Friday, 23 March 2012

Last concert before graduation

Hey, so exactly two weeks ago (I know that I'm a bit late) Ewa performed concert in Świdnica which was her last concert!! No, no don't be afraid last until June when she'll be after her final high school exams and after exams for college. I don't want you to be jealous but to be honest it was amazing! Ewa rarely perform now and her voice sound fresh, rested. She was in great mood either, what you can partly see on pics and videos below. What was extraordinary is that show was on roof of shopping mall. It was second Ewa's concert on roof but this time organisation left much to be desired e.g. not all of fans can enter the roof because of ridiculous limits and the crowd was about 10-15 meters from stage (except of V.I.Ps - even don't know who they were... kids as VIP? no thanks!). Concert setlist was a bit different because of cold weather - pianist Honza literally can't play e.g. song Deszcz but forgive me I don't really remember all of performed songs. This show was special because of one more thing. Ewa's private tv had first anniversary so at "Nie przegap" ef24 reporter was on stage with camera (still waiting for report from Świdnica - hurry up guys ;))..then Ewa took that camera from him, go to the crowd and filmed us.
Unfortunately one incident is connected with that show. You should know that because that's the reason why Ewa have a break with posting on facebook till graduation or longer.. After concert Ewa came to fans, as always, and obviously she spent a bit more time with us, guys who are at most of shows and she know us. Somebody filmed it and put into you probably know/saw on facebook jealous fans (which weren't on any show!) started to hating Ewa, fans and so on.. So she decided to have that break.

Oh, and speaking "last concert before graduation" we still aren't sure if show 28.04.2012 in Triniec, CR will take a place or if it is only rumour but we all hope for that show :)

All of photos from Świdnica which you can find in web (or even more :)) are here,swidnica

..and some best videos:
 "Nie przegap" with EF24 reporter and Ewa in crowd :)

Ewa having fun on "Śmiej się" + drum solo

 and at the end part of "La la laj" whit great, great reggae intro + disco polo and opera part :)

 So...that's all :) Enjoy!


Or be careful what you wish for?

When i first started this adventure my main aim was (and still is) to share what i'd discovered in this amazing young woman with others.
Do i think that Ewa has the talent, looks and personality to be a Worldwide Superstar?
Absolutely.  I've never doubted it for a second.
Do i want Ewa to be a Worldwide Superstar?
No i don't.
Let me explain.
A few nights ago a few of us were having a short discussion over at the Facebook Group page -
It was only a short time since i'd been contacted by Elena from and i my excitement meter was running overtime.  I had an idea to try and locate any other sites outside of Poland and the Czech Republic just to discover the level of Fandom outside of Ewa's immediate fanbase.  After that i had the idea of perhaps contacting them in an attempt to try and form some sort of loose coalition of groups, blogs and fansites.
Then El Vis said something that totally changed my mind and attitude towards any such venture.
What would happen to Ewa should she suddenly be thrust into Worldwide attention and potential stardom?
Would it change her?  Would the fun loving, 'girl next door' disappear in an endless round of shows, albums, appearances and tabloid rumours?
The answer is unfortunately yes.
She enjoys what she is doing.  It's obvious.  She does what she wants, when she wants and at her own pace. Anything more and there is the strong probability that that 'specialness' that she has would change and that change would not be a positive one.
She's 'my' Ewa and 'your' Ewa.  Let's keep it that way.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Ewa posted some niew pics on her facebook profile a few nights ago.
One word springs to mind?

Thursday, 8 March 2012


On 23/02/2012 Ewa came away with 3 trophies at the annual Viva Comet Awards Ceremony.
She was nominated for 4 but lost out in 1 category.
Ewa came out on top in the following sections -
1. Best on Viva TV
2. Best Female Artist
3. Best Ring Tone
The event took place in Warsaw in Poland and i'm reliably informed that these awards are a fairly 'big deal' in Poland, so many congratulations from all here at Ewa Farna UK!
There was a very vigorous voting campaign that went on in places like Facebook and this, no doubt, helped to gain a fantastic result.
Ewa performed Nie Przegap at the event.
Video and some pictures below.

Monday, 5 March 2012

First time!

Hello! I feel obligated to say hi to you, especially after that nice introduction that Kenny made, thank you once again. So "HI" I'm Paulina and I hope that you'll like my posts.

Instead of  long welcoming words here is video of Ewa singing "Sleeping in my car" by Roxette .. and that was first time I heard Ewa speaking/singing English!



The worldwide popularity of 'our girl' continues to grow.
I've just been told about a fansite that exists in Russia, which you can view here -

It's a fantastic, well written and designed site.


I would like to officially welcome Paulina Rak as a contributor to the site.
Paulina is from Opole in Poland and is studying Economics at Opole University.
She also runs the Ewa photo repository over at -
I hope her stay will be a very long and happy one.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ewa with Toxique

Ewa recently took part in music video for new single of Czech band Toxique. Needless to say, I hereby present you the result of this colaboration. Enjoy!

A bit strange,huh?
Ewa comment, when asked what are those sheep replied:

Sheep are a methapor to girls, a bit satiric, that some people are like clots;-)* and that it's untypical look at the party and not classical bottom shaking like it's in every clip about party
*male sheep and clot is one word in Polish; grammar reflects actual Ewa post ;)