Sunday, 18 October 2015


Ewa's latest single 'Tu' from her forthcoming Album is out now to buy!!

It premiered this week on Radio Eska, but it is available to listen to and buy in various places!

You can listen to the single on Ewa's YouTube Channel -

Spotify users can also listen to the song on Spotify -

And you can buy 'Tu' right now in the UK on iTunes Link provided below -

Sadly this song isn't available on Amazon UK yet, but I'm sure in time it will be.

It's actually really quite good, and not as 'jazz' as people may have been lead to think, it seems to be getting some good reviews! Presumably, Ewa will be performing this song when she appears in London in November this year?

This is the new album cover, which is apparently going to be 2 discs.

Don't forget, tickets are available for Ewa in London UK on 13th November 2015 at Indigo at 02 -


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