Wednesday, 5 February 2014

UK Dates Canceled - Translation

"Cancelling of  Ewa Farna UK Tour
Because of reasons independent from the organizer and big effort in preparing this tour I am forced to cancel Ewa shows in three UK cities.
Despite the determination of the organizer, agreed all the details about places, taking care of safety,
publicity events and good cooperation with media patrons, there are some complications about third parties.

Contention for my decision are lot of slanders and as well posting untrue information in few social media sites (connected eg. with discouraging to buying the tickets) by one Nottingham company.
Because of that some companies resigned  from cooperating seeing all that mess with shows.
Due to that, thinking about possible
low interest of show which could cause unpleasant opinions to Ewa, organizer and clubs where shows were supposed to be and because of impossibility of setting dates convenient to all interests I decided to cancel (probably fateful in effects) Ewa Farna UK Tour.
Tuesday (04/02/2014) will be released official info about refund for a ticket.We sincerely apologize all Fans and people interested of participating in show and we promise to draw the consequences from people responsible for the failure of shows

Organizer of EF UK Tour
Well... good news is that Dublin is still on!


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