Monday, 30 December 2013


Conformation has just reached us here at E.F.U.K that Ewa is to have a concert on 09/03/2014 in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.
There are also some rumours circulating that there may be further announcements made shortly about some dates here in the UK.  These are 100% unconfirmed as of now.

This is great news for us here.
I am, off course, from Northern Ireland but for reasons that would take way to long to explain here i am not 'comfortable' travelling to the Irish Republic.  This time, depending on any further announcement of UK dates, i will have to make an exception.

More updates as and when they become available.

Here's some quick info on the venue  -

I've never actually visited Dublin but if anyone is considering attending i'm more than happy to help in any way that i can.
Please contact me either here or via the EFUK Facebook page.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

STORM IN A 'D' CUP......

'I'd rather be a pin-up girl than zero size'

Just for a change the video above is actually relevant to this post.  Have a listen to the lyrics.
On my daily trawl through the various Czech and Polish websites i fully admit that i find some of the articles depressing reading.  Not only depressing but some of them are downright scandalous in what they write.
Not a day goes by without some nonsense about poor Ewa's weight, her clothes, her hair and other totally irrelevant subjects.  A lot of them don't seem to give her a break even for a second. It's not fair but it's what the press do.  There appears to be a market for this sort of rubbish and if people didn't read it i suppose they wouldn't print it?  It's exactly the same here in the UK.

You might think that it's ok for them to do this?  I don't.  Yes, whilst we all realise that Ewa is a celebrity and as such should be used to this sort of thing  i think, it says something about ourselves as human beings that some want to actually read stories and articles like this.

It must affect and annoy her.  I can't imagine any young girl being impressed with some of the things that they write.
Ewa took her frustrations to Facebook a very nights ago and had this to say about her treatment by the press :-

'Moi drodzy.
Beda pisac, ze jestem otyla a moze jeszcze gorzej.
Beda pisac, ze wszystko dla pieniedzy.
Beda pisac, ze ubralam sie fatalnie.
Beda pisac o zdradach, portfelach, wadze, ustawkach i wszystkim, co interesuje ludzi, bo jest negatywne.
Chce Was na to uczulic, bo bedzie tego chyba jeszcze wiecej. Zdecydowalam sie wziac udzial jako juror X Factor.
Jestesmy przed podpisaniem umowy. I ciesze sie na przygode.

A wiec ufajmy sobie.
Interesujmy sie nowymi talentami a nie moja dupa;-).
(A mam w niej tyle spraw, ze nie pomiescily by sie w ciezarowce;-) )
Pozdrawiam i wypocznijcie, przed nami Swieta...

With Love

Google Translate is your friend :-)  
I don't, personally, think it was a good idea for her to post this.  I understand it, totally, but all it will do is show the elements in the press that write this rubbish that they are having an adverse effect on her?  They aren't going to stop no matter how much Ewa or you or I don't like it.  It may back fire on her and make things worse than they already are.  I hope it doesn't but i have my doubts.

A lot of the response to it appears to be directed at the Czech Press in particular but as an outsider i have found both the Czech and the Polish Press to be equally as guilty.

It's difficult to ignore but at the end of the day the people that count i.e. the fans couldn't care less about her weight.  We all have our opinions and i am as guilty as any other sometimes in being critical.  But being critical and horrible, hurtful personal remarks are entirely different things.

My only hope is that, as we approach 2014 that they rethink all their policies and give the girl a break.  Pick on someone else for a change.
She's a human being, with dignity and she hurts just like the rest of us.
You know it makes sense?

Thursday, 12 December 2013


It's that time of the year once again to wish everyone a great Christmas and New Year from all at Ewa Farna UK.
Have a fantastic time everyone and thank you for your support throughout 2013.

Junkmale and Paulina.

Thursday, 28 November 2013


Ewa performed the Czech version of Ulubiona Rzecz at this years Cesky Slavik awards.
Ceremony was held on Saturday 23/11/13 and Ewa was nominated for an award but unfortunately came 4th.
Not surprised really as her profile in the Czech Republic has not been as high as in previous years.


The Official video for UR has been released.
I'm not a great fan of the song but the video is kind off fun and light-hearted although the guys don't get much of a look in which is strange?

Monday, 18 November 2013


Lots of things happening in Farnaworld at the moment.  Mainly some heavy promotion for the (W)INNA? album.  TV, radio, interviews etc. are continuing.

She's also been on the cover of Grazia magazine in Poland.  By the looks of it the Photoshop editors have been hard at work once again?

