Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Poster released for Ewa's forthcoming date in London on 13/11/15.
One or two people have asked will we be attending?
I'm not sure about Paul but for me it's pretty unlikely for the following reasons -

London is a very expensive city for me to get to and to stay in from Belfast.  I could spend about a fortnight in Poland for the same cost as 2 nights in London.

I'm a little concerned that it won't actually happen.  Dates have been announced here in the UK before and cancelled at very late notice.

It hasn't yet been stated if it's going to be a 'normal' performance or a 'Jazz' show?  I've made my feelings about Ewa's Jazz direction perfectly clear on many previous occasions. I don't get it and i don't like it.  I wouldn't want to spend a considerable amount of money getting to London only to be disappointed. 

I may change my mind but at the minute it's a no.

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