Saturday, 21 December 2013

STORM IN A 'D' CUP......

'I'd rather be a pin-up girl than zero size'

Just for a change the video above is actually relevant to this post.  Have a listen to the lyrics.
On my daily trawl through the various Czech and Polish websites i fully admit that i find some of the articles depressing reading.  Not only depressing but some of them are downright scandalous in what they write.
Not a day goes by without some nonsense about poor Ewa's weight, her clothes, her hair and other totally irrelevant subjects.  A lot of them don't seem to give her a break even for a second. It's not fair but it's what the press do.  There appears to be a market for this sort of rubbish and if people didn't read it i suppose they wouldn't print it?  It's exactly the same here in the UK.

You might think that it's ok for them to do this?  I don't.  Yes, whilst we all realise that Ewa is a celebrity and as such should be used to this sort of thing  i think, it says something about ourselves as human beings that some want to actually read stories and articles like this.

It must affect and annoy her.  I can't imagine any young girl being impressed with some of the things that they write.
Ewa took her frustrations to Facebook a very nights ago and had this to say about her treatment by the press :-

'Moi drodzy.
Beda pisac, ze jestem otyla a moze jeszcze gorzej.
Beda pisac, ze wszystko dla pieniedzy.
Beda pisac, ze ubralam sie fatalnie.
Beda pisac o zdradach, portfelach, wadze, ustawkach i wszystkim, co interesuje ludzi, bo jest negatywne.
Chce Was na to uczulic, bo bedzie tego chyba jeszcze wiecej. Zdecydowalam sie wziac udzial jako juror X Factor.
Jestesmy przed podpisaniem umowy. I ciesze sie na przygode.

A wiec ufajmy sobie.
Interesujmy sie nowymi talentami a nie moja dupa;-).
(A mam w niej tyle spraw, ze nie pomiescily by sie w ciezarowce;-) )
Pozdrawiam i wypocznijcie, przed nami Swieta...

With Love

Google Translate is your friend :-)  
I don't, personally, think it was a good idea for her to post this.  I understand it, totally, but all it will do is show the elements in the press that write this rubbish that they are having an adverse effect on her?  They aren't going to stop no matter how much Ewa or you or I don't like it.  It may back fire on her and make things worse than they already are.  I hope it doesn't but i have my doubts.

A lot of the response to it appears to be directed at the Czech Press in particular but as an outsider i have found both the Czech and the Polish Press to be equally as guilty.

It's difficult to ignore but at the end of the day the people that count i.e. the fans couldn't care less about her weight.  We all have our opinions and i am as guilty as any other sometimes in being critical.  But being critical and horrible, hurtful personal remarks are entirely different things.

My only hope is that, as we approach 2014 that they rethink all their policies and give the girl a break.  Pick on someone else for a change.
She's a human being, with dignity and she hurts just like the rest of us.
You know it makes sense?

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