In other news she has now confirmed that she will be on the judging panel of X Factor (Poland).  If it's as appallingly bad as our UK version i can only ask why?

As usual most up to date news items are first on the EFUK Facebook page.

Friday, 1 November 2013


Disclaimer - Please note that this review represents MY opinion only.  It does not necessarily speak for the rest of the admin staff on EFUK.

This review is one of the hardest things i've ever had to write.  I've thought long and hard about actually writing it but in the end i believe that it is best to be honest and i fully realise that many who read it will disagree strongly on my views of the album.

I'm a firm believer in the old adage of 'Why try to fix something that isn't actually broken'?  To say that i'm not happy with the album would be a bit of an understatement.  I'm really confused about just what Ewa is trying to say with it?  I've read quite a few reviews already who's writers have praised Ewa for trying to do something different with it and i respect those opinions.  But i don't agree with them.  There are some great songs on it but there are others with just illicit my response of WTF!

Please also be aware that i can't comment on the lyrics for the obvious reason that i don't understand them.

The cover and inserts are fantastic and quite lavish. It's a full Digipak fold out sleeve and the lyric booklet has some really great pictures in it.  Good job all around. Very impressive.

First time that a Polish language version has been released prior to the Czech language version.

Anyway i'll do a track by track review -

1. ZNAK - The fist track we got to hear a few months ago and the first 'single' release.  It's a reasonably up tempo track which for me is ruined somewhat by the introduction of a brass section and the pointless 'scratching' part at the start of the song.  I wasn't all that keen on it when i first heard it but i have gotten used to it now.  It's never going to be one of my favourite tracks but it's ok.

2.  TAJNA MISJA - Love it.  My favourite track on the album.  Ewa doing what Ewa does best.  A pop song.  Nothing more nothing less and a good one at that.  It has 'HIT' written all over it.

3.  ULUBIONA RZECZ - The second single and a track that Ewa and the guys have played live now and again.  First heard at the fan meet i believe.  Not for me at all unfortunately.  It has a sort of 'funk' sound to it?  Lot's of slap bass and a bit of a 'jazzy' type undertone.  For me a bizarre choice as a 'single' but it seems to popular so it appears that others do like it.  Not me i'm afraid.  I'm skipping it on the CD already.

4.  PRZEPRASZAM - Nice piano and strings led ballad.  I think this one will be popular live and could take over from Dest as a possible show closer in the future?

5.  NIE W PORE - Awful track.  It starts reasonably well and is soft and acoustic but quickly descends into Jazz.  Ends with a over long Jazz instrumental.  No 'Rock Chick' Ewa here at all.

6.  KTOS Z NAMI KRECI - Don't quite know what to make of this track?  It's like 2 different songs in one.  Difficult one to categorise.  Starts off with more horrible 'funk' sounds that lead into a heavy guitar based chorus.  A curious fusion of styles that doesn't really work that well.

7.  DAJ MI ZYC - Another great pop/rock song.  Up there with Tajna Misja as my favourite from the album.  Typical Ewa as we know and love her.

8. Z NAPISAMI - Things are looking up!  Another good one.  Not as strong as (7) but pretty good nonetheless.  Uptempo pop/rock.

9. MAMO - Breathtakingly lovely piano and strings led ballad.  Lovely stuff with a really strong vocal.  A gem.  She'll be playing this one for years to come.

10.  RUTYNA -  One of the album's WTF moments for me?  This one seems to very popular on some of the reviews i've read.  I've no idea why.  It's awful.  I can't say what genre it is because i don't know but it's not for me at all.  The chances of me ever listening to it again are pretty slim.

11.  PORADNIK DLA POCZATKUJACYCH -  The one with the most unpronounceable word in the title and another one that's difficult to describe?  It's a bit like (6).  Bizarre spoken parts and a heavy guitar chorus.  Another one that's a curious mix up of styles that doesn't really work.

12.  TU BI KONTINIUT -  I can translate this one.  It's easy!  It's in English!  Unfortunately that's all that i can say about that's even remotely positive.  It's another Jazz song.  I don't like Jazz.  I don't like this...sorry.

So there you have it.  My review for what it's worth.
My main feelings are that of disappointment.  There are some great songs here but others just leave me cold i'm afraid.  It's no Chico or Ewakuacja that's for sure.  The weakest of her studio albums without a doubt.
Now, don't get me wrong.  I love Ewa.  She has changed my life is so many ways that i couldn't even begin to describe them but i just don't get some of this at all.

