Saturday, 9 June 2012

Opole Festival 2012

In her first post accident performance (i think?) Ewa appeared at the Opole Festival in Poland on 01/06/2012
Unfortunately that's as much as i know about it?  It was a celebration of the 60's and i assume that the song was that large word beginning in D and ending in i in the Youtube link title?  I've no idea, i'm afraid, of what it translates as or anything about the history of the original song.
I also don't know who the lead guitarist is, whether he was just guesting in Ewa's band or whether he is going to be a permanent member now?  Sorry!
Perhaps someone would be kind enough to fill in the blanks in the comments?
Great to see her looking and sounding so good though.


Event was the 49th annual Opole festival. Celebrating the 'crazy 60's.  The song Dwudziestolatki literally translates as '20 year old people' and is a cover of an old Polish song.
The lead guitarist is the same guy that Ewa has used recently. He isn't going to be a permanent member of her band.
(Thanks to Paulina for the info)

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