains - 'Can this white girl sing the blues'?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


New re-mix of Obrazova Vila has appeared.
I normally don't like this sort of thing but must admit that this one is pretty good?

Ewa appeared on the cover of this TV listings magazine in the Czech Republic.

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New photoshoot in Warsaw

Ewa's hairstylist and photographer published on facebook a new, autumn shoot. These pics were used in "After Party" magazine..
Photos was taken in Warsaw where Ewa now lives because of her Law Studies.

(for those who don't like facebook or haven't got access, pics will appear on soon!)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cesky Slavic 2012

Once again Ewa took the Bronze Medal (3rd Place) in this years Cesky Slavic.  Her profile has been quite low key in the Czech Republic this year so it's a commendable result.
Congratulations from all at EFUK!
She also treated us the this version of Skyfall from the latest Bond Movie.
What a fantastic, mature performance.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Big "Bitwa na Głosy" catch up!

Finally, there is time for a big update about Bitwa na Głosy! I’ve wrote about it before (when the show started) main overview for it’s rules and now I’ll try to explain more and write how Ewa’s team muddle through…

First of all some BnG facts. At the beginning there was 8 teams, headed by Polish music stars: Robert Gawliński, Beata Kozidrak, Afromental,  Jula, Piotr Rubik, Liber, Ewa Farna and Adnrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny. Their teams are formed by 16 talented vocalists, team leader (star), choirmaster and person who is some kind of manager for team. Important part of show is the jury created by 4 polish celebrities – Alicja Węgorzewska (opera singer), Katarzyna Zielińska (actress), Wojciech Jagielski (music director of Radio “Zet”) and Titus (lead singer and bassist of metal band Acid Drinkers). All show is hosted by 3 reporters – main Agnieszka Szulim and Hubert Urbański, and backstage host – Piotr “Kędzior” Kędzierski.
Every episode, the team which lost sms voting have to leave the show …. except in the first and second episodes. In first and second show there were only 4 team performances each show (eg. Ewa’s team, was in first episode, so they weren't in second), in this episodes nobody leaves show but the best team gain an immunity. It means that choir with that “immunity” are save in episode 3 (when firs team have to leave show). … umm…complicated to explain but hopefullly you understood? ;)
Ok that’s it about rules, let’s focus about Ewa and her team.
Episode 1 Now we know that Ewa’s team from Sosnowiec are called by themselves as Trasfarners (mixed Transformers and Farna ;). This time because there are only 4 teams all of choirs are singing 2 songs.
So let start watching -  opening (when Ewa and other leaders sing, and their teams are only back vocs) is so energizing it’s “What a feeling” by Rene Cara Farna was best in it!
After that it can be only more exciting. Sosnowiec group are performing a bit changed “Nie przegap” and what a surprise for us! Ewa took part in song! Jury is delighted!
Next round, next song “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, this time as it should be with Ewa only as a “conductor” Jury isn’t sure about if this performance is good or not, their opinions are divided.
On the end we can’t be more excitet TRansfarners won immunity! We can be sure that they will sing in episodes 3 and 4!
About 1:30 you can see how happy they are ;)

Episode 2 Is wiithout Ewa’s team is other 4 team…Immunity goes to Jula’s team (in most opinion undeservedly!)

Episode 3 and next emotions. Of course we are sure that Sosnowiec team will stay in show but how they show up? If it will be good?
At the beginning we can enjoy “it’s my life” by Bon Jovi Ewa’s part is definitely too short J
Then Transfarner amazed us with “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson jury’s opinions are good but can be better!
Thank God they are safe … we have to say goodby to team leaded by Robert Gawliński representing south Warsaw.
Episode 4 and finnaly polish song for opening! It’s “Dziwny jest ten świat” by legendary Czesław Niemen . Have to admit that Ewa’s voice sounds pretty great with Piasek’s one ;) Check it ->
Then time only for Team Transfarners they choose “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, was it good choice, a bit risky maybe? My God Ewa on drums! Everybody are shocked but they like it! Agan jury’s opinions are good but still can be better. In their opinion Ewa’s choir was “like Ferrari with Daewoo Lanos engine – Ewa was genious but team have not enough power” … Katarzyna Zielińska from jury even try to said something in Czech, sounds not bad especially that she liked performance ;)
Thankfully Ewa’s team stay in show, we should cry after group leaded by Beata Kozidrak from Lublin.

Episode 5
What a pressure, this time Ewa’s sixteen have to be awesome, competitors are more and more dangerous and if team finally delight jury as it was in first episode?
Let’s start from opening. This time Blues Brothers and "Everybody Needs Somebody" nice, huh?
Ok, was fun but what Transarners will show? Finally there they are! OMG they are singing “Freedom” by George Michael…If they screw it I swear to God…! Shit! They are Genius! They won’t screwed it, I am so moved I shed a tear (and it is happening every time I’m watching it!) ;) Ewa again took part in show and gave a lot of energy to her team. Jury is finnaly under impresion! In every word, every opinion! Everything was perfect this time.
… and to be accurate they used sign language because in their opinion it was proper to “freedom” song an parents of that guy who used it are deaf and never heard their son singing. Except that they have on their shits slogans like “stop violence” “stop barriers” “stop racism” etc.

This time the last song sang Afromental’s team… Ewa love thet, so do we. What a pity! Everybody cries. Oh.. so emotional episode! Thanks transfarners and Afroteam!!

