Sunday, 27 December 2015


This year Ewa will be in Wroclaw (PL) on New Years Eve.  It looks like the usual variety show with many other artists involved.
The show will be broadcast on Polish TV (TVP2) from 8pm (CET).
Ewa made the cover of a TV Listings Magazine which has full details of the event.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Just a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year from all of us here at EFUK.
It's been a fantastic year for us the highlight was Ewa in London and Paul's super reports from the show.
We would like to personally thank everyone for their continued support throughout 2015.  We welcome and appreciate it.
Roll on 2016.

Kenny, Paulina and Paul.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


New Double CD out now on Magic Records (Poland).
It comes in a fantastic luxury tri-fold Digi Pak sleeve with full lyric insert.  Very nicely presented indeed.  Easy enough to get from the UK (eBay is you friend) plus the usual Polish online retailers who ship overseas.

As per usual this is my personal review and does not reflect the views and/or opinions of the other EFUK admins.

I have decided on this occasion only to cover the 4 tracks on CD2.  I have made my views pretty clear in the past on how i feel about Ewa's Jazz direction so there is little point in repeating it here.  I did manage to listen to CD1 all the way through and have no intention of repeating that experience again any time soon.

So anyway lets get on to CD2.

It contains 4 tracks.  3 new and one not new but unreleased on this format before.  Approximate English translations of song titles.

1. TU (HERE) - Lead track and accompanied by that great video clip. It's a fantastic piano led 'semi' ballad and in my opinion is one of the best songs that Ewa has ever performed.  It's up there with her very best and is destined to be a favourite for a very long time.

2.  NIEKONIECZNIE ( NOT NECESSARILY) - Fairly nice little Pop song.  Mid tempo.  Not bad at all.  Nothing really special but a reasonable enough effort.

3.  NA OSTRZU (ON THE EDGE) - Another pretty good, standard Pop song.  More up tempo than the others.  Nothing wrong with it but it seems to me to be a 'by the numbers' song?  Ewa's vocal is a bit subdued here but it's not a unpleasant listen.

4.  W SILNYCH RAMIONACHI (THE STRONG ARMS) - Duet with Lubert.  I fully admit that i know nothing whatsoever about Lubert but i do like this song.  It has a very strong chorus with great vocals from Ewa.

So a little taster then of some new material and a successful one at that.  One future classic track and 3 more pretty good ones.
Signs are positive for a new album whenever it may come.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Well...WOW!!! It actually happened EFUK fans! On the 13th November 2015, Ewa Farna performed at Indigo at the 02 in London, UK!

I have to start by saying It was an absolutely brilliant night - From start to finish the whole night was a night to remember! -  Ewa performed like the absolute star she is, & Ewa left the UK crowd wanting more! She, for us was the star of this night!

It might have been a wet, windy and grim day outside, but Ewa put a big smile on every single person watching her sing and perform her rock-y performance. Ewa’s performance on the night was one that can only be matched by the biggest worldwide stars in the music industry. She made her UK debut in style!

The first thing that struck me when she came on to the stage was her amazing stage presence, you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. That is something special. The next was her stunning voice, she has a beautiful voice which sounds fresh. Ewa looked and sounded on top form for the whole night. She gave it everything, she writhed around on the floor, flicking her hair & danced all while hitting some massive & extended notes! She really rocked during the whole night. She gave it everything she had, and she did not disappoint at all. She wore the most gorgeous black outfit which really suited her. Ewa looked stunning, she looked like a top model.

I go to quite a few events for one of my jobs, and I believe Ewa at Indigo was my favourite so far of 2015, it was THAT good. Certainly the best performance-wise. Ewa and her band were on top form, and a class act on that indigo stage. Possibly the act of the night for many fans in that room. It was everything I expected, but oh so much more. She lifted the roof off from the second the host of the night introduced her.

Her band, what can I say about her band on the night, well, they were just brilliant in every way, Ewa bounced over to Martin on quite a few occasions during the night, her interaction with him was lovely, and with such chemistry. She often paired up with Martin on stage. During the night they were faultless and having lot of fun, as were her whole band. They were as competing to watch as Ewa, and it looked like they enjoyed the London fan’s reaction as much as Ewa. For La La Laj her band went off stage to allow Ewa to perform this song with only a Keyboard, which gave one of the most memorable parts of her set. Ewa performed songs from her back catalogue, right up to her latest songs. Some of my favourites during the night were Ewakuacja, Znak, Cicho, Rutyna and Bez Lez, which she really gave it all.

