Thursday, 8 March 2012


On 23/02/2012 Ewa came away with 3 trophies at the annual Viva Comet Awards Ceremony.
She was nominated for 4 but lost out in 1 category.
Ewa came out on top in the following sections -
1. Best on Viva TV
2. Best Female Artist
3. Best Ring Tone
The event took place in Warsaw in Poland and i'm reliably informed that these awards are a fairly 'big deal' in Poland, so many congratulations from all here at Ewa Farna UK!
There was a very vigorous voting campaign that went on in places like Facebook and this, no doubt, helped to gain a fantastic result.
Ewa performed Nie Przegap at the event.
Video and some pictures below.

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  1. One more thing worth to write is that Ewa received 4th "Comet ball" from us - fans (made by one of us and you can see it on this video). So she back home with all four awards as it should be :)