Episode 6
We’re in sooo good attitude after “freedom”. We expecting more and more, can’t wait!
Opening is another legendary polish song “Naiwne pytania (w życiu piękne są tylko chwile)” by Dżem.
Rock ballad made as reggeae song? Intersting ->

Ewa’s team finally again in polish song “Parę chwil” by rock band IRA … again emotional, great words
Bo jest paru ludzi (‘cause there is few guys)
Bo jest parę w życiu dobrych chwil (‘cause there is few good moments in life)
Bo jest parę złudzeń które warto mieć by żyć  (‘cause there is few ilusions that are worth to have to live)
Choć raz,tylko raz  (at least once, only once)
Tu na ten świat Bóg nam pozwala przyjść. (here on this world God let us to came)
zawsze lepsze coś niż nic.(always better something that nothing)”
Song dedicated to all fans especially one guy named Bartek because his dad was seariously ill... they now how to moved us!
Jury was or delighted or undecided but always impressed about Ewa’s charisma.
This tame Jula’s team have to leave show

Episode 7
There are still less and less teams, now is real fight! At the beginning “Eye of a tiger” by Survivor
Only 4 teams are in game, what does it mean for us? Two song by Transfarners!! J
First one Ewa’s “Bez Łez” ... for choir? Ok., sounds nice! And Ewa’s supporting voice again – like it!
Jury opinions? They weren’t hot, they weren’t cold…
Second song “Bring me to life” by Evanescence That was impresive!
Umm two songs double emotios! Jury not only aprove performances, they are totally FOR Ewa’s team, tell us to vote!

…this time time for team leaded by Piotr Rubik to leave…their was was so unfriendly that we aren’t even sad!

Episode 8
This time show starts from “I need a hero” by Bonnie Tyler ..a lot of Ewa’s voice! We like it ;)
Then Transfarners and “Mniej niż zero” by Lady Pank (good that something in polish but they can choose better) I agree with jury it was average not bad but haven’t got “that something” maybe next song…
Wait “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child? Beyonce..may sounds good in their version God! “Die Happy” version means rock version! It have Power! Studio is literally in flames! They “refute syatem”. How do you like Ewa in uniform? J
Oh wait there is not enough? Surprise for us! Because of 60th birthday of TVP every team leader with group will sing something from tv series or movies. Sosnowiec group is singing “40 lat minęło”(40 years passed) from series “czterdziestolatek”(40year old guy) and they changed text for “60 years past” especially for celebrate TVP anniversary! Of course, when Ewa came it became more rockin’, oh her power!

This time nobody leaves show. Why? Again immunity thing – This time Andrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny win it and in next episode he will be safe, he is 100% in final. Next episode fight Ewa vs. Liber!

Episode 9
Again a lot of pressure! If Ewa and team will be in final or not?!
Opening “Jump” by Van Halen ok nice, nice but emotions are bigger in every minute!
Ewa’s team started from polish song “Nad przepaścią” by Bracia oh, soo romantic! They all are crying because it’s about brake ups and backs and there is only one episode to final…they don’t want to brake up their team!!
Second song is a lot of energy after that tears, this time “You soot me all night long” by ACDC so powerfull, they used their time in 100%, can’t be better. Let’s wait for results of voting..
Oh, wait! Special performance again. Liber “sing” song by Piasek “jeszcze bliżej”, Piasek sings Ewa’s “Cicho” and Ewa performed “mijamy się” by Liber & Sylwia Grzeszczak … soo nice mix up! Who was the best? Should Piasek sing “Cicho” more often?

And there it is! Results..moment of waiting … guys read that thing! … oh yeeessss Ewa & Transfarners are in Final!!! What a joy! Thanks all!

Episode 10 – GRAND FINAL
Saturday 10th Noveber, TVP 8PM local time, channel TVP2 
– if you have possibility watch, if you have possibility VOTE!!! It’s so important, when team sosnowiec win they’ll help one of Special School in that City – if you can send 4 at 7350!

 Oh and if you wanna pictures from Bitwa or just new pisc visit 
(all bitwa albums here -> )

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Another performance on Polish TV. 29/10/2012.
A programme celebrating the anniversary of the formation of Polish TV.


According to this blog the rumours that Ewa may be chosen to represent Poland in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest have started again.
It's not the first time that this has been talked about as a possibility and it probably won't be the last.
At the moment it remains a rumour and one i hope will remain just that.

Eurovision and Ewa is (for me) a non-starter and would be a very bad move at this stage in her career.
For several reasons.
The contest itself has lost all the credibility it once had and is now seen as something of a joke throughout Europe.  Who remembers who won the competition in say 2007?  Nope, me neither!

The voting system whereby neighbours vote for neighbours and friendly countries simply vote for each other, ad infinitum, means that the 'best' song rarely wins and that the winner is based on where the contest is held and what political background situations are happening in the world at the time.e.g When have Greece not given Cyprus top marks (and vice versa)?  It happens every year and portrays the contest as little more than a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

So what would happen if she was chosen to take part?
A.  She might come last or well down in the voting.  It's entirely possible no matter what song or how good her performance was?
B.  She might actually win the thing?  What would that achieve?  Not an awful lot in reality.  Ewa has just started at University so would she really have the time to devote to the publicity that would surround a win?  I don't think so.
C.  I don't think Ewa herself is interested in taking part?  I never heard or read anything that would suggest otherwise.

