Saturday, 1 June 2013


Once again EFUK is in urgent need of at least 1 more Contributor/Admin for both the main site and the Facebook page.

Paulina is kept busy with many other Ewa related tasks and my own poor health and very bad run with technical problems has meant that both locations are beginning to suffer a loss in both quantity and quality.

The person(s) should ideally be from the UK or have English as their first language.  Or if not should be fairly confident writing in English.  A knowledge of Czech and/or Polish would be an obvious big advantage.

I must stress that it does take a certain amount of commitment to what we are trying to achieve here.  Not only with reporting of recent happenings in Farnaworld but in forward thinking as to other items of interest, believing in the mission and setting us up for the future.

At the present time if no one does come forward there is every possibility that EFUK will have to be suspended and eventually closed down.  This is something that neither Paulina or I want to see happen.

If you do think you can help out please contact either of us via a comment here or preferably via the Facebook page.

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