Friday, 1 November 2013


Disclaimer - Please note that this review represents MY opinion only.  It does not necessarily speak for the rest of the admin staff on EFUK.

This review is one of the hardest things i've ever had to write.  I've thought long and hard about actually writing it but in the end i believe that it is best to be honest and i fully realise that many who read it will disagree strongly on my views of the album.

I'm a firm believer in the old adage of 'Why try to fix something that isn't actually broken'?  To say that i'm not happy with the album would be a bit of an understatement.  I'm really confused about just what Ewa is trying to say with it?  I've read quite a few reviews already who's writers have praised Ewa for trying to do something different with it and i respect those opinions.  But i don't agree with them.  There are some great songs on it but there are others with just illicit my response of WTF!

Please also be aware that i can't comment on the lyrics for the obvious reason that i don't understand them.

The cover and inserts are fantastic and quite lavish. It's a full Digipak fold out sleeve and the lyric booklet has some really great pictures in it.  Good job all around. Very impressive.

First time that a Polish language version has been released prior to the Czech language version.

Anyway i'll do a track by track review -

1. ZNAK - The fist track we got to hear a few months ago and the first 'single' release.  It's a reasonably up tempo track which for me is ruined somewhat by the introduction of a brass section and the pointless 'scratching' part at the start of the song.  I wasn't all that keen on it when i first heard it but i have gotten used to it now.  It's never going to be one of my favourite tracks but it's ok.

2.  TAJNA MISJA - Love it.  My favourite track on the album.  Ewa doing what Ewa does best.  A pop song.  Nothing more nothing less and a good one at that.  It has 'HIT' written all over it.

3.  ULUBIONA RZECZ - The second single and a track that Ewa and the guys have played live now and again.  First heard at the fan meet i believe.  Not for me at all unfortunately.  It has a sort of 'funk' sound to it?  Lot's of slap bass and a bit of a 'jazzy' type undertone.  For me a bizarre choice as a 'single' but it seems to popular so it appears that others do like it.  Not me i'm afraid.  I'm skipping it on the CD already.

4.  PRZEPRASZAM - Nice piano and strings led ballad.  I think this one will be popular live and could take over from Dest as a possible show closer in the future?

5.  NIE W PORE - Awful track.  It starts reasonably well and is soft and acoustic but quickly descends into Jazz.  Ends with a over long Jazz instrumental.  No 'Rock Chick' Ewa here at all.

6.  KTOS Z NAMI KRECI - Don't quite know what to make of this track?  It's like 2 different songs in one.  Difficult one to categorise.  Starts off with more horrible 'funk' sounds that lead into a heavy guitar based chorus.  A curious fusion of styles that doesn't really work that well.

7.  DAJ MI ZYC - Another great pop/rock song.  Up there with Tajna Misja as my favourite from the album.  Typical Ewa as we know and love her.

8. Z NAPISAMI - Things are looking up!  Another good one.  Not as strong as (7) but pretty good nonetheless.  Uptempo pop/rock.

9. MAMO - Breathtakingly lovely piano and strings led ballad.  Lovely stuff with a really strong vocal.  A gem.  She'll be playing this one for years to come.

10.  RUTYNA -  One of the album's WTF moments for me?  This one seems to very popular on some of the reviews i've read.  I've no idea why.  It's awful.  I can't say what genre it is because i don't know but it's not for me at all.  The chances of me ever listening to it again are pretty slim.

11.  PORADNIK DLA POCZATKUJACYCH -  The one with the most unpronounceable word in the title and another one that's difficult to describe?  It's a bit like (6).  Bizarre spoken parts and a heavy guitar chorus.  Another one that's a curious mix up of styles that doesn't really work.

12.  TU BI KONTINIUT -  I can translate this one.  It's easy!  It's in English!  Unfortunately that's all that i can say about that's even remotely positive.  It's another Jazz song.  I don't like Jazz.  I don't like this...sorry.

So there you have it.  My review for what it's worth.
My main feelings are that of disappointment.  There are some great songs here but others just leave me cold i'm afraid.  It's no Chico or Ewakuacja that's for sure.  The weakest of her studio albums without a doubt.
Now, don't get me wrong.  I love Ewa.  She has changed my life is so many ways that i couldn't even begin to describe them but i just don't get some of this at all.

So should we be concerned?  I think, yes, but just a little.  Ewa found her popularity by being a pop/rock star NOT a Jazz singer.  She has stated in the past that she would like to release a Jazz album at some point in the future.  That's fine but do it and keep it away from her mainstream work.

It can maybe gain some respect for trying something a little bit different but i (and i expect many others) don't want something different?
As i said at the start of this review - 'WHY TRY TO FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN'T ACTUALLY BROKEN'?


  1. on 31.5.13 i wrote a comment about enjoying "ewa" songs even though
    i don't understand the language.
    it seems to me that i enjoy her polish sings much more than her czech songs.
    is it only my subjective opinion or what ?

    about the new album - my favorite is 7. DAJ MI ZYC

  2. Funnily enough i normally prefer the Czech versions? For no particular reason as i can't understand either. Probably because (before) WINNA Czech releases came first and i had the time to get used to them more. 7 is one of my favs too :-)