It might also bring the old Czech/Polish arguments to the surface once again?  If she was to represent Poland what message would that be sending to her Czech fan base?  And again, vice versa.

All in all i do think it's a pretty bad idea right now.
Feel free to disagree.

Monday, 15 October 2012


Appears to be pre recorded for some sort of Awards Ceremony in the utilities sector?
Nice performance though......

Friday, 5 October 2012


Ewa is the cover star on the latest issue of the Polish version of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

A big step forward to attracting a more adult audience methinks.  Makes a nice change from all those pre-teen magazines that we are used to seeing her in?


I fully admit that i haven't made much of an effort to follow what's going on with Ewa and this show.
Way too much like hard work :-)
Anyway,our friends over at have provided a Youtube playlist where you can view all the videos so far.

I haven't watched most of it so don't think it's fair to give my opinion but my initial reaction is why doesn't Team Ewa sing in their own language?  English by non native English speakers is always going to be heavily accented.  The opposite is also true.  It's like me trying to sing in Czech or Polish (anyone who's actually been unfortunate enough to hear me do that can testify to how bad it sounds!).  It just doesn't make much sense.?

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I'm ashamed to admit that i'd never heard Ewa try this song before?  It was a very pleasant surprise to find it this morning when i was casually scanning through some YouTube videos.
WoW!  I think.  And another WoW!
Sometimes when i watch Ewa attempt something like this i'm more convinced than ever that the world really doesn't know what they are missing from this incredible young woman.

Friday, 14 September 2012


I'm happy to admit that sometimes i take things way to seriously both in general and in particular with anything that concerns this Blog.  I get frustrated easily.  Usually about twice a week i'm ready to close it down because i'm well aware of my failings and my almost total inability to make it what i want it to be.

It's not for any selfish reasons.  This Blog is about Ewa not about me and it want it to be the best it can be for her.  It's never going to look good.  There's never going to be any fancy Flash intro's.  But for what it is and it's purpose i'll always strive to give it 100%.

I received an email from a German gentleman recently which raised some points that i think need addressed. I've replied to him personally already but some of that reply needs repeating.

In the email he asked two questions.  Firstly, he wanted to know why i hadn't given any prior notice of the two most recent Fan meets.  Secondly, he enquired as to where he might get one of the T-Shirts from the 'International' event.

Let me explain how it works here. This Blog now consists of just myself and Paulina.  Unfortunately, both Benjy and Criss have been inactive for quite some time. I have asked several times for other contributors to come along and help out but no one has volunteered.  As i have explained before i don't speak or understand Czech or Polish which, as i'm sure you can imagine, is an enormous disadvantage in trying to maintain this Blog.

Normally several times per week i trawl through various different fan sites in an attempt to keep up to date with current events in Farna World.  With Google Translate as my only friend a lot of the times i am none the wiser even after translating something several times.  At times, i can fall a little behind due to other commitments.

I didn't post about the recent fan meets because i didn't know that they were taking place.  The Czech meet i first heard about when i read Paulina's post.  The 'International' meet i heard about approx 6 hours before it was due to begin. The message being that i can't (now or ever) report about things i know nothing about.  It's impossible.

So, would i have attended if i had known?  It's a possibility.  It would have given me the perfect opportunity to meet some people and to develop some contacts.  Alas, hindsight is a wonderful thing?

As for the T-Shirts.  I've no idea i'm afraid.  Wouldn't have minded having one myself to be honest.

The conclusion really is up to you?  If you see something or hear of something either contact myself (English) or Paulina (Polish or English).  Email or leave a comment?  We are nearing 10k views now and only have 5 members.....join, take'd be more than welcome.  The FB page has been an enormous disapointment.
Use it?

You know it makes sense?

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Ewa appeared on the cover and gave an interview for the latest issue of Instinkt Magazine (Czech Republic).
You can find a link to a scan of the magazine below.
Enjoy the read, or if you're like me, just look at the pictures!

Friday, 31 August 2012


As the August transfer deadline rapidly approaches, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has stunned both the football and entertainment worlds by announcing the signing of Czech/Polish pop star Ewa Farna.  Sir Alex told a packed press conference today that a £39 million 6 year professional contract had been signed this morning at a mystery hotel in Manchester.
The 19 year old is a huge star both in the Czech Republic and in Poland but until recently her footballing skills had gone relatively unnoticed.
Sir Alex went on to explain that he had been on a short holiday just outside Wroclaw in Poland and had come across a match taking place whilst he was walking his dog.
'I was amazed' he said.  'In all my 226 years as a manager i've never witnessed such talent in one so young'.  'How this girl has not been signed by a local club defies logic'. 'She's quick, good in the air and has a great footballing brain'.  'I've no hesitation in bringing her to Manchester United'  'I'm confident that she will be a huge success and is a potential international star for the future'.  'Just look at some of the video footage i have received'.  'It's a true genius at work'.

It appears that Sir Alex has no concerns about the young star being the first female to play in the English Premier Division?  'Not at all' he said.  'It will be tough for Ewa, but she's a professional and i'm confident that she'll cope'.

Despite the media frenzy a spokesperson for Ewa Farna UK managed to catch a quick interview with today's surprise signing.  We can exclusively reveal that Ewa had this to say 'You know i don't speak English very good so i don't know what you are saying to me'.

So what does all this mean for the continuation of her career in the music biz?  Sir Alex was mute on the point but ended the interview with the following statement.

'Today i have seen the future'.  'The future is now'  'The future is Ewa'.

