Sunday, 15 January 2012


One of the unenviable tasks i have each day is trawling through a few fansites and blogs trying to make some sense of posts in two languages i don't understand.  It's the only way i can try to find news items or interesting commentary which i can try to share with you here in English.
A few days ago i read an article in one of the Czech blogs.  Unfortunately, i can't seem to find it again so can't share the link for it.
It was concerning Ewa and her Christian faith.  The writer seemed to take a lot of pleasure in ridiculing Ewa because, as i'm sure you know, she is usually more than happy to talk about what her faith means to her and the part that it plays in her life.
I wasn't impressed.  Allthough i'm not someone who has a strong faith myself i admire anyone who does.
We live in age where (especially young, attractive, female) celebrities sometimes behave an an appalling manner.
As soon as they have even a hint of fame they seem happy to remove most of their clothing for FHM photo-shoots, are regularly spotted drunk and falling out of nite-clubs at 3am and will release deliberately provocative songs and videos.
It's refreshing that Ewa has not been tempted to behave in a manner that we are all to familiar with and i for one hope that she never does.  She doesn't need to and if her faith is part of the reason that she doesn't then i'm ok with that.
Whilst i have been slightly critical of late - I don't like the dancers and i really don't like some of the outfits Ewa has chosen to wear recently, compared to many it's a blessing (pardon the pun!).
Ewa knows that she is a role model for many many teenage fans and i my opinion it's a role she plays very well.  Long may it continue.

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