Tuesday, 28 July 2015


News has just reached us that Ewa is once again scheduled to play here in the UK.
Details are pretty scarce at the moment and unconfirmed officially, however, from what has been released so far it will be as support to Polish band Kombii at the Indigo Club in London.

I believe the Indigo Club is a part of the O2 complex in Canary Wharf (The former Millennium Dome).  Proposed date is Friday 13th November 2015 with a 6pm start.  It appears that tickets are not yet available and you should keep checking the O2 website for further information.

Obviously this is fantastic news for us here in the UK especially after the previous aborted dates for here.  Even at this early stage if there is any way we can help anyone who is intending to travel we will be happy to do so.
Fingers crossed that it WILL actually happen this time.

This is all we have at the moment -


More updates and news as soon as we know more.

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