This has been an exclusive announcement from your team at Ewa Farna UK.  Where the latest news is always weeks behind :-)

Thursday, 23 August 2012


A couple of cover's of English versions of Ewa's songs have appeared recently.  Both are by artists i've never heard of?
Enjoy (or not!!).

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A looot of news!

It’s been a while since last “bigger” update, so let me stress those most important.

1. It’s official – Ewa will study Law at Warsaw University. First day in new school – 1.10.2012 keep your fingers crossed ;) Hope that “Bitwa na głosy” won’t thwart her college plans!

2. Ewa will take part in polish show called “Bitwa na głosy”. That title is a little tricky because it has two meanings in Polish – fight for voices and fight for votes. It will take place every Saturday starting from September (first month every two Saturdays) and it’s a kind of choirs competition and every choir represent concrete city in Poland. Ewa will choose 16 vocals to her band and will stand to “fight” with 7 other polish music stars and their choirs. She won’t sing in that team ‘cause she will be their coach and kind of conductor. Only time when is possible to hear her singing is the opening song, when all 8 coaches may sing. Oh and she’ll represent Sosnowiec – city where she have her Polish 18th birthday concert last year and where she support one special school since…I don’t know since when :P Winning prize Ewa and choir provide for that school. (casting to Ewa’s team will take place this Wensday, August 16th in Sosnowiec).  Here you can see pics from making of opening and advertising music video:,zwiastun-bitwy-na-glosy-making-of

3. Ewa took part in big concert “Lato Zet I Dwójki” organised by radio “Zet” and second channel of public Polish tv. That event was very big and “commercial” so first two songs – „Nie przegap” and „Ewakuacja” she sang with halfplayback (guys was just acting their plays) but the third one was brilliant acoustic “Cicho”. Everybody was delighted with that arrangement and with the fact that crowd knew every word – sounds great. On youtube is only one vid with quite good quality. Fortunately is that great “Cicho” and You can check it here:  

You can also find there few vids with “nie przegap/ewakuacja” medley in worse quality on yt ;)

4. There is second guitarist in Ewa band!!! Tomas Fuchs and you can know him from both Ewa’s b’day shows and few special events. Now he is official band member.

5. Another advertising campaign. This time Ewa is ambassador of mobile network MTVMobile (belongs to T-mobile). Except quite nice photoshoot (now we have only making of pics -,sesja-mtv-mobile ) those who have MTVMobile account can win special prize – trip with Ewa to Frankfurt for MTV EMA’s.

6. Czech fanclub had a small meeting with Ewa last Saturday. It was kind of private, so only thing we know and only thing we can see is that both beauty and funny version of latest Czech single “Sama sobe”.

7. Ewa is also guest at festival „České hrady” (Czech Castles). It’s cycle of shows in most beautiful Czech castles and Ewa is guest on 6/10 of them (I believe). Festival last since 13th July and will finish 1st September.

8. There is also summer tour in Poland. This time Ewa is visiting almost whole country, like we use to say in Poland “from mountains up to sea”. When youl’ll type newest video of ewa farna in youtube settings you probably will be satisfied. To confirm my words here are examples:
Two weeks ago it was close to Baltic Sea – Trzebież, here you can see pics,trzebiez
Week ago it was show in Czech Republic but very close to Polish border,broumov
And yesterday it was near to PL-Ukaine border in Józefów k/Biłgoraja but there is no vids or pics from it yet.

9. Ewa had day off either and decided to share with us with a little photoshoot from it ;)  and for those who haven’t got facebook account,home-sweet-home
…as she said she was in France for 3 days at the end of July, with guys from band..just for relax ;)

10. Let me recommand to you two youtube channels where are new vids after all or almost all Ewa’s concerts. First from Czech fan (update after every show)
Second from Polish fan (update after most shows)

Ok...hope that now you keep up with Ewa's world and that you're satisfied about what's happening? :)
..and just beware I'm thinking about another post now ;P

Sunday, 12 August 2012


All at Ewa Farna UK send good wishes to Ewa on this her 19th Birthday!
Hoping you have a great and fun day of celebrations.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Unfortunately Ewa didn't win any anything this year at the ESKA ceremony (Poland).  But, hey, being nominated is an award in itself?
She did get to perform a (very shortened) version of Nie Przegap.
And i'll say nothing about those shoes!!!!

Friday, 20 July 2012


From time to time i get accused of bias towards the Czech side of Ewa's career.  At other times i am accused of bias towards the Polish side.  I've said it before (and will probably say it again) but the whole Czech/Polish argument means absolutely nothing to me.  I have my opinion which i will continue to keep private in an attempt not to offend either side.
Which brings me to this tonight -

Sorry for poor quality of the pic!
If you don't already know the 12th and 13th of July are Public Holidays here in Northern Ireland.  I won't go into the full details of why but briefly the 12th July is the day when members of the Orange Order ( ) hold their annual and largest demonstration in towns and villages throughout the country.  The night of the 11th July is the traditional 'bonfire' night when fires are lit again in many areas.

