Sunday, 27 January 2013


Yesterday 26/01/2013 Ewa played her first concert of 2013 in the Ski Resort of JasnĂ¡ in Slovakia.
Some great video footage has appeared already for your viewing pleasure.
Rumours continue that a full tour is to be announced shortly but nothing has been officially confirmed as yet.
Full details to follow as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Just a quick note to remind everyone that old EFUK Facebook Group page will close on 18/01/2013.
The new EFUK Facebook page is now live and you will find it now here (or click on the link already provided).

We have high hopes and are very optimistic about the new page and hope you will continue to support it and ourselves in the EFUK project. Simply click 'like' on the new page and you will continue to receive news and updates from us.

See you all there!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


On 21/12/2012 Ewa played 4 songs in Warsaw in a show that was broadcast on Polsat on Polish TV.
Good news for us was a fantastic performance of the old Queen song 'The Show Must Go On' in English.
Enjoy :-)

Friday, 11 January 2013


Or....'All i want for Christmas is the Dukla Prague Away kit'.

Ok, now you are possibly thinking...'What is that awful song?'  'That awful video?'  'Has Junkmale been drinking?' 'Has he finally lost his marbles?' 'And what has this possibly got to do with Ewa?

Well read on if only to see how i can make a connection out of almost anything.

I don't travel as much these days as i used to when i was younger.  I haven't been working for a long, long time and just don't have the funds available any longer.
When i do travel i always like to invest in at least one souvenir for myself.  Not the usual fridge magnet or 'I Heart Praha' T shirt for me.  I like to invest in whatever local football shirt i can get my hands on.  The more irrelevant the team the better.  If not local i try to find the National shirt of wherever i'm visiting.  Over the years i've built up quite a collection of shirt's of teams i've never heard of and in most cases can't even pronounce.
The Dukla Prague Away Kit is the 'Holy Grail' for shirt collectors.

I've been to the Czech Republic twice now to see Ewa and i spent a few days  in Poland last year. And before you ask...FC Brno (Home) and the Poland national shirt are now part of my collection. Although wearing the Polish national is NOT recommended in public in Belfast!

Being a fan of Ewa and being from the UK isn't easy.  Her albums are not available here and have to be imported (at great expense).  eBay makes things a little easier but it still can be difficult.

However, it's not just the albums us fans want is it?  It's T Shirt's, posters, key rings, mugs etc etc.  Anything with her name or imagine on it will suffice.
On my visits to the Cze and Poland i was sure i would find lot's of this sort of thing freely and easily available.
I was wrong.  Despite looking (and trust me...i looked) i found absolutely nothing in either country. In fact, her actual albums were not all that easy to locate.  And don't even get me started on trying to find the cosmetics and perfumes!

Nobody was more surprised than me.  I thought for sure Prague and Krakow would be places to go to find some Ewa souvenirs. There was very little on sale even at the 2 concerts i have attended. I had to steal the concert posters from the walls of each venue!

So where actually is all that memorabilia that should and, no doubt, does exist?  Was it just my back luck?  Or did i not look in the right places?

It's about publicity and promotion. Surely if there is very little out there something is very wrong in the way Ewa is being promoted? If things are not available they should be.

Oh...and the Dukla Prague away Kit?  It remains elusive.