The highlight of the night for me, was song wise most certainly Ewa’s heartfelt and magical version of Laj Laj Laj… The crowd sang along beautifully and Ewa’s voice was incredible. Listening and watching her flawlessly hit those high notes during various songs was something I will never forget. Ewa talked to the audience though-out the night from the stage, and she seemed to love being in London. Ewa looked to be having a wonderful time in London with her UK fans. The sound quality on the night was fantastic and faultless and this gave for a special atmosphere.  Balloons were flying around, very tasty bread on paper plates was making it around the venue specially supplied by the Polish Bakery, one of many great sponsors! This was amazing! I’d have liked to have seen a little bit more mechanise on sale in the venue but that’s just a tiny tiny point, and no big deal. I just like buying things at gigs.

The audience, well, I didn’t just want to say they were lovely, because the audience on the night for Ewa were so adoring - they couldn’t have been nicer. Ewa had the audience in the palm of her hand right from the second she walked on stage. I spoke to some of the fans near the front, and I’m not the only one who was loving it. Ewa has some of the nicest fans in the world! I felt Ewa got amongst the best reactions thought the whole night including the other performers on the night who were also brilliant, and got wonderful reactions too. (more about the other acts of the night later!) Although she may have been second on the billing, you’d have never believed it. 

The onlooking crowd were really eager to see her perform. Throughout her set her fans sang along, waved their arms, whistled and cheered. We all have a great time watching her on stage. Near the end of her set, she went off stage - just before the Encore, and her fans gleefully chanted “Ewa, Ewa, Ewa…” for her to come back on! She came back on and performed a few more songs to a big applause and cheers. Her band & herself ended with a big bow and the you could see and hear how thankful her fans were. There was a ‘buzz’ (as they say) in the room about Ewa performing, I think some couldn’t believe they were actually seeing her perform in the UK, and others wanted to soak up every moment. At the end lots and lots of people queued up to meet Ewa, and when she came out, she worked along the line to try her best see everyone waiting.


The event was really well organised too, and we have to give a shout-out to the promoters/organisers who organised the  event - Mixer Group. It really was a wonderful night organised by them. We were delighted when they asked us to help promote it on our pages here the week before the event. So, we’d like to thank them for a few things, firstly for asking us to promote the event, but most of all, for bringing the one and only Ewa Farna over to the UK…as Ewa Farna in the UK is what we at EFUK are all about. Thank you. We hope that they can bring Ewa back very soon, hopefully headlining?

The absolute highlight of the night was managing to meet Ewa herself at the end when she came out to meet her fans. She is possibly one of the nicest, most down to earth people you can meet and is happy to stand talking to her fans, taking photos with them and signing everything handed to her. She’s really lovely.

Of course, on stage before Ewa was a band called Alergen, these were a surprise for me as I’d never heard of them before. I thought they were excellent, they performed a very nice up-beat pop/rock, with some very cool songs in their set - they certainly are worth a listen. They played a brilliant set and they have gained a new fan or two I think. The ‘headliners’ of the night Kombii, were also excellent, they played a fantastic set, and were a delight to watch. They played wonderfully on the night and have some great songs played by some great musicians - some of the guitar work and drum sounds of this band were superb. The night had 3 superb acts on. Words can't express how brilliant Ewa's performance was! You can see our "How it unfolded on the night" set of posts on our Facebook page. In the time since, Ewa has posted on her Facebook page saying thank you to London.

The venue, which was the Indigo at the 02, is possibly one of my favourite venues in the UK. It is a lovely sounding room, a well shaped room of a perfect size for this type of event. The staff on the night were really nice. Restaurants literally metres away, indoors and a good bar at the back. It’s not often I comment on venues, but I can recommend this venue to anyone and it was a great choice by the organisers who set this event up so well.

If you ever get the chance to see Ewa Farna live, anywhere in the world not just the UK, make sure you do - you will come back with memories of an event that will last a lifetime. As an English fan of Ewa’s I was blown away by Ewa’s performance at Indigo - Many UK artists cannot perform like Ewa did on the night. With that type of performance, with these types of songs, you have to wonder why her management aren’t promoting her here more - her market is clearly here for her to release music and perform more events etc. Let us know if you were there, and what you thought of the night?

I’d like to end this by saying we hope Ewa can play in the UK again soon…So, we ask the organisers and Ewa’s management, can you bring Ewa back to the UK ASAP?  It was simply that good to see someone as good as Ewa was on the night and I think her fans within the UK are dying to see her again! Come back soon Ewa, we loved it!

Thank you, Ewa for playing in London, UK. Hurry back! :)


Sunday, 8 November 2015


We have just received some official information from the official promoter of this event! 

Find below the information and links!

EWA FARNA CONCERT IN LONDON (with Kombii & Alergen)

Ewa will perform in London for the very first time...

