Friday, 4 May 2012

Something Special

Hey guys!
This post is "something special" because of few reasons...let's start from most private - this is our 100 message to you! Woohoo! Hope you enjoy all of it;) Second reason - Ewa started her final exams so guys, give her some support! What will be the best support? Hope that this report from latest concert in Třinec.

So, as you probably know this show was first in almost two months and it took place literally day after Ewa's exams for college and few days before her high school finals. Strange thing was that concert was in Ewa's hometown and there wasn't so much people, maybe they got used to to have her everyday? :) But all that things made that concert very special. Ewa was very energetic after that brake, looked like she totally enjoyed show (much more than usual), she seemed to be chilled because of big support from both Polish and Czech fanclub and we all hoped that she relaxed a bit in mid of her exams (to be honest she looked like ;)).
Concert was a bit shorter than usual, only 1h, because it was kind of local fest but still we had a lot of fun! The greatest thing was that all fans met day before show and stay together day after so except "Ewa's experience" we all had awesome time together! ..but enough talking, hope you all gonna feel that atmosphere a bit thanks to pictures, two video reports and some records from show. Enjoy!

All available pictures ->,trinec-trzyniec

 Video report from EF24 (with interviews) 

Video report from fans (less talking more music and memories)

Newest Czech single live from Třinec

...and first Ewa's single after years, live in Třinec

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