Saturday, 18 January 2014


Promo poster for the UK dates.

I'm still struggling to find anywhere, including the venues themselves, that have tickets for sale for any of the shows?
Further info as and when.


  1. The text at the bottom says:
    Tickets: Hair-Life Professional Hairdressing Saloon
    508 Carlton Rd., NG3 2NS
    or by phone: (the organiser) 07714591961

    Have you tried calling them?

  2. At the moment the only one i will be able to attend is the show in London.
    That outlet seems to be just handling the ticket arrangements for Nottingham?
    I've emailed the venue and tried both Official sites but got no response.
    It's only a few weeks away and i really need to have a ticket before i can arrange flights and accommodation in London.
    It's getting really frustrating.
    I would have thought that Ewa's 'officialdom' would at least have tried to help but over the years i've gotten used to them not doing so.
    Hopefully over the next few days something about the ticketing arrangements will be announced?

  3. Hi find official organiser of UK tour and they selling ticket on line for London Nottingham and Preston at