This year (as per the report) there was several instances when the Polish Flag was burned at the event and anti-Polish sentiment was expressed.
Needless to say i am disgusted and ashamed of this type of behaviour.
There are now estimated to be over 30,000 Poles living in Northern Ireland.  With a total population of approx. 1.5 million that figure does represent a significant minority.  Unfortunately there is always going to be certain 'element' who view this as some sort of threat.  There have been similar incidents throughout most of Western and Central Europe against similar minority groups.
There are 3 Polish families now living on my street.  There is a Polish shop in the centre of my town and the local large supermarket has a section which stocks Polish food brands.  On a day to day basis i have witnessed nothing whatsoever that would indicate any bitterness or resentment towards the Polish Community.  So where does this sort of behaviour begin?  I have several theories -

1. With the situation in Northern Ireland being relatively quiet over the last few years local trouble makers are turning their attention to next available 'easy target'. There remains large parts of the community who are anti-Catholic (or anti-Protestant).  Poles tend to be Catholic and such are a target.

2. Several years ago Northern Ireland played Poland in a World Cup Qualifier Football game in Belfast.  There was significant crowd trouble between fans.  In the direct aftermath there was some attacks on Polish homes and business premises.

3. A Polish lady stood for election last year for one of the Irish republican parties.  A decision which will not have been appreciated amongst the Unionist community.  I must admit that i found the decision curious myself?  If this is the way the lady feels why did she not settle in the Republic of Ireland to begin with?

4. The worldwide economic downturn has led to a high level of unemployment here and some blame Polish immigrants of taking jobs that should be available to locals.

Whatever the reasons (or perceived reasons) this sort of action is wrong on so many levels.
Here endeth the lesson.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Ewa has collaborated with singer Dan Barta on a song to accompany a Czech TV series about daily life in a High School.
Read more and hear the song here -

I have to be honest and admit that even after several listens...i don't like it :-(
Any other opinions?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ewa in Slovakia 4/07/2012

Some excellent footage from a show that took place in Trnava, Slovakia on 04/07/2012.
Enjoy :-)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

EWA ON CZECH TV 26/06/2012

On 26/06/2012 Ewa (+ Martin) performed 3 acoustic songs on Czech TV.  The other songs were La la Laj and Maska.
Lovely :-)

Monday, 2 July 2012


I've been a little under the weather over the last few weeks with some Dental problems and haven't had much of a chance to post anything so...a little catch up is in order methinks!
Ewa has been playing on a fairly regular basis in what appears to be some smaller towns and venues  in Poland.  I won't even begin to try to spell some of them and pronouncing them is really out of the question! She also played in Wroclaw before the Poland/Czech Republic European Football Group game (see some footage below) -

She has also been involved in a Charity compilation CD in the Czech Republic.  It appears to be in aid of Children with Psychiatric disorders and from what i can gather Ewa has 4 songs on it. I have yet to hear any of the songs and as usual any further info would be greatly appreciated.  You can order/buy it here -

Last but not least she has been nominated twice in the Eska Music Awards 2012 for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year.  You can see more details and vote here -

The awards ceremony takes place on 20/07/2012 and will be shown on Polish TV.  Further details as and when i have them.
If i've missed anything please let me know?

Monday, 11 June 2012


On 8th June Ewa attended the wedding of her drummer Lukas.
By all accounts a great day was had by all!
Best wishes to Lukas and his new bride from all at Ewa Farna UK!
(All info from

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Opole Festival 2012

In her first post accident performance (i think?) Ewa appeared at the Opole Festival in Poland on 01/06/2012
Unfortunately that's as much as i know about it?  It was a celebration of the 60's and i assume that the song was that large word beginning in D and ending in i in the Youtube link title?  I've no idea, i'm afraid, of what it translates as or anything about the history of the original song.
I also don't know who the lead guitarist is, whether he was just guesting in Ewa's band or whether he is going to be a permanent member now?  Sorry!
Perhaps someone would be kind enough to fill in the blanks in the comments?
Great to see her looking and sounding so good though.


Event was the 49th annual Opole festival. Celebrating the 'crazy 60's.  The song Dwudziestolatki literally translates as '20 year old people' and is a cover of an old Polish song.
The lead guitarist is the same guy that Ewa has used recently. He isn't going to be a permanent member of her band.
(Thanks to Paulina for the info)

Friday, 1 June 2012


I'm sure we all all aware that Ewa is going through a particularly 'rough' patch at the moment with regards to her recent car accident.  It appears that she is getting a lot of unjustified flack from the Polish press in particular
My main thought is that she is ok and that no permanent damage was caused.
Our friends over at ewafarna24 have decided to launch a campaign whereby fans can post video messages of support for Ewa.
You can find all the details here -

I fully support this and think it's a great idea.  It would be even better if someone from here could post something from the site in English to acknowledge our support for Ewa at this time.
Unfortunately i don't have the required technology (i.e. a webcam of some sort?) to take part but would be very grateful if someone else would do so on behalf of the site.
Please let one of us know if you do so that i can post your video or a link to it?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Something...what i have on me?

