Saturday, 11 February 2012


In a recent interview Ewa has once again strongly confirmed the probability of an English album at some point in the near future.
You can read the full interview here -

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I'm in two minds about this actually happening. It has been talked about many times in the past and has come to nothing.  However, it does now appear that it is a definite part of Ewa's plans for the future.
Whilst i think an English language album (and some dates in Western Europe) are very important for her future career, personally it's not such a big deal for me.
Many non English speaking artists have tried (and failed) to achieve success outside of their 'home' nations.
I've absolutely no doubt that Ewa has both the talent and personality to make it work, but fear that she may have to face (at first anyway) some negativity from certain corners.
Negativity is something she hasn't really had to face before and how she will handle it remains to be seen.

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