So should we be concerned?  I think, yes, but just a little.  Ewa found her popularity by being a pop/rock star NOT a Jazz singer.  She has stated in the past that she would like to release a Jazz album at some point in the future.  That's fine but do it and keep it away from her mainstream work.

It can maybe gain some respect for trying something a little bit different but i (and i expect many others) don't want something different?
As i said at the start of this review - 'WHY TRY TO FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN'T ACTUALLY BROKEN'?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


My copy has yet to arrive but until then most up to date news will be found at the EFUK Facebook page.

Hopefully we will have something from Paulina before my copy reaches Northern Ireland.

Friday, 18 October 2013


Yesterday we heard the news that a 2nd single is on it's way from the new album.
Today we bring you the full version of it.  You can listen to it here -

So far, for me, it's a bit to 'funky' sounding?  I hoping that it will grow on me with more plays.  I wasn't all that keen on 'Znak' when i first heard it and i really like it all's good.

Opinion's anyone??

UPDATE - As ever please excuse my poor translation skills.  New song's actual title is 'Ulubiona rcecz' (and no i'm not even going to try to pronounce it!).  It translates as 'Favourite Thing'.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


With only a few days to go before the release of Ewa's new Polish language album it's been announced that a second track from it is to be released as a 'single'.  The track in question is called 'To Ja'  and you can hear a short snippet of it here -

As far as i know there won't be a physical release and it will more than likely be a download only. Fingers crossed that there will be a video to accompany it.

Full review of the new album will be here as soon as possible.  It will be a few days after the release date before i receive my copy from Poland.

The countdown begins!!

Friday, 4 October 2013



Right then...where was i...oh yes the train journey from Krakow to Brzeg.
Please note that the following is not a general comment on the normal state of the Polish train service or on the state of Polish bathrooms in general.  

You might be wondering what that horrible clip from the movie 'Trainspotting' (see what i did there?) possibly has to do with my train trip to Brzeg?  To explain i have to provide a little personal information and then the relevance will, hopefully, begin to make a bit of sense.

Anyone who knows me personally will already be aware of most of this so apologies to them.

Back when i was about 20 (a long time ago now) years old i became very ill.  I started to lose an incredible ammout of weight, was exhausted most of time and started passing a  lot of blood when i used the bathroom. After several humiliating examinations at the Hospital i was finally diagnosed with having Crohn's Disease. Google is your friend if you want to learn more about it but it's basically a chronic bowel disorder that is incurable.  About 5 years later i had major surgery to remove a portion of my bowel.  It's something i've gotten used to over the years but the heavy medication i have to take daily has some fairly unpleasant side effects.  My eyesight (amongst other things)  is now failing rapidly.

There are many daily symptoms to Crohn's Disease but the most important one (for this post) is that i can (and frequently do) require urgent bathroom facilities.  And when i say urgent, i mean URGENT.  
It places a lot of restrictions on my social life.  A lot.  I rarely leave home now and even when i do it's something that's always in the back of my mind.  When i do i have to carry a 'just-in-case' backpack containing a few essential items that are a necessary part of living with the disease.
What i normally do when i know i have a trip planned is not to eat or drink anything the day before setting out in an attempt to decrease the risk.  On the train to Brzeg i did precisely that.

I got to Krakow train station pretty early on the day of the show just in case i couldn't figure out the platforms and the like.  I didn't want to miss the train and then have to try to figure out an alternative route to Brzeg.  
In the end it was all pretty straightforward.  The train when it arrived looked like a relic from World War 1. I kid you not.  The carriage i got onto was pretty empty to begin with and comfortable enough.  Read my book for awhile and spent some time looking at a lot of countryside and some fairly decrepit, run down Polish train stations.  I have never, ever known a vehicle to travel so slowly.  It seemed to churn along at about 2 miles per hour and had the annoying habit of frequently stopping in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere and just sitting there for what seemed like ages just doing nothing?  I still haven't figured out if that is normal for Polish trains or not.

(to be continued)

Sunday, 29 September 2013


Pre order copies of Ewa's new Polish language album are now available from the following two retailers in Poland.,p1081786986,muzyka-p

Both are happy to ship overseas.  If anyone knows of any others please add a link to this post as a comment.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Ewa's new Polish language album (W)inna? will be released on 22/10/2013 by Magic Records in Poland.
The title and cover have been confirmed (but are probably still subject to change even at this late stage).

Title means something like 'Different' which suggests a new direction but if 'Znak' is an early indication then nothing radical is expected.  Which isn't a bad thing.  Why fix something that isn't broken?

I don't know the formats at the moment but expect that it will be CD only and download if that's your sort of thing.

