Thursday, 27 June 2013


Sad times in Farnaworld as Ewa has announced a few days ago that drummer Lukas Pavlik will be leaving the band.
Lukas has been not only a very important member of the band but he also is the man who wrote Sama Sobe.
As a drummer myself i tend to take more notice of the drumming and believe me he is a good one. For the size of the kit he normally uses there is no way that i could reproduce his unique sound.
He is also a character and an entertainer and will be a substantial loss to the whole Farna experience.
For the time being he will be replaced by another Czech by the name of Roman Vicha who's personal website you can find here -

I sometimes feel that the band members don't get the recognition that they deserve. After all without them....??
All at EFUK would like to thank Lukas for his contribution and to wish him the best of luck for wherever his career takes him in the future.
The man in action...

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