Thursday, 27 June 2013


Sad times in Farnaworld as Ewa has announced a few days ago that drummer Lukas Pavlik will be leaving the band.
Lukas has been not only a very important member of the band but he also is the man who wrote Sama Sobe.
As a drummer myself i tend to take more notice of the drumming and believe me he is a good one. For the size of the kit he normally uses there is no way that i could reproduce his unique sound.
He is also a character and an entertainer and will be a substantial loss to the whole Farna experience.
For the time being he will be replaced by another Czech by the name of Roman Vicha who's personal website you can find here -

I sometimes feel that the band members don't get the recognition that they deserve. After all without them....??
All at EFUK would like to thank Lukas for his contribution and to wish him the best of luck for wherever his career takes him in the future.
The man in action...


Here at EFUK we do our very best to try and promote Ewa in any way we can here in the United Kingdom.
I read this yesterday from a very recent interview with Peter Gabriel....

'I do hope that the whole 'world music' thing disappears, and artists, wherever they are born, whatever language they sing in, if they're making interesting music, they deserve to be heard'

Interesting words and i agree 100%.
I took a few minutes today and sent a lengthy email to him with details about Ewa and links to some videos and such.
It's doubtful whether or not he actually reads it but you never know?
Here's a link to his official website.....

Now if a few of us also send him Ewa's details he might just sit up and take some notice?
And here's the video for Games Without Frontiers....cause i kind of like it :-)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Znak - LIVE - Sopot TopTrendy 2013

Ewa performed her new Polish language song for the first time live at this music festival recently.
Opinions in Farnaworld fandom seem to be a bit mixed so far?
I think it's ok but i don't like the 'rappy' bit at the start of the song or the brass section but the chorus is catchy.  Some have mentioned the lyrics being poor but this is something i can't really comment on as they are meaningless to me.
All in all it was a reasonable performance although we didn't see an awful lot of the band?
And i think that the hat was a bad idea :-)
It's only the beginning and i'm sure the album(s) will be fine tuned to perfection before they are released.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


It's now been 10 days since we asked for some help with the day to day running and admin of EFUK.
I'm disappointed to report that no one has come forward for this role.

Unfortunately this is going to mean some significant changes here.
These changes will be outlined within the next few days.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Once again EFUK is in urgent need of at least 1 more Contributor/Admin for both the main site and the Facebook page.

Paulina is kept busy with many other Ewa related tasks and my own poor health and very bad run with technical problems has meant that both locations are beginning to suffer a loss in both quantity and quality.

The person(s) should ideally be from the UK or have English as their first language.  Or if not should be fairly confident writing in English.  A knowledge of Czech and/or Polish would be an obvious big advantage.

I must stress that it does take a certain amount of commitment to what we are trying to achieve here.  Not only with reporting of recent happenings in Farnaworld but in forward thinking as to other items of interest, believing in the mission and setting us up for the future.

At the present time if no one does come forward there is every possibility that EFUK will have to be suspended and eventually closed down.  This is something that neither Paulina or I want to see happen.

If you do think you can help out please contact either of us via a comment here or preferably via the Facebook page.