Nothing yet on it's Czech counterpart.
Any changes will be notified as soon as possible.

Sunday, 15 September 2013


It has now been confirmed that Ewa will play two dates in Italy in December this year.
Venue is Livigno which appears to be a ski resort in Italy.
That's all i know about it at the moment but it's got to be a good thing?
Where she is finding the time to do all that she has done this year is another thing but so far we have seen some dates in the U.S.A. and Hungary as well as the usual ones in Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. 
All in all a pretty busy schedule so far.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Short subjective report about II International Ewa’s Fans Meeting

            How it was from my perspective? Well let’s start from the beginning. After last years IEFM, first of all I was so impatient about reunion this year. Then we had the official news about this year meeting and it sounds like “this tv channel will be on it” “that radio will support meeting” “the show will be the open air one” “if you want to be a photographer you need accreditation” and it makes people so unsure how it will look. Hundreds of little fans, media = totally different to last year one, not so “Exclusive” and because of this opinion I started to doubt how the IEFM will look?
Part 1   AND THE DAY HAS COME! On the day the weather was kind for us. When we arrived it was pleasant surprise – open air show area wasn't that big and was partly fenced with buildings. That made me feel a bit better but then we had few problems with some giddy volunteers (and same with our tickets or t-shirts). On the whole result was 1:1 “+” and “-“ were balanced, could have been worse.

Part 2   After all that “first impression” and preparation stuff. there was a time for official opening with Ewa’s, the Mayor‘s of Złotoryja and Bartek’s (the organizer) welcoming words. After that there were sports competition as like gold panning – Ewa took part -> football (Poland vs. Czech Republic) – Ewa was a commentator, tug of war, jumping in sacks – yes Ewa was jumping ( Some parts was fun, some a bit boring but we filled our time with some good food :D
Part 3 THE SHOW. Well I could literally write an essay about the show but because of length of this post so far I won’t do this ;) Show was incredible, totally different that others. First of all it lasted more that two/two and a half hour including Ewa’s talking, questions and goofing but it isn't the best part of all story. She played a few new songs, which will be on future album, had kind of jam session with band who swopped instruments, changed arrangements of songs and took little Matylda on stage who sang Monster High song twice (because Ewa was soo delighted about that)
and at the end Ewa was DJ in club @ official afterparty :)

Photos here:
sports part ->,zlot-fanow-spotkanie-sportowe
show ->,zlot-fanow-koncert
afterparty ->,zlot-fanow-afterparty

Friday, 23 August 2013

ESKA Awards 2013 (Update)

Finally some good quality footage!
Almost 14 minutes of Ewa goodness.

Monday, 12 August 2013


All at EFUK would like to wish Ewa a very happy and healthy 20th Birthday today.

Junkmale + Paulina

Friday, 9 August 2013


The annual ESKA awards ceremony took place in Szczecin (and no, i'm not going to even try to pronounce that!) in Poland on Sunday 4th August.
ESKA is a Polish TV and Radio station.
Although Ewa has won some awards in previous years, this year she was nominated in one category but unfortunately lost out.

The day after she played a shortened set in support of Nelly Furtado.  The Tall Ships race had also docked and i have it on good authority that a good time was had by all.

Friday, 26 July 2013


I have a short confession to make.
Ever since i was a child things like ventriloquist dummies, mime artists, clowns etc. have really creeped me out. Years and years before the 'Saw' movies were even a twinkle in their creators eyes.
So, you can probably imagine that i'm not going to enjoy the final video when we all eventually get to see it.
Anyway there are 2 'Making of' videos currently available.  Part 1 is here.  Blogger won't let me post the second for some reason? but you can see it on the Facebook page -

I'm still not a massive fan of the song but hopefully by the time the album(s) are released i'll have gotten used to it a little more.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


So after a fairly uneventful flight at an ungodly time in the early morning me and Mum reached Krakow with time to spare.
It was raining.  Heavily.
I haven't been on a train for about 40 years and the last time my Mum was on a train it ran on steam so just for the novelty we got the train from the airport to central Krakow.  I would recommend it for anyone.  It's really cheap and it gives you the chance to see some of the countryside.  A train journey was still a novelty  to me then.  It wouldn't be for much longer.

There is an enormous shopping centre at the train station in Krakow which is well worth a visit.  It's more like a day trip.  It's massive.  A lot of the shops in it are those expensive, luxury items shops but it's still a good way to spend the day.

