Monday, 17 December 2012

Ewa or Angelina?

As Junkmale wrote yesterday, Ewa took part in one of charity event in Czech Republic called "Heart for kids" singing "Happy Day". All EFUK team was delighted about this perform, but what tabloids says?

The most interesting article is about comparing Ewa with Angelina Jolie and her "Oscar leg". They wrote that they can't find difference between both of them but Ewa's leg looks much better than emaciated Angelina's. You can find some pics here, what do you think?{%223967726321355%22%3A524765210867608%2C%223965670029949%22%3A258050350989694}&action_type_map={%223967726321355%22%3A%22og.likes%22%2C%223965670029949%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map

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