Friday, 14 September 2012


I'm happy to admit that sometimes i take things way to seriously both in general and in particular with anything that concerns this Blog.  I get frustrated easily.  Usually about twice a week i'm ready to close it down because i'm well aware of my failings and my almost total inability to make it what i want it to be.

It's not for any selfish reasons.  This Blog is about Ewa not about me and it want it to be the best it can be for her.  It's never going to look good.  There's never going to be any fancy Flash intro's.  But for what it is and it's purpose i'll always strive to give it 100%.

I received an email from a German gentleman recently which raised some points that i think need addressed. I've replied to him personally already but some of that reply needs repeating.

In the email he asked two questions.  Firstly, he wanted to know why i hadn't given any prior notice of the two most recent Fan meets.  Secondly, he enquired as to where he might get one of the T-Shirts from the 'International' event.

Let me explain how it works here. This Blog now consists of just myself and Paulina.  Unfortunately, both Benjy and Criss have been inactive for quite some time. I have asked several times for other contributors to come along and help out but no one has volunteered.  As i have explained before i don't speak or understand Czech or Polish which, as i'm sure you can imagine, is an enormous disadvantage in trying to maintain this Blog.

Normally several times per week i trawl through various different fan sites in an attempt to keep up to date with current events in Farna World.  With Google Translate as my only friend a lot of the times i am none the wiser even after translating something several times.  At times, i can fall a little behind due to other commitments.

I didn't post about the recent fan meets because i didn't know that they were taking place.  The Czech meet i first heard about when i read Paulina's post.  The 'International' meet i heard about approx 6 hours before it was due to begin. The message being that i can't (now or ever) report about things i know nothing about.  It's impossible.

So, would i have attended if i had known?  It's a possibility.  It would have given me the perfect opportunity to meet some people and to develop some contacts.  Alas, hindsight is a wonderful thing?

As for the T-Shirts.  I've no idea i'm afraid.  Wouldn't have minded having one myself to be honest.

The conclusion really is up to you?  If you see something or hear of something either contact myself (English) or Paulina (Polish or English).  Email or leave a comment?  We are nearing 10k views now and only have 5 members.....join, take'd be more than welcome.  The FB page has been an enormous disapointment.
Use it?

You know it makes sense?

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