13 NOVEMBER 2015 

Indig02 at the o2 arena (North Greenwich) 

Tickets are still available on (Polish website) or 


Saturday, 7 November 2015


The Tu video has now been released.
I love the song.  It's fantastic.  Ewa looks stunning in the video although i'm a little disappointed that the guys are totally absent from the shoot?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Rossmann Skarb Magazine from Poland.
Rossmann is a range of chemist shops in Poland.  A little like Boots it sells a lot more than just that.
Skarb roughly translates as treasure and i assume that this is their in-store magazine.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


Been a lot of talk about this video so far.  And yes I'm going to be controversial again.
I don't really know what the story behind it is but it's apparently a cover of a song called 'It's all about the bass' which was originally recorded by someone I've never heard tell of.

Before i go on...i do like it.  It's amusing and cleverly done.
However, i think it could backfire on Ewa?  It's clearly having a 'pop' at the elements of the gutter press who have nothing better to do than to comment of Ewa's weight and general look.

I think possibly what Ewa fails to acknowledge is that fans don't really care about what these sorts of people say.  They (we) tend to treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Plus all this will do is to draw attention to the fact that it's upsetting her enough that she's gone to the trouble of making this video to prove a point?
In my experience the best thing to do with haters/ trolls (or whatever you wish to call them) is to ignore them.  They want a response and she's, unfortunately, given them exactly what they want.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again but no one, especially a young girl,  likes for anyone to comment on their appearance and weight. Especially if those comments are nasty and hurtful. Ewa can pretend all she wants that it's not affecting her but it clearly is.

Best ignore them and they'll eventually go away and pick on someone else methinks.

Sunday, 18 October 2015


Ewa's latest single 'Tu' from her forthcoming Album is out now to buy!!

It premiered this week on Radio Eska, but it is available to listen to and buy in various places!

You can listen to the single on Ewa's YouTube Channel -

Spotify users can also listen to the song on Spotify -

And you can buy 'Tu' right now in the UK on iTunes Link provided below -

Sadly this song isn't available on Amazon UK yet, but I'm sure in time it will be.

It's actually really quite good, and not as 'jazz' as people may have been lead to think, it seems to be getting some good reviews! Presumably, Ewa will be performing this song when she appears in London in November this year?

This is the new album cover, which is apparently going to be 2 discs.

Don't forget, tickets are available for Ewa in London UK on 13th November 2015 at Indigo at 02 -


Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Hi EFUK fans!

It’s officially a month until Ewa comes the UK to perform in London!... On November 13th 2015.

Yes, EWA FARNA... IN LONDON... IN A MONTH!! Are you as excited as us? :)

Well, for those fans going to see her perform that don’t know London, or anything about where she’s playing, or even what’s around the venue we thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post for specifically this - giving you as much information as possible for those traveling to the event! (We post this as fans of Ewa going to the event, as helpful tips, we are not affiliated with this event in any way)

The Location of the Event
Ewa is performing at a venue which is called Indigo at the 02 Arena Which is inside this amazing ‘dome’ building (formerly known as the Millennium Dome) It is a very impressive structure based in South-East London by the River Thames! (

The 02 Arena London venue has two venues within it, the big main venue ’02 arena’, and the smaller staged venue which is ‘Indigo’, and it is the smaller stage ‘indigo’ that Ewa will be performing on 13th November 2015.

The Address of the venue is
Indigo at The 02
Millennium Way,
Peninsula Square
United Kingdom 
SE10 0DX

Within the 02 Arena 'Complex' Itself
This is quite a unique building, the main venue is essentially in the centre of the circular building, and the smaller venue ‘indigo’ is off to one side of this however, around the outside ring of the inside of the ‘dome’ structure is many indoor restaurants, shops and things to do.  

The restaurants cater for many kinds of food, ranging from snacks to full meals and deserts! Food and drink inside in VERY expensive! Drinks in the venue specifically are VERY expensive. Staff within the complex are friendly and helpful - if you need assistance ask them as they will help you. Security at this venue complex is high, as it is a flagship venue in London - it hosts major artists and the worlds biggest bands an events all the time. Ewa is in the smaller venue called Indigo within the large building known as the '02', or sometimes the ’02 arena’. It is a big building.

Just outside the main doors to the 02 Arena venue there are many Shops, Bars, Restaurants and ATM Machines. The food is good, and the bars are stereotypical of bars in the London area, not cheap but good places to go. 

However, the London Tube (London’s Metro Train service) is very efficient and can be used to get you in and out of main London. This area is relatively safe, as with so many people around you - often fans, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. It is an area in London you go to specifically for events. 

Inner London itself isn’t far away & is very accessible via the Tube trains. It is a fantastic place to visit while your in the area! Shops, Historical places, Monuments, Museums and Royalty just to name a few! But London is a busy city with lots of tourists, business people, cars and attractions so leave extra time for travelling.

As with any major city, remember to stay safe and keep your belongings safe.

There are a few options available for hotels, depending on your price range - The closest hotel is just near by - is a very expensive hotel called the Radisson Blu - this is a nice hotel, but if you’re on a budget possibly not worth it. It is a couple of minute walk away, but too expensive to be viable.

