Monday, 31 October 2011


Ewa made a rather emotional Facebook post this morning regarding her relationship with her local press -

Google translate is lacking (as per usual) but it does appear that she is getting just about fed up with the negativity and sometimes totally false news items that are reported about her.
For obvious reasons I'm not fully aware of what goes on in either Poland or the Czech Republic with regard to any specific details but i do pick up rumours on various other sites and blogs that i look at on a daily basis.
Some of the recent stories i.e. she is pregnant, has already had a baby etc are total nonsense and should be treated with the contempt that they deserve.  They also seem obsessed with her weight which would, no doubt, be upsetting for any teenage girl.  She looks pretty good to me??
Unfortunately this is just a symptom of the 'Celebrity Culture' society we live in?  One were every move is watched and reported by a press system which seems to glory in reporting every negative aspect of a celebrities life.  Were there is nothing to report they just invent something or blow a trivial matter out of all proportion.
Some celebrities thrive on the attention.  Others don't.  Ewa clearly falls into the latter category.
As far as i can tell she has nothing whatsoever to be anxious about.  She knows that she is a role model to young fans and acts accordingly.  From a very young age she has grown up in the spotlight and has behaved in an impeccable manner.
Words, however, hurt. And the stories are difficult to ignore. As a celebrity she is going to have to learn to cope with the sometimes unwanted attention that comes with fame and popularity.
I'm sure, like myself, we all want to give her 100% support in what appears to be a difficult time for her.

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Looks like Ewa has signed a contract to promote for the Subway chain of fast food stores in Poland?
Attached is one of the images from the promo photoshoot.  You can view the rest here -

I never like to be negative but i must admit that i'm not impressed with these shots at all. Say no more about the 'cleveage', no, no!!


Ewa was a special guest on the Polish version of 'Strictly' called 'Dance with the Stars'.
Video below -

Saturday, 29 October 2011


I know some are waiting for my full report and review of my recent trip to Brno for Ewa's birthday concert.
Sorry for the delay :-(
I have been ill but i am working on it.........really!!
Watch this space.
In the meantime here's a new video of Dest from a charity event in the Czech Republic -

Friday, 28 October 2011

Noticias de Ewa

Al parecer la nueva cancion de Ewa llamada "Saba Sobě" no va hacer parte de algun nuevo album, mas que solo parte del contenido de "extras" de su video DVD de cumpleaños en la Republica Checa grabado en Brno hace unas semanas, de todos modos la cancion ya esta a la venta en iTunes Link AQUI

Tambien el video DVD de su concierto de cumpleaños de Polonia estará a la venta el 14/11/11 puedes pre-ordenar AQUI .


Tonight's selection is Tam Gdzie Ty from Ewa's first live DVD.
One of my favourites.  I love the original but for me Ewa's version is much better.
When you think of how young she was here it's a superb, powerful performance.


I would like to officially welcome Benjykenjy as a contributor to Team Ewa Farna UK.
Benjy is Mexican-American and will mostly be responsible for the Spanish section of the site.  I feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to reach Spanish speaking fans and i hope it will be a success.
Benjy was a Forum moderator over at the old site and has been a friend for some time now.
I hope his stay will be a long and happy one.

I would still need at least 1 other regular contributor for the site.
It does ask for a certain level of commitment and the person would preferably be from the UK or at least have English as their first language. A knowledge of Polish and/or Czech would be a distinct advantage.
If you are interested please leave a comment or use the facebook link with your contact details.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Ewa's new Czech song Sama Sobe is now available to purchase on iTunes -

It seems it will not be included on her new album but will form part of the 'extra's' on the Brno Birthday Concert DVD.


Polish Birthday Concert DVD is now available to pre-order here -,p1045657394,muzyka-p#description

DVD/CD double package will also contain some extra's (backstage etc).
Full review when we manage to get hold of a copy.
Also uploading this new photo from a few days ago at a Toy Fair for no other reason that 'our girl' looks fantastic.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nueva cancion de Ewa Farna "Sama Sobě"

Ha salido una nueva cancion de Ewa farna, esta cancion no es parte de su ultimo Album llamado Ewacuacja.
no estoy muy seguro si es un nuevo sencillo o parte de algun nuevo album en checo proximo a salir.
personalmente la cancion me gusta y no estoy muy seguro de la letra pero se puede traducir mas o menos el titulo de la cancion a "A mi misma" en español.

la cancion la puedes escuchar en videos de youtube o en este link


DVD from Ewa's 18th Brithday Concert in Poland is due for release on 14/11/11.
Once again this date is subject to change and no track listing or any other details are available at the moment.
I can't find anywhere yet that is accepting pre-orders?  More news on that if and when i find it.
Attached is a pic of the proposed DVD sleeve -

Thanks to Criss for the info.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011


According to an Official announcement by Universal the DVD of Ewa's birthday concert is due for release in November.  Actual date is not yet known.

I have my doubts as this is a very quick turnaround.  I would more inclined to presume early 2012?
Whether or not an audio CD will be part of the package has not yet been confirmed.
When it is released you will be able to purchase here -


In her recent BRNO birthday concert Ewa played a new song Sama Sobe.
It's rumoured to be a forthcoming single.  So far we have only heard live versions but a studio version has now emerged.  You can hear it here -

I think it's fantastic.  You?


I must admit to being rather confused as to what exactly is going on (in Ewa World) with regard to the upcoming MTV Europe awards ceremony in Belfast.
What i do know is that she has been nominated in the Best Polish Artist category.
You can vote but how and where i don't know.
Those who win the 'local' categories can then go on to contest the Best European Artist (i think?).
You can vote for Ewa here -

Whether or not this means that Ewa will attend in Belfast or if she will perform here i can't quite decipher?
Obviously, i hope she does (both).  Allthough from what i have read in the local press there are very few tickets going to made available to the general public and those that are available are scarce and are changing hands for sizeable amounts of money.

Until something more concrete comes from Team Ewa i can't state anything more with any accuracy.
Watch this space, methinks.