Tuesday, 21 January 2014


OK Folks..here goes.
Firstly i apologise for not really being able to find out a lot more info about the shows to share with you here but i've tried...believe me....i've tried!

I've still had no response from either EwaFarna.pl or EwaFarna.cz despite several enquires i've made to them for information.

Re: London......I've had no reply from the venue.  It's still not listed on the venue's site as a forthcoming event.  None of the ticket agents i tried around London have any knowledge of it.  I've still, therefore, got no idea of how, when or where to get tickets for it.

Re:  Nottingham...I have been able to find out a little about this one but not much.  The venue doesn't have a webpage but from their Facebook page it appears to be either a Polish themed cafe or a cafe that specialises in Polish food.  It doesn't appear to be a very large venue?  From what i can gather there are no tickets available for this one.  What you have to do is to give your name to a local hairdressers (and no i'm not making this up!).  Whether this guarantees you a place or not i don't know?

Re:  Preston.....Similar story to London i'm afraid.  The venue have not responded to me, the show is not listed on their (really hard to navigate) website so no further info is known at this point?

Generally i still don't know if it's the full band or just Ewa appearing at either or all of the shows.  I don't know if any/all are all age events or over 18's only.

There is a new poster (see above) and i can't understand at all why it's written in Polish?  Do the organisers really think that the casual passerby in London will see it and know what 'Kupno Biletow i informacje' means??  This is the opportunity for non Polish/Czech nationals to see Ewa in the UK so i would have thought it would have made sense to at least have the promotional material available in English?

At the moment it looks very likely that i will be unable to attend any of the shows which, for me, is hugely disappointing.  I don't know where to get a ticket so can't proceed to make any sort of arrangements to get to London unless i'm 100% sure that it's actually going to happen?

Before i forget, there is a telephone number on the above poster which i presume is for more information. I've tried to call the number numerous times.  It's either constantly engaged or no one answers??

It may sound like i'm a little frustrated?  That's because i am.  Promotion wise i feel that, so far, the whole thing is a complete shambles.  With less that a month to go there is just very little information out there.
I'm actually deeply embarrassed that Ewa Farna UK can't bring you full coverage of Ewa in the UK. I simply can't report on things i don't know.

I will of course keep on trying and as soon/if i know anything further i'll report it here or on the Facebook page.

P.S.  Similar story with the Dublin show.  The venue have not responded.


  1. Hi tickets and info are available at thebetterhalf.info

    1. Thanks for the info :-)
      I'll update the Blog fully shortly.