Thursday, 5 February 2015

An Ewa App Available On The iTunes App Store!?!

While this is a bit of a strange App to be available, (though, it has been available for a short time now) you can have an Ewa Farna App on your phone in the UK... Which gives you 'easy' access to a lot of Ewa stuff from some kind of 'official' sources things like photos, Videos, Bio, Discography, Tours and bits and bobs like that...It's got a lot of archive and history stuff, and with some of Ewa's stunning photos there to see - it's still pretty cool that an App like this of Ewa is available for free - another way to geek-out on Ewa during the day. Sadly it's not particularly in English, however it's really easy to figure out.

I'm yet to see a full 'purpose' for it, especially some of it's features, but hopefully it'll be updated with more features and uses. It's something I found by accident, I know it's available for the iPhone, I have no idea if it is available on other platforms? (please let us know!) I'm unsure of how officially/unofficially connected it is. I like the idea of a dedicated Ewa App for speed and actual real-time Ewa just has to be used right, it's great to have, even if the 'why' is still illusive to me...I'm not sure why Ewa's team haven't got this one perfect yet. Find the link below to check it out.