Rather than having to walk all the way back to the train station the next day for my ticket to Brzeg i decided to buy them when we had just arrived.
I lost the will to live in Krakow train station.
I always pride myself on not being a typical 'Brit' abroad.  I respect that it's a different country with a different language.  I don't expect everyone to speak English.  I don't expect to get egg and chips and i bring my own Tea Bags.  I also try to make a bit of an effort to learn a few words.  'Hello', 'Goodbye', 'Yes', 'No', 'Please', 'Thank You' etc.  I confess that i find Polish a very difficult language.  Even after all my years with Ewa the basics are all i've ever managed.  And i'm not at all confident even with them.

I had all the train details written down so you would have thought it wouldn't be much of a problem. WRONG.  I spent almost 3 hours just trying to buy a train ticket.
Firstly, i joined the queue at the 'Information' desk.  About 30 minutes later i approached this hatchet faced woman with my first 'Do you speak English?'  At the desk marked 'Information' you might have though there would be a chance that she did.
'A little' was the reply.  So i handed her the details, she shuffled through some maps and papers before saying 'Ah..You need go to Tourist Information in City'.  Now, i don't know much about Tourist Information but i do know that they don't sell train tickets.

No luck there then.  Outside in the lobby i found a girl wearing a hideous orange T-Shirt which had a large badge pinned to it saying 'Need Help...Please Ask Me'.  I did.  She didn't speak any English at all but directed me to another desk with had a sign over it that stated 'INTERNATIONAL'.

Things were looking good.  Just one elderly lady in the queue.  Shouldn't be long now.
45 minutes later the queue now stretched half way around the room and the elderly lady was still there. What she was actually doing or buying remains a mystery but she did eventually move along accompanied by a brisk round of applause by those behind me in the line.

More disappointment at the 'International' desk.  No English.  She waved her hand at me in the approximate direction of about 30 ticket booths.  Now all the ticket booths had little signs above them with what i presume were destinations on them.  Which is all well and good if you can understand them.  I settled on booth number 18.  By now i realised the length of the queue wasn't an indication of how long i'd be there and by now i didn't really care.  My Mum had finished reading 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare' and was just starting 'War and Peace' while waiting outside by now.

20 minutes later.  Booth English but the teller did write down 15 on a scrap of paper which at least was a beginning after all that time.  Only about 10 minutes at booth 15.  Again no English but she did manage to understand my note and finally i had a return ticket to Brzeg.  At least i hoped that i had.  Couldn't understand what was written on the tickets.  I wanted to ask if i missed one train could the ticket still be used for a later one but by now i really and truthfully had lost the will to live.

I was in a foul temper and i swear if i never see the inside of Krakow train station again it will be too soon, but ticket in hand it was still all go.  Brzeg tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Sad times in Farnaworld as Ewa has announced a few days ago that drummer Lukas Pavlik will be leaving the band.
Lukas has been not only a very important member of the band but he also is the man who wrote Sama Sobe.
As a drummer myself i tend to take more notice of the drumming and believe me he is a good one. For the size of the kit he normally uses there is no way that i could reproduce his unique sound.
He is also a character and an entertainer and will be a substantial loss to the whole Farna experience.
For the time being he will be replaced by another Czech by the name of Roman Vicha who's personal website you can find here -

I sometimes feel that the band members don't get the recognition that they deserve. After all without them....??
All at EFUK would like to thank Lukas for his contribution and to wish him the best of luck for wherever his career takes him in the future.
The man in action...


Here at EFUK we do our very best to try and promote Ewa in any way we can here in the United Kingdom.
I read this yesterday from a very recent interview with Peter Gabriel....

'I do hope that the whole 'world music' thing disappears, and artists, wherever they are born, whatever language they sing in, if they're making interesting music, they deserve to be heard'

Interesting words and i agree 100%.
I took a few minutes today and sent a lengthy email to him with details about Ewa and links to some videos and such.
It's doubtful whether or not he actually reads it but you never know?
Here's a link to his official website.....

Now if a few of us also send him Ewa's details he might just sit up and take some notice?
And here's the video for Games Without Frontiers....cause i kind of like it :-)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Znak - LIVE - Sopot TopTrendy 2013

Ewa performed her new Polish language song for the first time live at this music festival recently.
Opinions in Farnaworld fandom seem to be a bit mixed so far?
I think it's ok but i don't like the 'rappy' bit at the start of the song or the brass section but the chorus is catchy.  Some have mentioned the lyrics being poor but this is something i can't really comment on as they are meaningless to me.
All in all it was a reasonable performance although we didn't see an awful lot of the band?
And i think that the hat was a bad idea :-)
It's only the beginning and i'm sure the album(s) will be fine tuned to perfection before they are released.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


It's now been 10 days since we asked for some help with the day to day running and admin of EFUK.
I'm disappointed to report that no one has come forward for this role.