There are two ‘Holiday Inn’ Hotels near the venue, within around 10 minutes walking distance of the venue and safe enough to walk back to after the event, especially with the crowds of fans - There are ‘Holiday Inn Express London Royal’, and the ‘Holiday Inn Express London Greenwich’. There is also a slightly more expensive hotel called the ‘Crowne Plaza’ hotel ( a little further away also, at a higher price again. 

Expect to pay a minimum of over £100 per night for any hotel near by or in London.

I recommend the Holiday Inn London Greenwich - it is about 10 minute walk away from the venue, easily found as it’s situated down the main road from the venue, and is about £120 a night with breakfast (depending on when and where you book). I go to the 02 a lot and stay in this hotel every time, it’s a good hotel, not too costly, clean, simple but with everything you need, with a good breakfast and friendly staff and only a short walk away from the venue and tube station.(

You still have time to book your hotels and travel!

Getting There by Tube from Inner London/Kings Cross/Airport
The Tube station closest to the 02 venue is 'North Greenwich' station. From Central London it takes around 20 minutes to get there and bit longer from Airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. The tubes DO NOT run 24 hours a day in London however they do start very early in the morning and end a little after midnight each day. - It is often best to have a hotel close-by if you don’t know London too well as it can get busy and navigating the Tube can be complex. Closest station Information  - 

Make sure you leave extra time for travelling around. The tube is reliable and prompt and to use the tube you need a ticket, or an Oyster Card which is a Pay-As-You-Go swipe-able card purchasable from Tube ticket machines and travel information. 
Buses in London require Oyster Cards/Cards and most buses do not use coins anymore.

Getting There by Taxi
London Taxi’s are quite expensive, yet very efficient at non-peak times. However, the cost can be upto £40 (minus tip) to get to the 02 venue from central London!! Taxi drivers in London are generally friendly and often have a good sense of humour!

By Car
It is possible to park at the 02 at the car park(s) close by, if you have a car. Often it is better to leave it at the hotel and walk/use the tube as driving around this area/London can be a challenge/expensive even for people who live there. The nearby car parks get very busy.

London travel information and journey planner is available here - 

Weather in London
The weather in the UK can vary from Sunny to cold to rain quite quickly. So, plan your clothing accordingly and keep watching the weather forecasts. November in the UK isn’t a warm month - it’s often wet and cool. 

Event Information
At this point in time the doors open to the venue inside the main complex at 6pm UK time - however the 02 Arena complex itself opens early to allow you to use the resultants and bars inside. It is on a Friday night so traffic will be heavy in London at peak times. Usually the events end at somewhere between 10:45 and 11:30pm depending on the event.

It is understood that Ewa is the support artist for Kombii, a Pop/Rock artist from Poland. It is unknown if Ewa is bringing her whole band & staging to the UK, or even what genre she will be performing? Pop/Rock or Jazz/Acoustic. Official Merchandise will hopefully be available from within the Indigo Venue. While the last time we heard Ewa was coming to the UK it was cancelled before it even happened there is no sign of this happening so far, and 02 is a very good venue so at this stage it is unlikely to be cancelled and is going ahead as planned. But we will inform you accordingly.

(And just a quick foot note - we at EFUK are not affiliated nor responsible for this event in any way, we are are fans and simply going to this event as UK fans of Ewa, we have nothing to do with this event in anyway, nor any contact with the organisers or management)

In this venue you are not allowed DSLR style cameras, however it is usually ok to take in small to medium sized compact Cameras and phone cameras are fine. 

If you don’t yet have a ticket they are still available from here - 
Prices are between £30 & £40 depending on seating position.

I hope I have covered as much as possible here, (I am going to the event, we are unsure if any of the others of EFUK are at this time) we hope to see EFUK fans and everyone there having a great time, we will keep EFUK updated with information as we find out and hopefully share some of the event with you! Make sure you bring your ticket and somehow display your an EFUK follower! :)

We hope to see you there - if you are a member of EFUK and if you wish, let us know you are going to this Ewa-tastic event! :)


Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Poster released for Ewa's forthcoming date in London on 13/11/15.
One or two people have asked will we be attending?
I'm not sure about Paul but for me it's pretty unlikely for the following reasons -

London is a very expensive city for me to get to and to stay in from Belfast.  I could spend about a fortnight in Poland for the same cost as 2 nights in London.

I'm a little concerned that it won't actually happen.  Dates have been announced here in the UK before and cancelled at very late notice.

It hasn't yet been stated if it's going to be a 'normal' performance or a 'Jazz' show?  I've made my feelings about Ewa's Jazz direction perfectly clear on many previous occasions. I don't get it and i don't like it.  I wouldn't want to spend a considerable amount of money getting to London only to be disappointed. 

