Wednesday, 22 April 2015

About Acoustic Tour

Hey All!
I wanted to write a short report from the Trinec show (my first on this tour and my first for several looong months) but after reading some totally different opinions about the new versions of some songs I decided to take my opportunity to join in that discussion.

First thing is that all Ewa's fans who have never been on an " acoustic style" tour, is that those shows are some of the best prepared in Ewa's career. Most of you can ask what about eg. "Bliz ke hvezdam" - Ewa's first tour... well it's similar but not the same. Everyone is still talking about when Farna became "adult" etc. I think that those are empty words.. like so what she turned 18 and even 21?  Age is just a number! (wait until your 50 Paulina....ed) But this Trinec show convinced me. She is now much more mature and we saw this not only in the professional organisation, her confidence on stage, but mostly in the emotions she showed us on stage. I don't want to write here about her most emotive song "Przepraszam"/"Sorry" because I know for most fans and for Ewa of course it is a difficult one and to be honest I'm not sure if it should be performed on tour?

The emotions I want to talk about are less obvious. I mean, Ewa totally cares about the band, about what's happening on stage and ... in the audience! I got the impression that she is more aware now of everything around her and at the same time gave everything to the songs and is just having fun. Only a more mature performer can balance all those different aspects perfectly.

Another thing about the new arrangements. They are really impressive! I know that some people (even one of EFUK members!:)) have different opinions. I have always liked some acoustic-jazzy variations and it is really nice to hear how Ewa and the band have fun playing old songs and at the same time enjoying the music and improvising? Um and one more thing - new guitarist Lukas Chromek is amazing, good that he had few solos ;)

To finish... if it's impossible for you to be at any of shows from current tour at least please check CD/DVD "G2 acoustic stage" recorded for Czech TV Ocko and try to understand and feel the new arrangements ;)

Pics from Trinec here - Ewa Farna's Gallery
Most of songs from Trinec here - MagdaaTV


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