Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Your Favourite Ewa Farna album?

As the UK goes to the Polls tomorrow, I thought we'd have our own worthwhile poll here at EFUK!

  • Which is your favourite official Ewa Farna album?

So, it's that simple! Simply post just the title name of your favourite official Ewa album in the comments section on here below (or in the EFUK Facebook page post if you like) 'vote' until next Wednesday evening to give everyone time to think about it/see this post - then we'll announce the favourite Ewa album once all the votes have been counted on the Thursday!

Well... I say it's 'simple', but Ewa has done so many amazing albums, choosing just one is not going to be easy!

Come ye come all! Let's see which album comes out on top, and support! :)



  1. EFUK Favourite Album Poll Results - So, from the cast votes (post here and on the Facebook page) for this week’s Poll on the favourite Ewa album we have, in First place Ewakuacja! Second place goes to Virtualni & Third place goes to (W)INNA Cz/Pl. Thank you so much to those few who have voted and hopefully more votes will come in next time!! But we have the Winner! Ewakuacja - iTunes link for the album below! :)