Wednesday, 15 January 2014


At last i can finally confirm the news that we have all been waiting for for all these years.

She's coming to the UK!!
I couldn't be happier.  I never thought that she would come, ever, but i'm more than glad to say i was wrong.

I'll do my best to give as many details as i can.  I have contacted both the PL and the Cze Official sites for some more information but as per usual they have not responded.
There are 3 dates, so far, confirmed in the UK.

1. 13//02/2014 - Arista Bar, London, 9pm...ticket price is £20.

2.  14/02/2014 - The Better Half, Nottingham, 10pm....ticket price is £25.

This venue doesn't appear to have an Official site?

3.  15/02/2014 - Rumes Nightclub, Preston, 10pm.......ticket prices £20/£30.!__page-0/events

At the moment none of the venues have posted any details of the shows and i've checked numerous ticket agents but once again i can't find any details of where to purchase tickets.  Any further info i can find will be updated as soon as possible.

At the moment i can't confirm if she will be bringing the full band with her?  I expect she will but can't confirm.

So this is it....our opportunity to get out in force and support Ewa in the UK.  Finally.
Let's turn up in numbers and show her what she means to us.
I hope to attend the show in London and will provide a full report on it after the event.

I'll update when/if i receive any further confirmed details on the events.


  1. Hi
    I research and I done it I find all true information about this UK tour!!!
    1. This is website where we can bay tickets for all concerts
    2. This is fan-page on Facebook the organizer this tour
    and twitter
    3. 07714 591961 this number is from Facebook fan-page this club so its real, not some joke.
    And was not so hard find this information:) I bought ticket on Preston concert and I am so excites :)

    1. Many thanks Nicole.
      A lot of my problems happen because i can't read/speak or understand Czech or Polish.
      I've tried to find the information as best as i can but had no luck.
      At the moment it's pretty unlikely now that i'll be able to attend the show in London as it's a little late for me to make the arrangements to go unfortunately.