Ok then in what will probably end up as a poor attempt to cheer things up a little i present this fabulous slice of interview footage!
And before anyone mentions it i know it's 'old' news.  It was my intention to post about it at the time but i never got around to it.  Things have been so negative recently after the accident i thought that now was the best time.
We all know that Ewa's English is about as competent as my Czech or Polish but at last we have proof.
I must admit that this is one of the funniest things i've watched in ages.
It's fairly clear that poor Ewa doesn't have much of an idea of what the interviewer is saying and it reminded me a lot of some of the one sided conversations i had in Brno last year.
On a serious note the interviewer could have asked something more intelligent than the old Polish/Czech nonsense. I think by now we are all fed up to the back teeth with this one?  Her geography could also do with some sharpening up...Korea?  Is that North or South?
At the end of the day it reinforces my suggestion that Ewa spend a few weeks here with me in Belfast.  Now if she can learn Belfast English she'll go a long way :-)

Thursday, 24 May 2012


The press have now released a photograph of Ewa's car taken after the accident.
It's quite shocking and i think we should all say a prayer (to whatever God you pray to) that she managed to walk away from this at all let alone with only minor injuries.  It could have been much much worse and we can only be thankful that it wasn't.
Good news is that Ewa has now been released from Hospital and is recovering at home.  I imagine it will take some time for her to fully recover from what must have been an huge shock.
It does appear now that Ewa had been drinking earlier in the day of the accident but how much and what (if any) effect that had on the accident is a matter of some speculation.  I would assume that if she has broken any law that the Czech authorities will take whatever action they feel necessary.
Personally i believe we should not be too hasty to pass any judgement on this.
We have to remember that Ewa is only 18 years old.  Sometimes, because she has been in the limelight for many years already, we can tend to forget that.
She is human, she makes mistakes just like the rest of us. She will come back from this and learn from it and you can be absolutely sure that she won't let it happen again.
What she needs now is our support and not condemnation. Until it is confirmed that alcohol had any part in this accident we should not assume anything.

You can read a full interview with Ewa here -

Interview update (from Poland Press) here -,58630,news,1,1,wywiad-z-ewa-farna-po-wypadku,artykul.html

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


In the early hours of yesterday morning Ewa was involved in a road traffic collision near her home town of Trinec in the Czech Republic.
The good news is that she was not seriously injured but was taken to Hospital with suspected concussion and other minor abrasions.
It appears that she was travelling alone and that no other vehicle was involved.  Her car was very badly damaged.
Initial reports suggested that Ewa had been drinking but she later posted on Facebook that this was not the case and that she had simply fallen asleep at the wheel caused by the fatigue of several weeks of studying for her exams.
Any further news or updates will be shared as soon as possible (or when they are confirmed).
All at Ewa Farna UK wish her a speedy recovery and are thankful that the accident was not as serious as it could have been.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Friday Night Video

It's been in my head all week...or as my 11 year old niece might say 'Can't you sing anything that's in English!!'

Friday, 4 May 2012

Something Special

Hey guys!
This post is "something special" because of few reasons...let's start from most private - this is our 100 message to you! Woohoo! Hope you enjoy all of it;) Second reason - Ewa started her final exams so guys, give her some support! What will be the best support? Hope that this report from latest concert in Třinec.

So, as you probably know this show was first in almost two months and it took place literally day after Ewa's exams for college and few days before her high school finals. Strange thing was that concert was in Ewa's hometown and there wasn't so much people, maybe they got used to to have her everyday? :) But all that things made that concert very special. Ewa was very energetic after that brake, looked like she totally enjoyed show (much more than usual), she seemed to be chilled because of big support from both Polish and Czech fanclub and we all hoped that she relaxed a bit in mid of her exams (to be honest she looked like ;)).
Concert was a bit shorter than usual, only 1h, because it was kind of local fest but still we had a lot of fun! The greatest thing was that all fans met day before show and stay together day after so except "Ewa's experience" we all had awesome time together! ..but enough talking, hope you all gonna feel that atmosphere a bit thanks to pictures, two video reports and some records from show. Enjoy!

All available pictures ->,trinec-trzyniec

 Video report from EF24 (with interviews) 

Video report from fans (less talking more music and memories)

Newest Czech single live from Třinec

...and first Ewa's single after years, live in Třinec

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EWA ON CZECH TV 16/04/2012

On 16/04/2012 Barrandov TV in the Czech Republic showed a profile of Ewa.
It contains what looks like a recent interview and lots of vintage clips.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Haven't done a Friday night video in a while.......
For no particular reason but it's a been a slow news few weeks in
Ticho from Prague in 2009.
I like this footage because the back of my head is in it...for a brief milisecond!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Last concert before graduation

Hey, so exactly two weeks ago (I know that I'm a bit late) Ewa performed concert in Świdnica which was her last concert!! No, no don't be afraid last until June when she'll be after her final high school exams and after exams for college. I don't want you to be jealous but to be honest it was amazing! Ewa rarely perform now and her voice sound fresh, rested. She was in great mood either, what you can partly see on pics and videos below. What was extraordinary is that show was on roof of shopping mall. It was second Ewa's concert on roof but this time organisation left much to be desired e.g. not all of fans can enter the roof because of ridiculous limits and the crowd was about 10-15 meters from stage (except of V.I.Ps - even don't know who they were... kids as VIP? no thanks!). Concert setlist was a bit different because of cold weather - pianist Honza literally can't play e.g. song Deszcz but forgive me I don't really remember all of performed songs. This show was special because of one more thing. Ewa's private tv had first anniversary so at "Nie przegap" ef24 reporter was on stage with camera (still waiting for report from Świdnica - hurry up guys ;))..then Ewa took that camera from him, go to the crowd and filmed us.
Unfortunately one incident is connected with that show. You should know that because that's the reason why Ewa have a break with posting on facebook till graduation or longer.. After concert Ewa came to fans, as always, and obviously she spent a bit more time with us, guys who are at most of shows and she know us. Somebody filmed it and put into you probably know/saw on facebook jealous fans (which weren't on any show!) started to hating Ewa, fans and so on.. So she decided to have that break.

