Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A looot of news!

It’s been a while since last “bigger” update, so let me stress those most important.

1. It’s official – Ewa will study Law at Warsaw University. First day in new school – 1.10.2012 keep your fingers crossed ;) Hope that “Bitwa na głosy” won’t thwart her college plans!

2. Ewa will take part in polish show called “Bitwa na głosy”. That title is a little tricky because it has two meanings in Polish – fight for voices and fight for votes. It will take place every Saturday starting from September (first month every two Saturdays) and it’s a kind of choirs competition and every choir represent concrete city in Poland. Ewa will choose 16 vocals to her band and will stand to “fight” with 7 other polish music stars and their choirs. She won’t sing in that team ‘cause she will be their coach and kind of conductor. Only time when is possible to hear her singing is the opening song, when all 8 coaches may sing. Oh and she’ll represent Sosnowiec – city where she have her Polish 18th birthday concert last year and where she support one special school since…I don’t know since when :P Winning prize Ewa and choir provide for that school. (casting to Ewa’s team will take place this Wensday, August 16th in Sosnowiec).  Here you can see pics from making of opening and advertising music video: http://ewafarna9.web-album.org/album/23302,zwiastun-bitwy-na-glosy-making-of

3. Ewa took part in big concert “Lato Zet I Dwójki” organised by radio “Zet” and second channel of public Polish tv. That event was very big and “commercial” so first two songs – „Nie przegap” and „Ewakuacja” she sang with halfplayback (guys was just acting their plays) but the third one was brilliant acoustic “Cicho”. Everybody was delighted with that arrangement and with the fact that crowd knew every word – sounds great. On youtube is only one vid with quite good quality. Fortunately is that great “Cicho” and You can check it here:  

You can also find there few vids with “nie przegap/ewakuacja” medley in worse quality on yt ;)

4. There is second guitarist in Ewa band!!! Tomas Fuchs and you can know him from both Ewa’s b’day shows and few special events. Now he is official band member.

5. Another advertising campaign. This time Ewa is ambassador of mobile network MTVMobile (belongs to T-mobile). Except quite nice photoshoot (now we have only making of pics - http://ewafarna8.web-album.org/album/23024,sesja-mtv-mobile ) those who have MTVMobile account can win special prize – trip with Ewa to Frankfurt for MTV EMA’s.

6. Czech fanclub had a small meeting with Ewa last Saturday. It was kind of private, so only thing we know and only thing we can see is that both beauty and funny version of latest Czech single “Sama sobe”.

7. Ewa is also guest at festival „České hrady” (Czech Castles). It’s cycle of shows in most beautiful Czech castles and Ewa is guest on 6/10 of them (I believe). Festival last since 13th July and will finish 1st September.

8. There is also summer tour in Poland. This time Ewa is visiting almost whole country, like we use to say in Poland “from mountains up to sea”. When youl’ll type newest video of ewa farna in youtube settings you probably will be satisfied. To confirm my words here are examples:
Two weeks ago it was close to Baltic Sea – Trzebież, here you can see pics http://ewafarna9.web-album.org/album/23299,trzebiez
Week ago it was show in Czech Republic but very close to Polish border http://ewafarna9.web-album.org/album/23304,broumov
And yesterday it was near to PL-Ukaine border in Józefów k/Biłgoraja but there is no vids or pics from it yet.

9. Ewa had day off either and decided to share with us with a little photoshoot from it ;) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151140429870733.499620.77702235732&type=1  and for those who haven’t got facebook account  http://ewafarna9.web-album.org/album/23364,home-sweet-home
…as she said she was in France for 3 days at the end of July, with guys from band..just for relax ;)

10. Let me recommand to you two youtube channels where are new vids after all or almost all Ewa’s concerts. First from Czech fan (update after every show) http://www.youtube.com/user/Farnousek?feature=g-u-u
Second from Polish fan (update after most shows)

Ok...hope that now you keep up with Ewa's world and that you're satisfied about what's happening? :)
..and just beware I'm thinking about another post now ;P

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