Unfortunately this is going to mean some significant changes here.
These changes will be outlined within the next few days.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Once again EFUK is in urgent need of at least 1 more Contributor/Admin for both the main site and the Facebook page.

Paulina is kept busy with many other Ewa related tasks and my own poor health and very bad run with technical problems has meant that both locations are beginning to suffer a loss in both quantity and quality.

The person(s) should ideally be from the UK or have English as their first language.  Or if not should be fairly confident writing in English.  A knowledge of Czech and/or Polish would be an obvious big advantage.

I must stress that it does take a certain amount of commitment to what we are trying to achieve here.  Not only with reporting of recent happenings in Farnaworld but in forward thinking as to other items of interest, believing in the mission and setting us up for the future.

At the present time if no one does come forward there is every possibility that EFUK will have to be suspended and eventually closed down.  This is something that neither Paulina or I want to see happen.

If you do think you can help out please contact either of us via a comment here or preferably via the Facebook page.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


When i first visited Krakow in Poland in September 2012 i fell in love with it.
I also knew that my Mum would love it there.  She really likes old Churches and Castles and such and there are a lot of them in Krakow.
In some quarters Krakow gets a bit of a bad name for itself?  Some have the idea that it's full of Stag and Hen parties and drunken English football hooligans.
They are there unfortunately and the pubs and clubs are there too.......if you want to find them.  It's like any big City.  It has it's bad points.

But all in all it's great City to visit.  Easy to get to, really cheap prices, nice food, 2 Football Stadiums and lots of relatively easily planned trips to go on.
When my Mother announced around Christmas that she would maybe like to visit, i jumped at the chance.  My Mum is now 80 years old and although she is beginning to show her age she's surprisingly fit and able.  She can't walk as fast as she once could and needs to rest more often but otherwise all's good.

We settled for the end of April or the beginning of May.  This time i decided for a longer stay rather than my usual long weekend.  At the time i booked the trip i had no idea that Ewa would be playing anywhere even remotely close to Krakow.

It was only when i was trying to arrange an EFUK staff meet with Paulina that she mentioned Brzeg and that it was happening whilst i would be in Krakow.  I was most pleased but there were several fences to overcome (besides actually finding Brzeg on the map!) before everything was 100%.

Brzeg is quite a distance from Krakow and it ended up that i had two different travel options.
I could fly to Wroclaw and make my way to Brzeg from there or i could get the train/coach.
The first option was a non starter.  Firstly it was way too expensive and i didn't quite like the prospect of trying to get to Brzeg from Wroclaw.
So the train it was.
Paulina was able to interpret the extremely confusing time table for me and although it would mean an approximate 6 hour journey there and another 6 hour return journey, i really didn't want to miss out and knew it would be worth it.  Paulina wouldn't be able to meet me at Brzeg train station so the next possible problem would be finding the venue from there.  Luckily enough former EFUK contributor Criss would also be going and he very kindly offered to arrange for someone to collect me from the train station if i managed to get lost.
I also had the option of return train times at various points throughout the early hours of the Sunday morning. I'm not the most social person but really wanted to spend at least a little time at one of the 'infamous' Polish Fan Club afterparties.  That would also give some time to catch up with Paulina and it would mean that my Mum would have to spend the shortest time possible in Krakow by herself.

Despite some initial confusion we managed to locate the venue ok and it looked pretty easy to get to from the train station so all was looking pretty good. I figured that Brzeg couldn't be that big and if i got lost surely someone would speak enough English to point me in the right direction.
Time to pack my bag and go!


It was brought to my attention recently that i can, now and again, comment on articles and posts from other sites that i don't fully understand and that this can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings.

I plead guilty as charged!

Frequently Google Translate is not really 100% perfect and i do simply look at a headline and reach the wrong conclusion as to what the entire text actually means.

I'll try to do better in the future and apologise for any offence that my comments may have caused.

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Many years ago i worked with a guy called Graham.
Now Graham was one of the nicest blokes i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I'm still in touch with him today.
One of the problems with Graham was that he could talk.  Once you got him started on something it was really difficult to shut him up!  He earned the name of the 'Cricket Bore'.  No matter how many times you told him that you had no interest whatsoever in Cricket he could talk about it (in great detail) for hour after hour after hour.