Oh, and speaking "last concert before graduation" we still aren't sure if show 28.04.2012 in Triniec, CR will take a place or if it is only rumour but we all hope for that show :)

All of photos from Świdnica which you can find in web (or even more :)) are here,swidnica

..and some best videos:
 "Nie przegap" with EF24 reporter and Ewa in crowd :)

Ewa having fun on "Śmiej się" + drum solo

 and at the end part of "La la laj" whit great, great reggae intro + disco polo and opera part :)

 So...that's all :) Enjoy!


Or be careful what you wish for?

When i first started this adventure my main aim was (and still is) to share what i'd discovered in this amazing young woman with others.
Do i think that Ewa has the talent, looks and personality to be a Worldwide Superstar?
Absolutely.  I've never doubted it for a second.
Do i want Ewa to be a Worldwide Superstar?
No i don't.
Let me explain.
A few nights ago a few of us were having a short discussion over at the Facebook Group page -
It was only a short time since i'd been contacted by Elena from and i my excitement meter was running overtime.  I had an idea to try and locate any other sites outside of Poland and the Czech Republic just to discover the level of Fandom outside of Ewa's immediate fanbase.  After that i had the idea of perhaps contacting them in an attempt to try and form some sort of loose coalition of groups, blogs and fansites.
Then El Vis said something that totally changed my mind and attitude towards any such venture.
What would happen to Ewa should she suddenly be thrust into Worldwide attention and potential stardom?
Would it change her?  Would the fun loving, 'girl next door' disappear in an endless round of shows, albums, appearances and tabloid rumours?
The answer is unfortunately yes.
She enjoys what she is doing.  It's obvious.  She does what she wants, when she wants and at her own pace. Anything more and there is the strong probability that that 'specialness' that she has would change and that change would not be a positive one.
She's 'my' Ewa and 'your' Ewa.  Let's keep it that way.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Ewa posted some niew pics on her facebook profile a few nights ago.
One word springs to mind?

Thursday, 8 March 2012


On 23/02/2012 Ewa came away with 3 trophies at the annual Viva Comet Awards Ceremony.
She was nominated for 4 but lost out in 1 category.
Ewa came out on top in the following sections -
1. Best on Viva TV
2. Best Female Artist
3. Best Ring Tone
The event took place in Warsaw in Poland and i'm reliably informed that these awards are a fairly 'big deal' in Poland, so many congratulations from all here at Ewa Farna UK!
There was a very vigorous voting campaign that went on in places like Facebook and this, no doubt, helped to gain a fantastic result.
Ewa performed Nie Przegap at the event.
Video and some pictures below.

Monday, 5 March 2012

First time!

Hello! I feel obligated to say hi to you, especially after that nice introduction that Kenny made, thank you once again. So "HI" I'm Paulina and I hope that you'll like my posts.

Instead of  long welcoming words here is video of Ewa singing "Sleeping in my car" by Roxette .. and that was first time I heard Ewa speaking/singing English!



The worldwide popularity of 'our girl' continues to grow.
I've just been told about a fansite that exists in Russia, which you can view here -

It's a fantastic, well written and designed site.


I would like to officially welcome Paulina Rak as a contributor to the site.
Paulina is from Opole in Poland and is studying Economics at Opole University.
She also runs the Ewa photo repository over at -
I hope her stay will be a very long and happy one.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ewa with Toxique

Ewa recently took part in music video for new single of Czech band Toxique. Needless to say, I hereby present you the result of this colaboration. Enjoy!

A bit strange,huh?
Ewa comment, when asked what are those sheep replied:

Sheep are a methapor to girls, a bit satiric, that some people are like clots;-)* and that it's untypical look at the party and not classical bottom shaking like it's in every clip about party
*male sheep and clot is one word in Polish; grammar reflects actual Ewa post ;)

Monday, 20 February 2012


So have you often wondered what Ewa's morning routine is? it is....

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Ewa's second Polish language album Cicho has been awarded Double Platinum status.
As far as i am aware this is awarded for sales of 60,000 plus.
Congrats on behalf of all here at Ewa Farna UK!!!

Friday, 17 February 2012


Some great footage from the Glogow concert in Poland on 11/02/2012.  Includes Ewa's tribute to the late Whitney Houston.

Monday, 13 February 2012


A new photo-shoot has appeared online...
It is from a magazine called Xantypa.  You can see the full set here -

Saturday, 11 February 2012


In a recent interview Ewa has once again strongly confirmed the probability of an English album at some point in the near future.
You can read the full interview here -

Many thanks as usual to our friends over at
I'm in two minds about this actually happening. It has been talked about many times in the past and has come to nothing.  However, it does now appear that it is a definite part of Ewa's plans for the future.
Whilst i think an English language album (and some dates in Western Europe) are very important for her future career, personally it's not such a big deal for me.
Many non English speaking artists have tried (and failed) to achieve success outside of their 'home' nations.
I've absolutely no doubt that Ewa has both the talent and personality to make it work, but fear that she may have to face (at first anyway) some negativity from certain corners.
Negativity is something she hasn't really had to face before and how she will handle it remains to be seen.