I may change my mind but at the minute it's a no.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


An addition to Paul's last post here is the Cover Pic for Glamour Magazine (PL).

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Ewa is not just on the cover of Polish Glamour Magazine this month, but she was handed the title of Glamour magazine's 'Woman of the Year' 2015!

Congratulations Ewa!

        (Photo: Ewa Farna Official Facebook Page)

This is a very worthy title for Ewa, as she's stylish, classy, stunning, a great inspiration and role model, while also making wonderful music!

Looks like it's a fantastic year for Ewa.


Monday, 7 September 2015

KATOWICE 30/08/15

Ah the show EFUK almost attended.
You probably can guess what's coming?
She looks fantastic.
Lengthy Jazz version of Znak is horrible and Bez Lez is not one of my favourite songs at the best of times so kind of relieved that we didn't get to this one.
Enjoy (if you can).

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Well, as we all should know and have on our calendars, today is the 12th August 2015 which is of course Ewa Farna's 22nd Birthday!!

We at EFUK would like to join with all of her fans and wish her a very Happy Birthday and we wish her all the best on her special day! From all the team at EFUK - K, P & PM

Don't forget tickets are on sale for Ewa's London date in November now - see earlier blog post. We won't let you forget!

Also, if anyone has any stories/photos they wish to share from the recent fan meeting about meeting Ewa in person do let us know and we will share them with the EFUK fanbase!




Wednesday, 5 August 2015


The music video for Rutyna has now been released and it is a rather intriguing video & well worth watching.

It certainly is visually different for Ewa but definitely an interesting and clever video to accompany the single, with lots of make-up effects used. Let us know what you think of this video!
It also seems they've announced it was 'sponsored' by Sennheiser which is great!  (Who are the makers of the rather nice special edition gold-headed microphone Ewa has in the video -  the Sennheiser MD 421SE just incase anyone was wondering :D

Also, don't forget tickets for Ewa's appearance in London, UK in November are now officially available from here - Have you got yours yet?!


Sunday, 2 August 2015


Tickets to see Ewa Farna (& Kombii, of course) at Indigo at the 02 in London, UK on 13th November 2015 are now ON SALE!

Tickets are available from this link and ticket prices are £20 for Rear Balcony, £30 for Floor Standing, £35 for Balcony and £40 for 'Kings Row'.

Doors open at 6pm event starts at 7pm, tickets are on sale now!!!!!

It's worth getting them now as it is likely they will sell quickly. As far as we know at this point in time this is Ewa's only UK Date of 2015. It's happening!

There is a good hotel about 5 mins walk from the venue and many good restaurants/bars just seconds walk away from the venue complex. Good London Tube links to get to the venue from London too. While inside the venue there is also lots to do and see and food available. It is a good place to go. - We will do a post on this specifically soon.

Get your tickets ASAP and put the date in your diary to see Ewa in the UK!

We will keep you posted on any information as we get it.

Get your tickets to see Ewa Farna in the UK in London at Indigo 02 (Postcode SE10 0DX) Direct official ticketing link below.

We hope to see EFUK fans there!


Tuesday, 28 July 2015


News has just reached us that Ewa is once again scheduled to play here in the UK.
Details are pretty scarce at the moment and unconfirmed officially, however, from what has been released so far it will be as support to Polish band Kombii at the Indigo Club in London.

I believe the Indigo Club is a part of the O2 complex in Canary Wharf (The former Millennium Dome).  Proposed date is Friday 13th November 2015 with a 6pm start.  It appears that tickets are not yet available and you should keep checking the O2 website for further information.

Obviously this is fantastic news for us here in the UK especially after the previous aborted dates for here.  Even at this early stage if there is any way we can help anyone who is intending to travel we will be happy to do so.
Fingers crossed that it WILL actually happen this time.

This is all we have at the moment -

More updates and news as soon as we know more.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

EWA IN TORUN (PL) 12/07/15

Ewa performed 3 songs at this event in Torun (PL) on 12/07/15.
Not at all sure what this event was all about but it appears to have a lot of different artists performing a few songs each.
As far as i know Ewa performed Znak, Ewakuacja and Tajna Misja.  There may have been more, i just don't know i'm afraid to say.
Whatever it was it looks to have been a pretty big deal?  From my limited Polish knowledge it may have been celebrating the anniversary of a radio station (that is probably completely wrong).
You'll find the other performances on Youtube.

Saturday, 11 July 2015


Haven't did a Friday Night Video for ages. of my favourites and one that doesn't get played live often enough.

Sunday, 5 July 2015


As Paul pointed out a few days ago over at the Facebook page Leporelo has now had over 2 Million views on Youtube.  Yep...2 MILLION!
A fantastic achievement and an excuse to post the video again.  Because it's great.

