Thursday, 27 June 2013


Here at EFUK we do our very best to try and promote Ewa in any way we can here in the United Kingdom.
I read this yesterday from a very recent interview with Peter Gabriel....

'I do hope that the whole 'world music' thing disappears, and artists, wherever they are born, whatever language they sing in, if they're making interesting music, they deserve to be heard'

Interesting words and i agree 100%.
I took a few minutes today and sent a lengthy email to him with details about Ewa and links to some videos and such.
It's doubtful whether or not he actually reads it but you never know?
Here's a link to his official website.....

Now if a few of us also send him Ewa's details he might just sit up and take some notice?
And here's the video for Games Without Frontiers....cause i kind of like it :-)

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