Thursday, 22 October 2015


Been a lot of talk about this video so far.  And yes I'm going to be controversial again.
I don't really know what the story behind it is but it's apparently a cover of a song called 'It's all about the bass' which was originally recorded by someone I've never heard tell of.

Before i go on...i do like it.  It's amusing and cleverly done.
However, i think it could backfire on Ewa?  It's clearly having a 'pop' at the elements of the gutter press who have nothing better to do than to comment of Ewa's weight and general look.

I think possibly what Ewa fails to acknowledge is that fans don't really care about what these sorts of people say.  They (we) tend to treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Plus all this will do is to draw attention to the fact that it's upsetting her enough that she's gone to the trouble of making this video to prove a point?
In my experience the best thing to do with haters/ trolls (or whatever you wish to call them) is to ignore them.  They want a response and she's, unfortunately, given them exactly what they want.

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again but no one, especially a young girl,  likes for anyone to comment on their appearance and weight. Especially if those comments are nasty and hurtful. Ewa can pretend all she wants that it's not affecting her but it clearly is.

Best ignore them and they'll eventually go away and pick on someone else methinks.


  1. Hi - I linked over from your great song link at ATW. The original is by Megyn Trainor:

    It's not serious but on the other hand, it is kind of serious. What's happening in the US is that alot of people are saying "no more" to the photoshop trend in magazines which makes stars thinner then they are in real life. Some people are just sick and tired of magazine photoshopping in the US - making female stars skinnier then they are in real life.

    1. Thanks. Usually people just completely ignore my blatant plugs on ATW! It's a difficult one? Poor Ewa get's a very hard time from the press in Central Europe. They tend to forget that she is a singer and not a model? Some of the comments have been particularly cruel and unfair lately although in the past Ewa has been the victim of some pretty severe 'airbrushing' too. I'm caught between whether or not it's a good thing to confront it or whether ignoring it is the right response? Who knows? It can't be pleasant for her or for anyone in the limelight that it happens to. It's the nature of the beast unfortunately? Appreciate you taking the time to comment.