Friday, 19 June 2015


For the last few months Ewa has been involved in promoting PLAY.  From what i can gather it's an ISP in Poland.
There are some really great promotional videos that have been released and also some back stage footage.
This is just one of them.  You'll find more on the Play Youtube page.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Three of us from EFUK are planning to go back to Poland for Ewa's concert in Katowice on 30/08.
As you can probably imagine it takes a lot of organisation from here.
At the moment there doesn't appear to be a lot of information released with regard to this show.
Does anyone have any further information on it yet?
Venue, start time, do we need tickets (if so where to get them) etc etc.
Long way to go until August but we would appreciate any info anyone has so that we can start making the arrangements to attend.

Sunday, 7 June 2015


Don't panic!!  Ewa has not been assaulted or attacked by a crazed fan.  It's a pic from the new video shoot (probably Rutyna).
Looks like it might be 'interesting'?
Watch this space.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


DISCLAIMER - Please note (as per normal) that this review is my personal opinion only and does not necessarily mirror the opinions of all staff at EFUK.

2 Disc set (CD/DVD) recorded in the Czech Republic in 2014.  On Universal (Cze).  16 tracks in total.  Running order for the DVD and the CD are exactly the same.  I'm presuming that the DVD is region 0 as it plays perfectly here in the UK.   I'll be concentrating mainly on the DVD on this review. Comes in a plain jewel case with an insert.  The insert is pretty good and includes a few high definition colour photos.

There are a few extras on the DVD including a photo slide show and an interview with some back stage video footage which is pretty good.

Ewa looks fantastic throughout (if a touch 'sweaty' at times) and the whole thing is filmed really well. It's a really intimate setting with no real 'stage' to speak of.  The audience are really close to the concert which, i'm sure, was pretty special to those that were there.  It's more semi acoustic than strictly acoustic as the band switch from acoustic to electric throughout the show.  They are also joined by 2 female backing singers and a percussionist. A heavily pregnant  Klara Vytiskova from Toxique acts as impromptu MC and joins Ewa for 'Toxique Girls'.

It starts off very well with the first 4 songs benefiting from the re-arrangements but unfortunately it's all a bit downhill from then.  'Toxique Girls' is a bit of fun and i don't really mind it but from then on it dissolves into what i can only describe as a free form Jazz show.  I've made my opinion fairly clear on the whole Jazz 'thing'  many times so unfortunately it's not for me.  If you like that sort of thing you'll probably love it, if not (like me), it's an unpleasant listening experience.

I tried, i really did, to get something from it but was at the point of throwing the disc out of my window when Ewa was joined at one point by a 'beat boxer'  (i kid you not).
In the middle of the show BMM and Mels are slight improvements but the reality is that this is not the Ewa i know and love.  Not by a very long way.  And believe me it really hurts to say these things.

She is clearly enjoying it and it ends with a pretty emotional Sama Sobe.

So there it is.  It's not for me.  It's unlikely that i'll ever play it again and although it was what i was expecting it's all pretty disappointing.  As far as i'm concerned this Jazz experiment is just a vanity project for Ewa and i hope that normal service resumes as soon as possible.  I will find it extremely difficult to continue doing what i do for Ewa if we get much more of this.  I don't understand it and don't particularity want to understand it.

A couple of other thoughts sprung to mind whilst i was watching the DVD.
We are all aware that in the past Ewa has been (unfairly) accused of being, at times, 'shouty'? She has a very strong voice and without the full backing of the band some times this happens on the DVD.  It's a little more evident on the CD.  Or perhaps it's just the style of the songs that makes me feel that.

I also wondered about the band?  We don't really know what influence the band have (if any) on decisions that are made regarding Ewa's career.  I find it very difficult to believe that they are all happy with the direction things are going in.  Are all of them Jazz fans?  I very much doubt it?

Sorry if this is a pretty negative review.  I thought about not posting it at all but have to be honest. As fans i think we are entitled to our opinions.  Good or bad?
Comments etc are more than welcome.

Monday, 18 May 2015


A couple of recent Magazine Cover Pics which i'd forgotten to post.
Both Cze.

Monday, 11 May 2015


Ewa has 'loaned' her considerable vocal talents to Slovakian rapper Majk Spirit (no, me neither) on the above track.
Not much i can say really?  Ewa's vocal is fine but as i don't like rap at all the rest of it does nothing for me I'm afraid.

So, after Jazz and rap what next for Ewa?
A duet with Cannibal Corpse perhaps? :-)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Your Favourite Ewa Farna album?

As the UK goes to the Polls tomorrow, I thought we'd have our own worthwhile poll here at EFUK!

  • Which is your favourite official Ewa Farna album?

So, it's that simple! Simply post just the title name of your favourite official Ewa album in the comments section on here below (or in the EFUK Facebook page post if you like) 'vote' until next Wednesday evening to give everyone time to think about it/see this post - then we'll announce the favourite Ewa album once all the votes have been counted on the Thursday!