Friday, 10 February 2012


Just a quick reminder to anyone contacting the site directly here or via the Facebook group page or our respective personal Facebook pages.
Neither myself or Benjy speak or understand Polish or Czech.
Most will be aware of the problems with Google Translate and the fact that it doesn't translate Czech or Polish very well and it is therefore very difficult for us to respond to messages if they are not in English.
Questions or comments in Polish should be directed to Criss.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Someone has made a short promotional video for the upcoming Viva Comet awards ceremony in Poland.  The ceremony will take place in Warsaw on 23/02/2012 and Ewa has been nominated in 4 categories.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Ewa has announced quite a few Summer Festival dates in the Czech Republic.  Times, dates, locations etc. can be found here -


After the recent autograph session and mini fan meet recently in Poland (see Facebook Group page), another was held on Saturday past (28/01/2012) in Prague.
From what i've been reading it was very poorly attended?

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Been pretty quiet in FarnaWorld over the last weeks.
Last weeks video has proven pretty popular so it's another more light hearted one for this week.
I like this one because i can understand one word of it...yep...Ahoj at the beginning!
And some even cuter expressions.

Please don't forget the new UK Facebook Group......

Friday, 20 January 2012


Just a bit of fun for tonight's entry.  I haven't watched this one for ages and it does contain some of the cutest facial expressions know to man!

Monday, 16 January 2012

KATOWICE 14/01/2012

Just found some nice footage from Katowice concert on 14/01/2012.  Enjoy!

Sunday, 15 January 2012


One of the unenviable tasks i have each day is trawling through a few fansites and blogs trying to make some sense of posts in two languages i don't understand.  It's the only way i can try to find news items or interesting commentary which i can try to share with you here in English.
A few days ago i read an article in one of the Czech blogs.  Unfortunately, i can't seem to find it again so can't share the link for it.
It was concerning Ewa and her Christian faith.  The writer seemed to take a lot of pleasure in ridiculing Ewa because, as i'm sure you know, she is usually more than happy to talk about what her faith means to her and the part that it plays in her life.
I wasn't impressed.  Allthough i'm not someone who has a strong faith myself i admire anyone who does.
We live in age where (especially young, attractive, female) celebrities sometimes behave an an appalling manner.
As soon as they have even a hint of fame they seem happy to remove most of their clothing for FHM photo-shoots, are regularly spotted drunk and falling out of nite-clubs at 3am and will release deliberately provocative songs and videos.
It's refreshing that Ewa has not been tempted to behave in a manner that we are all to familiar with and i for one hope that she never does.  She doesn't need to and if her faith is part of the reason that she doesn't then i'm ok with that.
Whilst i have been slightly critical of late - I don't like the dancers and i really don't like some of the outfits Ewa has chosen to wear recently, compared to many it's a blessing (pardon the pun!).
Ewa knows that she is a role model for many many teenage fans and i my opinion it's a role she plays very well.  Long may it continue.

Friday, 13 January 2012


My second favourite Ewa song ever.  Love it and it's always a surprise to me as to why she doesn't play it live more often.

Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year's Eve

Welcome everyone in New Year. Hopefully it will be even better than the previous one.
Going back to my main point. As you may noticed there are several videos of Ewa performing on New Year's Eve, so the question arises, how it was possible? Obviously, Ewa do not own a private jet to travel so fast. Here comes the magic of the television. Czech performances were filmed before, and the only live performance was the concert in Gdańsk. Ewa sang in ČT1 & ČT2 (Czech national TV channel 1&2)

Here are the videos:
(Obrazová Víla from ČT1 is here)

Těch Minut Pár - ČT1

Mám Jednu Ruku Dlouhou - ČT2

Sama Sobě - ČT2

Ewa Farna - Obrazová Víla (Silvestr 31-12-2011)

Some more footage from New Years Eve somewhere?  Is it just me or does Ewa appear to have been several places at once on NYE?


Ewa Farna UK is now on Facebook!

ALL welcome.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


I thought that it's now 2012 i would do a short report on how's the site has been doing in 2011.
When the old site was forced to close it took me quite a long time to summon the enthusiasm to try it all again.  Hence, this new Blog only 'officially' launcing in September 2011.  The Facebook Group has only just been started so it remains to be seen what impact it will make.
It's almost impossible, unfortunately, to provide any kind of accurate viewing figures.  From the start we have been plagued with what's known as a 'Referral Spam Bot'.  It originates from someone in Ukraine i think?  What it does is complicated but it gives false readings as to how many and the locations of viewers to the site.  Although it is a harmless piece of software it has become pretty irritating.  There is no current way via Blogger to remove it. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT GET THIS BOT BY VIEWING,COMMENTING OR BEING A MEMBER!!
Otherwise the figures have been not surprising, but hugely disapointing.  There are only 2 members (how many have subscribed by email is unknown).  Comments on posts are practically nil and since the beginning personal emails to myself have been minimal.  I have also asked for further contributors twice now and had no applications.
It was always my intention this time to keep the site simple.  No Flash intros, banners, fancy graphics or anything.  Just somewhere were non Polish and Czech speaking fans could come to find a combination of news, reviews and other posts which we think would be of interest.
That's still the case and the intent.  Ewa is practically unknown outside of her 'homelands' and it's always going to be an uphill struggle to get the message across.
We have no intention of going away any time soon.  My own personal health has been very poor in 2011 and that's unlikely to improve much in 2012.  However, i promise to keep the site going for as long as possible.
So on behalf of myself, Benjy and Criss welcome to Ewa Farna UK 2012.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ewa Farna - pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki

Unfortunately i don't have much of an idea as to the background of this one (help...anybody!).

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Found some nice photos from Ewa's NYE concert at Gdansk in Poland.  The whole set can be found here - 

Hopefully some good quality videos will be uploaded soon.