Friday, 23 March 2012


Or be careful what you wish for?

When i first started this adventure my main aim was (and still is) to share what i'd discovered in this amazing young woman with others.
Do i think that Ewa has the talent, looks and personality to be a Worldwide Superstar?
Absolutely.  I've never doubted it for a second.
Do i want Ewa to be a Worldwide Superstar?
No i don't.
Let me explain.
A few nights ago a few of us were having a short discussion over at the Facebook Group page -
It was only a short time since i'd been contacted by Elena from and i my excitement meter was running overtime.  I had an idea to try and locate any other sites outside of Poland and the Czech Republic just to discover the level of Fandom outside of Ewa's immediate fanbase.  After that i had the idea of perhaps contacting them in an attempt to try and form some sort of loose coalition of groups, blogs and fansites.
Then El Vis said something that totally changed my mind and attitude towards any such venture.
What would happen to Ewa should she suddenly be thrust into Worldwide attention and potential stardom?
Would it change her?  Would the fun loving, 'girl next door' disappear in an endless round of shows, albums, appearances and tabloid rumours?
The answer is unfortunately yes.
She enjoys what she is doing.  It's obvious.  She does what she wants, when she wants and at her own pace. Anything more and there is the strong probability that that 'specialness' that she has would change and that change would not be a positive one.
She's 'my' Ewa and 'your' Ewa.  Let's keep it that way.


  1. What ever happens to her I support her 100 percent shes Amazing

  2. Yup, Ken, You're absolutely right here. That's what I was thinking about several times with no straight conclusion. Why? Because this person is really unique (as everybody is) and I just couldn't say a direct and simple word for "yes" or "no". This girl has changed since now. When she started her first "microphone game", she didn't know what to do. Her parents payed attention to everything she was doing. They were such a "help-hand" as she was just a teenager. Now she is almost 19, and she wants to act on her own. But I think the life can only show her possibilities of this stardom, but she don't have to go that way. She do what she likes, as You mentioned before. Yes, she loves singing, dancing and many more. And she is really kind girl, with a really good heart. She knows what she is doing now (the things she knows yet). Time will explore a new terrains of her experience..