Well... I say it's 'simple', but Ewa has done so many amazing albums, choosing just one is not going to be easy!

Come ye come all! Let's see which album comes out on top, and support! :)


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

About Acoustic Tour

Hey All!
I wanted to write a short report from the Trinec show (my first on this tour and my first for several looong months) but after reading some totally different opinions about the new versions of some songs I decided to take my opportunity to join in that discussion.

First thing is that all Ewa's fans who have never been on an " acoustic style" tour, is that those shows are some of the best prepared in Ewa's career. Most of you can ask what about eg. "Bliz ke hvezdam" - Ewa's first tour... well it's similar but not the same. Everyone is still talking about when Farna became "adult" etc. I think that those are empty words.. like so what she turned 18 and even 21?  Age is just a number! (wait until your 50 Paulina....ed) But this Trinec show convinced me. She is now much more mature and we saw this not only in the professional organisation, her confidence on stage, but mostly in the emotions she showed us on stage. I don't want to write here about her most emotive song "Przepraszam"/"Sorry" because I know for most fans and for Ewa of course it is a difficult one and to be honest I'm not sure if it should be performed on tour?

The emotions I want to talk about are less obvious. I mean, Ewa totally cares about the band, about what's happening on stage and ... in the audience! I got the impression that she is more aware now of everything around her and at the same time gave everything to the songs and is just having fun. Only a more mature performer can balance all those different aspects perfectly.

Another thing about the new arrangements. They are really impressive! I know that some people (even one of EFUK members!:)) have different opinions. I have always liked some acoustic-jazzy variations and it is really nice to hear how Ewa and the band have fun playing old songs and at the same time enjoying the music and improvising? Um and one more thing - new guitarist Lukas Chromek is amazing, good that he had few solos ;)

To finish... if it's impossible for you to be at any of shows from current tour at least please check CD/DVD "G2 acoustic stage" recorded for Czech TV Ocko and try to understand and feel the new arrangements ;)

Pics from Trinec here - Ewa Farna's Gallery
Most of songs from Trinec here - MagdaaTV


Saturday, 18 April 2015

And Another One Bites The Dust...

Well, it's a bit of a sad sign of the times, as more and more music stations on Satellite (and all platforms) seem to be dropping like flies! I discovered Ewa via a music station via the 'Hotbird' satellite, it would seem as if channels on this Satellite are going from Satellite and moving, and taking more of an online presence (much like Virgin TV have done previously), etc. It's not the first lot to go, and it's certainly not going to be the last, but it's another one gone, another one bitten the dust. Having a dedicated Satellite system simply to find music is becoming that much more pointless month by month.

It's becoming harder in the UK to find good/decent music, and harder still for the artists to be discovered/promoted. Yes, online is the way it is going, yes, it's also cheaper...but online it's harder to find anything as their is SO much stuff out there of varying quality - this is why EFUK is so important - it's helping other likeminded people from the UK engage with good music again and with other fans, while also giving a place to find Ewa stuff.

As more and more TV music stations fall, it's more important for the music sites to be there to fill a gap, some how. While there are still some on there, the one I found Ewa on has gone, and that's sad - I think the TV/Music companies have this wrong. What will they do when YouTube and whatever online services have had their day? How are artists to get their song out-there to new fans? I discovered about 80% of my favourite music/artists via TV stations and I know I'm not the only one. As artists like Ewa move to genres less favoured by the pop market, they need all the promotion they can get - this move by TV stations is another reason why artists aren't selling records, tickets or getting their music heard and thus record labels give up when it all fails. I dread this happening. I'm certainly not giving in, actually it drives me on to do more as people need to hear good music again - the UK is flooded with junk music/ TV music stations.

Ewa & artists like her need their message spreading further across the world -  that they write and produce good music (there isn't enough of it around these days!)

So, I end this blog post with the first song I ever heard of Ewa's La La Laj -

If anyone ever discovers a new outlet/channel for good, Polish, Czech (or anywhere non-english speaking actually) music, let us know and we'll get the word out.


Thursday, 9 April 2015


The final cover art for Ewa's new CD/DVD Live acoustic album has been released for the Czech/Slovak market.
Release date is planned for sometime later in April.
Pre orders are available from the usual Czech and Slovak retailers.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


The promo video for the new Czech language song is here at last.
And very good it is to.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

An Ewa App Available On The iTunes App Store!?!

While this is a bit of a strange App to be available, (though, it has been available for a short time now) you can have an Ewa Farna App on your phone in the UK... Which gives you 'easy' access to a lot of Ewa stuff from some kind of 'official' sources things like photos, Videos, Bio, Discography, Tours and bits and bobs like that...It's got a lot of archive and history stuff, and with some of Ewa's stunning photos there to see - it's still pretty cool that an App like this of Ewa is available for free - another way to geek-out on Ewa during the day. Sadly it's not particularly in English, however it's really easy to figure out.

