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Hi EFUK fans!

It’s officially a month until Ewa comes the UK to perform in London!... On November 13th 2015.

Yes, EWA FARNA... IN LONDON... IN A MONTH!! Are you as excited as us? :)

Well, for those fans going to see her perform that don’t know London, or anything about where she’s playing, or even what’s around the venue we thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post for specifically this - giving you as much information as possible for those traveling to the event! (We post this as fans of Ewa going to the event, as helpful tips, we are not affiliated with this event in any way)

The Location of the Event
Ewa is performing at a venue which is called Indigo at the 02 Arena Which is inside this amazing ‘dome’ building (formerly known as the Millennium Dome) It is a very impressive structure based in South-East London by the River Thames! (http://www.theo2.co.uk)

The 02 Arena London venue has two venues within it, the big main venue ’02 arena’, and the smaller staged venue which is ‘Indigo’, and it is the smaller stage ‘indigo’ that Ewa will be performing on 13th November 2015.

The Address of the venue is
Indigo at The 02
Millennium Way,
Peninsula Square
United Kingdom 
SE10 0DX

Within the 02 Arena 'Complex' Itself
This is quite a unique building, the main venue is essentially in the centre of the circular building, and the smaller venue ‘indigo’ is off to one side of this however, around the outside ring of the inside of the ‘dome’ structure is many indoor restaurants, shops and things to do.  

The restaurants cater for many kinds of food, ranging from snacks to full meals and deserts! Food and drink inside in VERY expensive! Drinks in the venue specifically are VERY expensive. Staff within the complex are friendly and helpful - if you need assistance ask them as they will help you. Security at this venue complex is high, as it is a flagship venue in London - it hosts major artists and the worlds biggest bands an events all the time. Ewa is in the smaller venue called Indigo within the large building known as the '02', or sometimes the ’02 arena’. It is a big building.

Just outside the main doors to the 02 Arena venue there are many Shops, Bars, Restaurants and ATM Machines. The food is good, and the bars are stereotypical of bars in the London area, not cheap but good places to go. 

However, the London Tube (London’s Metro Train service) is very efficient and can be used to get you in and out of main London. This area is relatively safe, as with so many people around you - often fans, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. It is an area in London you go to specifically for events. 

Inner London itself isn’t far away & is very accessible via the Tube trains. It is a fantastic place to visit while your in the area! Shops, Historical places, Monuments, Museums and Royalty just to name a few! But London is a busy city with lots of tourists, business people, cars and attractions so leave extra time for travelling.

As with any major city, remember to stay safe and keep your belongings safe.

There are a few options available for hotels, depending on your price range - The closest hotel is just near by - is a very expensive hotel called the Radisson Blu - this is a nice hotel, but if you’re on a budget possibly not worth it. It is a couple of minute walk away, but too expensive to be viable.

There are two ‘Holiday Inn’ Hotels near the venue, within around 10 minutes walking distance of the venue and safe enough to walk back to after the event, especially with the crowds of fans - There are ‘Holiday Inn Express London Royal’, and the ‘Holiday Inn Express London Greenwich’. There is also a slightly more expensive hotel called the ‘Crowne Plaza’ hotel (http://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/gb/en/london/lonxl/hoteldetail) a little further away also, at a higher price again. 

Expect to pay a minimum of over £100 per night for any hotel near by or in London.

I recommend the Holiday Inn London Greenwich - it is about 10 minute walk away from the venue, easily found as it’s situated down the main road from the venue, and is about £120 a night with breakfast (depending on when and where you book). I go to the 02 a lot and stay in this hotel every time, it’s a good hotel, not too costly, clean, simple but with everything you need, with a good breakfast and friendly staff and only a short walk away from the venue and tube station.(http://www.expressgreenwich.co.uk)

You still have time to book your hotels and travel!

Getting There by Tube from Inner London/Kings Cross/Airport
The Tube station closest to the 02 venue is 'North Greenwich' station. From Central London it takes around 20 minutes to get there and bit longer from Airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick. The tubes DO NOT run 24 hours a day in London however they do start very early in the morning and end a little after midnight each day. - It is often best to have a hotel close-by if you don’t know London too well as it can get busy and navigating the Tube can be complex. Closest station Information  - https://tfl.gov.uk/tube/stop/940GZZLUNGW/north-greenwich-underground-station 

Make sure you leave extra time for travelling around. The tube is reliable and prompt and to use the tube you need a ticket, or an Oyster Card which is a Pay-As-You-Go swipe-able card purchasable from Tube ticket machines and travel information. 
Buses in London require Oyster Cards/Cards and most buses do not use coins anymore.

Getting There by Taxi
London Taxi’s are quite expensive, yet very efficient at non-peak times. However, the cost can be upto £40 (minus tip) to get to the 02 venue from central London!! Taxi drivers in London are generally friendly and often have a good sense of humour!

By Car
It is possible to park at the 02 at the car park(s) close by, if you have a car. Often it is better to leave it at the hotel and walk/use the tube as driving around this area/London can be a challenge/expensive even for people who live there. The nearby car parks get very busy.

London travel information and journey planner is available here - https://tfl.gov.uk 

Weather in London
The weather in the UK can vary from Sunny to cold to rain quite quickly. So, plan your clothing accordingly and keep watching the weather forecasts. November in the UK isn’t a warm month - it’s often wet and cool. 

Event Information
At this point in time the doors open to the venue inside the main complex at 6pm UK time - however the 02 Arena complex itself opens early to allow you to use the resultants and bars inside. It is on a Friday night so traffic will be heavy in London at peak times. Usually the events end at somewhere between 10:45 and 11:30pm depending on the event.

It is understood that Ewa is the support artist for Kombii, a Pop/Rock artist from Poland. It is unknown if Ewa is bringing her whole band & staging to the UK, or even what genre she will be performing? Pop/Rock or Jazz/Acoustic. Official Merchandise will hopefully be available from within the Indigo Venue. While the last time we heard Ewa was coming to the UK it was cancelled before it even happened there is no sign of this happening so far, and 02 is a very good venue so at this stage it is unlikely to be cancelled and is going ahead as planned. But we will inform you accordingly.

(And just a quick foot note - we at EFUK are not affiliated nor responsible for this event in any way, we are are fans and simply going to this event as UK fans of Ewa, we have nothing to do with this event in anyway, nor any contact with the organisers or management)

In this venue you are not allowed DSLR style cameras, however it is usually ok to take in small to medium sized compact Cameras and phone cameras are fine. 

If you don’t yet have a ticket they are still available from here - 
Prices are between £30 & £40 depending on seating position.

I hope I have covered as much as possible here, (I am going to the event, we are unsure if any of the others of EFUK are at this time) we hope to see EFUK fans and everyone there having a great time, we will keep EFUK updated with information as we find out and hopefully share some of the event with you! Make sure you bring your ticket and somehow display your an EFUK follower! :)

We hope to see you there - if you are a member of EFUK and if you wish, let us know you are going to this Ewa-tastic event! :)


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