Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Well...WOW!!! It actually happened EFUK fans! On the 13th November 2015, Ewa Farna performed at Indigo at the 02 in London, UK!

I have to start by saying It was an absolutely brilliant night - From start to finish the whole night was a night to remember! -  Ewa performed like the absolute star she is, & Ewa left the UK crowd wanting more! She, for us was the star of this night!

It might have been a wet, windy and grim day outside, but Ewa put a big smile on every single person watching her sing and perform her rock-y performance. Ewa’s performance on the night was one that can only be matched by the biggest worldwide stars in the music industry. She made her UK debut in style!

The first thing that struck me when she came on to the stage was her amazing stage presence, you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. That is something special. The next was her stunning voice, she has a beautiful voice which sounds fresh. Ewa looked and sounded on top form for the whole night. She gave it everything, she writhed around on the floor, flicking her hair & danced all while hitting some massive & extended notes! She really rocked during the whole night. She gave it everything she had, and she did not disappoint at all. She wore the most gorgeous black outfit which really suited her. Ewa looked stunning, she looked like a top model.

I go to quite a few events for one of my jobs, and I believe Ewa at Indigo was my favourite so far of 2015, it was THAT good. Certainly the best performance-wise. Ewa and her band were on top form, and a class act on that indigo stage. Possibly the act of the night for many fans in that room. It was everything I expected, but oh so much more. She lifted the roof off from the second the host of the night introduced her.

Her band, what can I say about her band on the night, well, they were just brilliant in every way, Ewa bounced over to Martin on quite a few occasions during the night, her interaction with him was lovely, and with such chemistry. She often paired up with Martin on stage. During the night they were faultless and having lot of fun, as were her whole band. They were as competing to watch as Ewa, and it looked like they enjoyed the London fan’s reaction as much as Ewa. For La La Laj her band went off stage to allow Ewa to perform this song with only a Keyboard, which gave one of the most memorable parts of her set. Ewa performed songs from her back catalogue, right up to her latest songs. Some of my favourites during the night were Ewakuacja, Znak, Cicho, Rutyna and Bez Lez, which she really gave it all.

The highlight of the night for me, was song wise most certainly Ewa’s heartfelt and magical version of Laj Laj Laj… The crowd sang along beautifully and Ewa’s voice was incredible. Listening and watching her flawlessly hit those high notes during various songs was something I will never forget. Ewa talked to the audience though-out the night from the stage, and she seemed to love being in London. Ewa looked to be having a wonderful time in London with her UK fans. The sound quality on the night was fantastic and faultless and this gave for a special atmosphere.  Balloons were flying around, very tasty bread on paper plates was making it around the venue specially supplied by the Polish Bakery, one of many great sponsors! This was amazing! I’d have liked to have seen a little bit more mechanise on sale in the venue but that’s just a tiny tiny point, and no big deal. I just like buying things at gigs.

The audience, well, I didn’t just want to say they were lovely, because the audience on the night for Ewa were so adoring - they couldn’t have been nicer. Ewa had the audience in the palm of her hand right from the second she walked on stage. I spoke to some of the fans near the front, and I’m not the only one who was loving it. Ewa has some of the nicest fans in the world! I felt Ewa got amongst the best reactions thought the whole night including the other performers on the night who were also brilliant, and got wonderful reactions too. (more about the other acts of the night later!) Although she may have been second on the billing, you’d have never believed it. 

The onlooking crowd were really eager to see her perform. Throughout her set her fans sang along, waved their arms, whistled and cheered. We all have a great time watching her on stage. Near the end of her set, she went off stage - just before the Encore, and her fans gleefully chanted “Ewa, Ewa, Ewa…” for her to come back on! She came back on and performed a few more songs to a big applause and cheers. Her band & herself ended with a big bow and the you could see and hear how thankful her fans were. There was a ‘buzz’ (as they say) in the room about Ewa performing, I think some couldn’t believe they were actually seeing her perform in the UK, and others wanted to soak up every moment. At the end lots and lots of people queued up to meet Ewa, and when she came out, she worked along the line to try her best see everyone waiting.


The event was really well organised too, and we have to give a shout-out to the promoters/organisers who organised the  event - Mixer Group. It really was a wonderful night organised by them. We were delighted when they asked us to help promote it on our pages here the week before the event. So, we’d like to thank them for a few things, firstly for asking us to promote the event, but most of all, for bringing the one and only Ewa Farna over to the UK…as Ewa Farna in the UK is what we at EFUK are all about. Thank you. We hope that they can bring Ewa back very soon, hopefully headlining?

The absolute highlight of the night was managing to meet Ewa herself at the end when she came out to meet her fans. She is possibly one of the nicest, most down to earth people you can meet and is happy to stand talking to her fans, taking photos with them and signing everything handed to her. She’s really lovely.

Of course, on stage before Ewa was a band called Alergen, these were a surprise for me as I’d never heard of them before. I thought they were excellent, they performed a very nice up-beat pop/rock, with some very cool songs in their set - they certainly are worth a listen. They played a brilliant set and they have gained a new fan or two I think. The ‘headliners’ of the night Kombii, were also excellent, they played a fantastic set, and were a delight to watch. They played wonderfully on the night and have some great songs played by some great musicians - some of the guitar work and drum sounds of this band were superb. The night had 3 superb acts on. Words can't express how brilliant Ewa's performance was! You can see our "How it unfolded on the night" set of posts on our Facebook page. In the time since, Ewa has posted on her Facebook page saying thank you to London.

The venue, which was the Indigo at the 02, is possibly one of my favourite venues in the UK. It is a lovely sounding room, a well shaped room of a perfect size for this type of event. The staff on the night were really nice. Restaurants literally metres away, indoors and a good bar at the back. It’s not often I comment on venues, but I can recommend this venue to anyone and it was a great choice by the organisers who set this event up so well.

If you ever get the chance to see Ewa Farna live, anywhere in the world not just the UK, make sure you do - you will come back with memories of an event that will last a lifetime. As an English fan of Ewa’s I was blown away by Ewa’s performance at Indigo - Many UK artists cannot perform like Ewa did on the night. With that type of performance, with these types of songs, you have to wonder why her management aren’t promoting her here more - her market is clearly here for her to release music and perform more events etc. Let us know if you were there, and what you thought of the night?

I’d like to end this by saying we hope Ewa can play in the UK again soon…So, we ask the organisers and Ewa’s management, can you bring Ewa back to the UK ASAP?  It was simply that good to see someone as good as Ewa was on the night and I think her fans within the UK are dying to see her again! Come back soon Ewa, we loved it!

Thank you, Ewa for playing in London, UK. Hurry back! :)


Sunday, 8 November 2015


We have just received some official information from the official promoter of this event! 

Find below the information and links!

EWA FARNA CONCERT IN LONDON (with Kombii & Alergen)

Ewa will perform in London for the very first time...

13 NOVEMBER 2015 

Indig02 at the o2 arena (North Greenwich) 

Tickets are still available on (Polish website) or 


Saturday, 7 November 2015


The Tu video has now been released.
I love the song.  It's fantastic.  Ewa looks stunning in the video although i'm a little disappointed that the guys are totally absent from the shoot?