Sunday, 29 September 2013


Pre order copies of Ewa's new Polish language album are now available from the following two retailers in Poland.,p1081786986,muzyka-p

Both are happy to ship overseas.  If anyone knows of any others please add a link to this post as a comment.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Ewa's new Polish language album (W)inna? will be released on 22/10/2013 by Magic Records in Poland.
The title and cover have been confirmed (but are probably still subject to change even at this late stage).

Title means something like 'Different' which suggests a new direction but if 'Znak' is an early indication then nothing radical is expected.  Which isn't a bad thing.  Why fix something that isn't broken?

I don't know the formats at the moment but expect that it will be CD only and download if that's your sort of thing.

Nothing yet on it's Czech counterpart.
Any changes will be notified as soon as possible.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


It has now been confirmed that Ewa will play two dates in Italy in December this year.
Venue is Livigno which appears to be a ski resort in Italy.
That's all i know about it at the moment but it's got to be a good thing?
Where she is finding the time to do all that she has done this year is another thing but so far we have seen some dates in the U.S.A. and Hungary as well as the usual ones in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. 
All in all a pretty busy schedule so far.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Short subjective report about II International Ewa’s Fans Meeting

            How it was from my perspective? Well let’s start from the beginning. After last years IEFM, first of all I was so impatient about reunion this year. Then we had the official news about this year meeting and it sounds like “this tv channel will be on it” “that radio will support meeting” “the show will be the open air one” “if you want to be a photographer you need accreditation” and it makes people so unsure how it will look. Hundreds of little fans, media = totally different to last year one, not so “Exclusive” and because of this opinion I started to doubt how the IEFM will look?
Part 1   AND THE DAY HAS COME! On the day the weather was kind for us. When we arrived it was pleasant surprise – open air show area wasn't that big and was partly fenced with buildings. That made me feel a bit better but then we had few problems with some giddy volunteers (and same with our tickets or t-shirts). On the whole result was 1:1 “+” and “-“ were balanced, could have been worse.

Part 2   After all that “first impression” and preparation stuff. there was a time for official opening with Ewa’s, the Mayor‘s of Z┼éotoryja and Bartek’s (the organizer) welcoming words. After that there were sports competition as like gold panning – Ewa took part -> football (Poland vs. Czech Republic) – Ewa was a commentator, tug of war, jumping in sacks – yes Ewa was jumping ( Some parts was fun, some a bit boring but we filled our time with some good food :D
Part 3 THE SHOW. Well I could literally write an essay about the show but because of length of this post so far I won’t do this ;) Show was incredible, totally different that others. First of all it lasted more that two/two and a half hour including Ewa’s talking, questions and goofing but it isn't the best part of all story. She played a few new songs, which will be on future album, had kind of jam session with band who swopped instruments, changed arrangements of songs and took little Matylda on stage who sang Monster High song twice (because Ewa was soo delighted about that)
and at the end Ewa was DJ in club @ official afterparty :)

Photos here:
sports part ->,zlot-fanow-spotkanie-sportowe
show ->,zlot-fanow-koncert
afterparty ->,zlot-fanow-afterparty