Friday, 23 March 2012

Last concert before graduation

Hey, so exactly two weeks ago (I know that I'm a bit late) Ewa performed concert in Świdnica which was her last concert!! No, no don't be afraid last until June when she'll be after her final high school exams and after exams for college. I don't want you to be jealous but to be honest it was amazing! Ewa rarely perform now and her voice sound fresh, rested. She was in great mood either, what you can partly see on pics and videos below. What was extraordinary is that show was on roof of shopping mall. It was second Ewa's concert on roof but this time organisation left much to be desired e.g. not all of fans can enter the roof because of ridiculous limits and the crowd was about 10-15 meters from stage (except of V.I.Ps - even don't know who they were... kids as VIP? no thanks!). Concert setlist was a bit different because of cold weather - pianist Honza literally can't play e.g. song Deszcz but forgive me I don't really remember all of performed songs. This show was special because of one more thing. Ewa's private tv had first anniversary so at "Nie przegap" ef24 reporter was on stage with camera (still waiting for report from Świdnica - hurry up guys ;))..then Ewa took that camera from him, go to the crowd and filmed us.
Unfortunately one incident is connected with that show. You should know that because that's the reason why Ewa have a break with posting on facebook till graduation or longer.. After concert Ewa came to fans, as always, and obviously she spent a bit more time with us, guys who are at most of shows and she know us. Somebody filmed it and put into you probably know/saw on facebook jealous fans (which weren't on any show!) started to hating Ewa, fans and so on.. So she decided to have that break.

Oh, and speaking "last concert before graduation" we still aren't sure if show 28.04.2012 in Triniec, CR will take a place or if it is only rumour but we all hope for that show :)

All of photos from Świdnica which you can find in web (or even more :)) are here,swidnica

..and some best videos:
 "Nie przegap" with EF24 reporter and Ewa in crowd :)

Ewa having fun on "Śmiej się" + drum solo

 and at the end part of "La la laj" whit great, great reggae intro + disco polo and opera part :)

 So...that's all :) Enjoy!

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