Sunday, 21 April 2013


Many years ago i worked with a guy called Graham.
Now Graham was one of the nicest blokes i have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I'm still in touch with him today.
One of the problems with Graham was that he could talk.  Once you got him started on something it was really difficult to shut him up!  He earned the name of the 'Cricket Bore'.  No matter how many times you told him that you had no interest whatsoever in Cricket he could talk about it (in great detail) for hour after hour after hour.

I think i have become the Ewa Farna Bore.
No matter who i have a conversation with these days i will find some sort of cunning way of including Ewa.
Strangers on the Bus, at the football, in the Hospital waiting name it, i've talked to some random stranger there about Ewa.

Yet some people are still not convinced about what a talented young lady she really is.  Most feedback i get is not great.  A lot are put off with 'language' thing.  Which is understandable.  It can be a huge hurdle for many to overcome.

And now this.

I was not a fan of the late Whitney Houston and i'm not a fan of this particular song but she nailed it.  The girl done good and i am immensely proud of her for this performance.
It's in English and will now give me the opportunity to link it to anyone i've bored over the years with that 'foreign' rubbish.

After this i can't imagine anyone will need convincing again.  


  1. hi, I'm really happy, because I found a british blog about the most wonderful singer! I think she's amazing and I fell in love in her many years ago. I'm sorry for my English, it's not my native language :)

    Greetings from Poland :)
    My fansite about her:

    1. Thanks for your positive comment Misty!
      Most up to date news is now on the Facebook page......You would be very welcome to come along and join us!

      Greetings from Belfast :-)

    2. hii there

      i live in israel.
      few weeks ago i searched the song "sleeping in my car" (roxette) and found this song performed by ewa farna.
      i listened to few of her songs in "youtube" and i can't stop.
      she is amazing. what a voice !!!!
      i think it doe'snt matter that most of her songs are in polish

    3. Shalom to you! I don't speak much Polish or Czech but it makes no difference to me either! You are most welcome to join us either here or on the Facebook page. Most up to date news is now on the FB page. Thanks for your comment!