Thursday, 22 January 2015

Leporelo On UK iTunes...A New Perspective...

In my first post, (Yay!) I thought I'd say hello to all the followers of EFUK, and say I'm really really excited to dive in and contribute, and thank you to everyone at EFUK for this!

One of the interesting things that music downloads have done to the world of music is that it has allowed music from all around the world to become easier to find, although it may lack the physical presence and quality of a CD, it still means that the music can be heard. In the last few years for me finding Polish/Czech music has been getting easier - but it seems it's not well known yet!

So, although for some reason finding Ewa's actual CDs here in the UK isn't that easy, finding her music is actually quite simple these days. At least, on iTunes it can be bought quite easily and simply - which is rather nice as it is way more cost effective than the worry and cost of shipping a CD hundreds of miles! I thought I'd post the link for Leporelo below, so that for those that don't know it is available on iTunes/don't have it yet to get it right away, and post just a few of my thoughts about Leporelo/(w)Inna.

I bought (W)Inna the second I could get it, I was so excited to get it, and I very much like it, it's still Ewa but a more 'modern' vibe to it, and still sounding pop. I listened to this so much! Then enter 'Leporelo', when I first heard it, and this new version of it, I was so pleased as it sounded much more refined, more pop, along with (imo) a music video that felt more like Ewa, it had a better mix/feel. 'Tajna Misja'/'Z Nalezu a Kras' for example, the latter I've found I've played more, weird but true.

This can be said for the majority of the album too - however, one that the opposite can be said about is 'Z Napisami' (my personal favourite on (w)Inna) with a stunning hook - is really brought out on (w)Inna. Though, I never have understood the need for the dubstep-esq breakdowns! I have always seen Ewa as someone who does it for the music, fans and songs not to just sell records like so many today. The one thing that comes through is that Ewa looks to be having fun with it, but I'm hoping the roots are still there, real instruments and songs can still be a part in future albums too.

I may be a little bias, however for any Ewa fan, both these albums are worth getting however you can, while I prefer physical media, sometimes having it right away (and being affordable) is important for those "must haves". It's great that the two albums are done to cater for both markets. The links are below for the UK iTunes for those that didn't know they were available on there, I am aware of those who didn't know music from other territories was available on the UK iTunes, so, here it is. If anyone needs the links for any other of the online retailers with the albums available please let us know and we'll get them is available on Amazon MP3 UK too.

Anyway, I digress. Not all my posts will be long but I thought I'd get things started with something like this. I hope you like what is to come.

The UK iTunes links
Leporelo -
(W)Inna -
All Ewa on iTunes UK -


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