I think i have become the Ewa Farna Bore.
No matter who i have a conversation with these days i will find some sort of cunning way of including Ewa.
Strangers on the Bus, at the football, in the Hospital waiting name it, i've talked to some random stranger there about Ewa.

Yet some people are still not convinced about what a talented young lady she really is.  Most feedback i get is not great.  A lot are put off with 'language' thing.  Which is understandable.  It can be a huge hurdle for many to overcome.

And now this.

I was not a fan of the late Whitney Houston and i'm not a fan of this particular song but she nailed it.  The girl done good and i am immensely proud of her for this performance.
It's in English and will now give me the opportunity to link it to anyone i've bored over the years with that 'foreign' rubbish.

After this i can't imagine anyone will need convincing again.  

Friday, 12 April 2013


Just a quick post to let you know that i will be taking a break from EFUK for a time.
I could write at length about the reasons why but don't imagine that all that many people would be very interested.
I'll do my best to maintain the Facebook page whenever i find the enthusiasm to do so.


Monday, 25 March 2013


or do we?
Here at EFUK we don't receive all that many emails or messages.  Strangely enough whenever we do they always seem to be of the negative kind for some unknown reason?
Over the last few weeks we have had 3 emails.  All have been pretty unpleasant unfortunately.
The first one was of the usual 'Hey, your blog is shit' variety.  Which is fine if the individual concerned feels that way.  I have explained on many previous occasions that i know very little about web/blog design so the look of this blog is not going to change unless someone comes along to help to do that (which is pretty unlikely).  Besides it's the content NOT the look which matters as far as i am concerned.

The second 2 emails raised some different points altogether and the contents do need to be addressed.
They were both basically accusing us of 'stealing' their posts and infringing on their copyright.  Both accusations are incorrect for a number of reasons.
Most of what is posted here is found either on the internet, through word of mouth or shared from various Facebook pages.
Now SHARED is the important phrase here.
If you have a Facebook page and you allow sharing then you are giving anyone, any time and anywhere permission to use the material you have posted in any way that they want to. There is a simple solution.  If you don't want any one to use the material you have posted then it's a simple case of disabling the share facility within Facebook itself.
It's straightforward and takes around 10 seconds to achieve.  The moral is off course don't complain about someone sharing stuff that you have allowed them to share in the first place!
Other stories are taken directly from various Internet sites.  The vast majority of the Internet is in what is called  the Public Domain.  Sites/blogs like ourselves (and every other site out there!) are allowed to freely share and use what we find there.

Copyright is a different thing altogether.  The rules and regulations on copyright are very complicated and can differ from country to country but there are some basics that those who sent the emails seem to misunderstand.
Each individual on the planet earth is the holder of their own copyright.  To explain....if you ask me to let you take my photograph  it can be assumed that i have given you the permission to do so.  Therefore you can use that photograph.  If you take a photograph or video of me without my knowledge then you cannot use that photo or footage without my express authority.
What this means in very simple terms is this.  If you go to one of Ewa's concerts and you take some photographs or you take some some video footage (without Ewa's permission) you do NOT own the copyright to that footage or the photographs.  Ewa own's them.
Again as in the first point if you choose to share those images that is your decision but you do not under any circumstances own the copyright to them.
Neither, obviously, do you own the copyright for an image taken from a magazine or reproduced from somewhere else, either on line or elsewhere.
I hope all that makes sense?

My final point (you'll be happy to know :-)) is this.
We are all in this together.  We all wants what's best for Ewa.  We are all trying in our own way to do what we can to promote her in the most positive light possible.  We should be working together to achieve this.  A little cooperation costs nothing.
Fighting against each other, having the 'my blog is better than yours' mentality or sending emails which have no basis in fact are NOT the way forward and achieve nothing.
Here endeth the lesson.


On 23/03/13 Ewa played at the Aupark Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In other news she also won the gong for 'Best Polish Artist' in the kid's awards's for Nickelodeon TV Channel.

Monday, 18 March 2013


Ewa made a very brief appearance during the opening of the Angel Awards Ceremony on 16/03 in the Czech Republic.
She wasn't nominated in any category for 2012.
For reasons known only to Blogger and Youtube the video won't load but you can watch the footage here -

Friday, 1 March 2013


I spotted this video over at a few nights ago.
I must admit that i'd never seen this before or heard of it so i'm assuming that some of you may also be unaware of it's existence.
As far as i know it's from 2010 and formed a part of the soundtrack to an Opera called 'Zaharda Soch' and it has been released as an album.
I like it.  It's a bit different to what Ewa usually does.  Hope you enjoy it too :-)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Monday, 18 February 2013


Footage from Ewa's concert on 16/02/2013 at Strzelce Opolskie in Poland.