I'm yet to see a full 'purpose' for it, especially some of it's features, but hopefully it'll be updated with more features and uses. It's something I found by accident, I know it's available for the iPhone, I have no idea if it is available on other platforms? (please let us know!) I'm unsure of how officially/unofficially connected it is. I like the idea of a dedicated Ewa App for speed and actual real-time Ewa just has to be used right, it's great to have, even if the 'why' is still illusive to me...I'm not sure why Ewa's team haven't got this one perfect yet. Find the link below to check it out.


Monday, 26 January 2015


A selection of tour dates for April in the Czech Republic and Slovakia have been finalised.
Rumours are that there will be further dates added to this list and probably some for Poland in the summer.
No news yet of any further afield so far for 2015.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Leporelo On UK iTunes...A New Perspective...

In my first post, (Yay!) I thought I'd say hello to all the followers of EFUK, and say I'm really really excited to dive in and contribute, and thank you to everyone at EFUK for this!

One of the interesting things that music downloads have done to the world of music is that it has allowed music from all around the world to become easier to find, although it may lack the physical presence and quality of a CD, it still means that the music can be heard. In the last few years for me finding Polish/Czech music has been getting easier - but it seems it's not well known yet!

So, although for some reason finding Ewa's actual CDs here in the UK isn't that easy, finding her music is actually quite simple these days. At least, on iTunes it can be bought quite easily and simply - which is rather nice as it is way more cost effective than the worry and cost of shipping a CD hundreds of miles! I thought I'd post the link for Leporelo below, so that for those that don't know it is available on iTunes/don't have it yet to get it right away, and post just a few of my thoughts about Leporelo/(w)Inna.

I bought (W)Inna the second I could get it, I was so excited to get it, and I very much like it, it's still Ewa but a more 'modern' vibe to it, and still sounding pop. I listened to this so much! Then enter 'Leporelo', when I first heard it, and this new version of it, I was so pleased as it sounded much more refined, more pop, along with (imo) a music video that felt more like Ewa, it had a better mix/feel. 'Tajna Misja'/'Z Nalezu a Kras' for example, the latter I've found I've played more, weird but true.

This can be said for the majority of the album too - however, one that the opposite can be said about is 'Z Napisami' (my personal favourite on (w)Inna) with a stunning hook - is really brought out on (w)Inna. Though, I never have understood the need for the dubstep-esq breakdowns! I have always seen Ewa as someone who does it for the music, fans and songs not to just sell records like so many today. The one thing that comes through is that Ewa looks to be having fun with it, but I'm hoping the roots are still there, real instruments and songs can still be a part in future albums too.

I may be a little bias, however for any Ewa fan, both these albums are worth getting however you can, while I prefer physical media, sometimes having it right away (and being affordable) is important for those "must haves". It's great that the two albums are done to cater for both markets. The links are below for the UK iTunes for those that didn't know they were available on there, I am aware of those who didn't know music from other territories was available on the UK iTunes, so, here it is. If anyone needs the links for any other of the online retailers with the albums available please let us know and we'll get them is available on Amazon MP3 UK too.

Anyway, I digress. Not all my posts will be long but I thought I'd get things started with something like this. I hope you like what is to come.

The UK iTunes links
Leporelo -
(W)Inna -
All Ewa on iTunes UK -


Thursday, 15 January 2015


EFUK would like to welcome Paul Murray as a new contributor here.
Paul is a 29 old sound/studio engineer and groundsman from Newcastle upon Tyne in England.
He's been a fan of Ewa since first hearing La La Laj.
He's a big music fan generally but prefers rock/pop. He's also an audio and movie buff as well as a multi instrumentalist.
We all wish Paul every happiness with us and hope that his stay is a long one.
On a personal level, it's great that we now have someone else from the UK and hope that Paul's input can help to spread the word further across the UK and beyond.

Monday, 5 January 2015


I have a confession to make.
I'm confused (although i confuse easily).
It seems to me that Ewa was several places at once on New Years Eve?
I've tried to sort out all the different appearances she made on the day and have admitted defeat.
I've really not much of an idea of which performances where live or which were pre recorded. There's just so many of them.  It also seems that as soon as footage is uploaded to Youtube it is being taken down again by one or another of the broadcasting stations in both Poland and the Czech Republic.

Anyway, after that pathetic excuse here's Leporelo from somewhere in the Cze.
There's lots more out there but the point of linking all the performances to EFUK only to have them taken down minutes afterwards defeats the purpose somewhat.

I also don't have much of an idea where everything was recorded.
So there you have it.
EFUK...where the latest news is usually wrong and never on time.
Roll on 2015 for more of the same :-)