Monday, 25 March 2013


or do we?
Here at EFUK we don't receive all that many emails or messages.  Strangely enough whenever we do they always seem to be of the negative kind for some unknown reason?
Over the last few weeks we have had 3 emails.  All have been pretty unpleasant unfortunately.
The first one was of the usual 'Hey, your blog is shit' variety.  Which is fine if the individual concerned feels that way.  I have explained on many previous occasions that i know very little about web/blog design so the look of this blog is not going to change unless someone comes along to help to do that (which is pretty unlikely).  Besides it's the content NOT the look which matters as far as i am concerned.

The second 2 emails raised some different points altogether and the contents do need to be addressed.
They were both basically accusing us of 'stealing' their posts and infringing on their copyright.  Both accusations are incorrect for a number of reasons.
Most of what is posted here is found either on the internet, through word of mouth or shared from various Facebook pages.
Now SHARED is the important phrase here.
If you have a Facebook page and you allow sharing then you are giving anyone, any time and anywhere permission to use the material you have posted in any way that they want to. There is a simple solution.  If you don't want any one to use the material you have posted then it's a simple case of disabling the share facility within Facebook itself.
It's straightforward and takes around 10 seconds to achieve.  The moral is off course don't complain about someone sharing stuff that you have allowed them to share in the first place!
Other stories are taken directly from various Internet sites.  The vast majority of the Internet is in what is called  the Public Domain.  Sites/blogs like ourselves (and every other site out there!) are allowed to freely share and use what we find there.

Copyright is a different thing altogether.  The rules and regulations on copyright are very complicated and can differ from country to country but there are some basics that those who sent the emails seem to misunderstand.
Each individual on the planet earth is the holder of their own copyright.  To explain....if you ask me to let you take my photograph  it can be assumed that i have given you the permission to do so.  Therefore you can use that photograph.  If you take a photograph or video of me without my knowledge then you cannot use that photo or footage without my express authority.
What this means in very simple terms is this.  If you go to one of Ewa's concerts and you take some photographs or you take some some video footage (without Ewa's permission) you do NOT own the copyright to that footage or the photographs.  Ewa own's them.
Again as in the first point if you choose to share those images that is your decision but you do not under any circumstances own the copyright to them.
Neither, obviously, do you own the copyright for an image taken from a magazine or reproduced from somewhere else, either on line or elsewhere.
I hope all that makes sense?

My final point (you'll be happy to know :-)) is this.
We are all in this together.  We all wants what's best for Ewa.  We are all trying in our own way to do what we can to promote her in the most positive light possible.  We should be working together to achieve this.  A little cooperation costs nothing.
Fighting against each other, having the 'my blog is better than yours' mentality or sending emails which have no basis in fact are NOT the way forward and achieve nothing.
Here endeth the lesson.

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