Lots more footage available on this Youtube Channel -

It's a channel we have highlighted before and will probably do so again.  Well worth a subscription.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Just a quick post today with some footage from Ewa's New York adventure.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Ewa has yet another magazine article and cover shoot. This time it is for the Czech version of OK! magazine.

The full photo shoot pics are available now over at the EFUK Facebook page.

I must  admit that whilst Ewa does look stunning in the pics they are very 'Glam' and i much prefer jeans and a T-Shirt?  However it is encouraging that she is trying to appeal to a more mature audience.

In other news you may already know that she is (as we speak!) jetting of to New York in the U.S.A.for a series of 2 low key concerts in the City on 08/02 and 10/02/2013. It doesn't appear at the moment that any of the band have accompanied her on the trip.  Details of the first show on 8th February can be found here -

At the moment we have been unable to find out any more details of the show scheduled for the 10th February.
It also appears that she will be in discussions with promoters in the US in the hope of planning for further shows sometime in the future.  This is great news for any fans in the US.  I know we have a few.
All at EFUK wish her the very best of luck in the USA. It can only be a positive step and should help to improve her profile there.
I look forward to someday having an Ewa Farna US fansite to visit.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Yesterday 26/01/2013 Ewa played her first concert of 2013 in the Ski Resort of Jasná in Slovakia.
Some great video footage has appeared already for your viewing pleasure.
Rumours continue that a full tour is to be announced shortly but nothing has been officially confirmed as yet.
Full details to follow as soon as possible.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Just a quick note to remind everyone that old EFUK Facebook Group page will close on 18/01/2013.
The new EFUK Facebook page is now live and you will find it now here (or click on the link already provided).

We have high hopes and are very optimistic about the new page and hope you will continue to support it and ourselves in the EFUK project. Simply click 'like' on the new page and you will continue to receive news and updates from us.

See you all there!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


On 21/12/2012 Ewa played 4 songs in Warsaw in a show that was broadcast on Polsat on Polish TV.
Good news for us was a fantastic performance of the old Queen song 'The Show Must Go On' in English.
Enjoy :-)

Friday, 11 January 2013


Or....'All i want for Christmas is the Dukla Prague Away kit'.

Ok, now you are possibly thinking...'What is that awful song?'  'That awful video?'  'Has Junkmale been drinking?' 'Has he finally lost his marbles?' 'And what has this possibly got to do with Ewa?

Well read on if only to see how i can make a connection out of almost anything.

I don't travel as much these days as i used to when i was younger.  I haven't been working for a long, long time and just don't have the funds available any longer.
When i do travel i always like to invest in at least one souvenir for myself.  Not the usual fridge magnet or 'I Heart Praha' T shirt for me.  I like to invest in whatever local football shirt i can get my hands on.  The more irrelevant the team the better.  If not local i try to find the National shirt of wherever i'm visiting.  Over the years i've built up quite a collection of shirt's of teams i've never heard of and in most cases can't even pronounce.
The Dukla Prague Away Kit is the 'Holy Grail' for shirt collectors.

I've been to the Czech Republic twice now to see Ewa and i spent a few days  in Poland last year. And before you ask...FC Brno (Home) and the Poland national shirt are now part of my collection. Although wearing the Polish national is NOT recommended in public in Belfast!

Being a fan of Ewa and being from the UK isn't easy.  Her albums are not available here and have to be imported (at great expense).  eBay makes things a little easier but it still can be difficult.

However, it's not just the albums us fans want is it?  It's T Shirt's, posters, key rings, mugs etc etc.  Anything with her name or imagine on it will suffice.
On my visits to the Cze and Poland i was sure i would find lot's of this sort of thing freely and easily available.
I was wrong.  Despite looking (and trust me...i looked) i found absolutely nothing in either country. In fact, her actual albums were not all that easy to locate.  And don't even get me started on trying to find the cosmetics and perfumes!

Nobody was more surprised than me.  I thought for sure Prague and Krakow would be places to go to find some Ewa souvenirs. There was very little on sale even at the 2 concerts i have attended. I had to steal the concert posters from the walls of each venue!

So where actually is all that memorabilia that should and, no doubt, does exist?  Was it just my back luck?  Or did i not look in the right places?

It's about publicity and promotion. Surely if there is very little out there something is very wrong in the way Ewa is being promoted? If things are not available they should be.

Oh...and the Dukla Prague away Kit?  It remains elusive.