Friday, 18 October 2013


Yesterday we heard the news that a 2nd single is on it's way from the new album.
Today we bring you the full version of it.  You can listen to it here -

So far, for me, it's a bit to 'funky' sounding?  I hoping that it will grow on me with more plays.  I wasn't all that keen on 'Znak' when i first heard it and i really like it all's good.

Opinion's anyone??

UPDATE - As ever please excuse my poor translation skills.  New song's actual title is 'Ulubiona rcecz' (and no i'm not even going to try to pronounce it!).  It translates as 'Favourite Thing'.


  1. Hello! I´m Ewa Czech fan and just now I´m going to translate her new song into English. I really love it, it´s much better than Znak, even though I didn´t like Znak at the first hearing and now I do, too. If you want, visit, I´ve translated more songs of her.

  2. That's great thanks :-)
    I'll add your site to our links later on.