Friday, 7 February 2014


So there it is.  It's all ended it tears.
No UK dates. All cancelled.
It's a huge disappointment but you'll be glad to know that i'm not going to spend the next few minutes 'having a go' at the organisers.
There are clearly things that have went on behind the scenes that we know nothing about and probably never will.  I don't know the organisers and have had no contact from them but at the end of the day they tried and i'm 100% sure that their intentions to bring Ewa to us were good. Ultimately it failed  but hopefully lessons can be learned for the next time.  And hopefully there will be a next time.

Personally and for EFUK however, i'm both embarrassed and angry.
Embarrassed because i wasn't able to fully cover the proposed tour in as much detail as i would have liked to have done.
EFUK has been here (in all it's different forms) for almost 5 years now.  In all that time we have tried our very best to promote Ewa in the UK and in other English speaking countries.  Whilst i realise that we are totally unofficial are are just a fansite and Facebook page we work as hard as we can, not for any recognition but for Ewa.  Nothing else matters.

For a UK tour to be announced and for us to know very little about it was embarrassing and disappointing. Like us or hate us we are the only fansite out there for Ewa in English.  Let us do the job.  Help us to do it.

Had we been involved or included in any way surely we could have helped and would have been more than willing to do so.  It strikes me that anyone knowing that Ewa was in the UK would try and find an EFUK to find out more about it.  I humbly apologise that we were unable to do so.

The fact that none of the venues responded to my messages and that i also got no response from either of Ewa's official sites is also something i just can't understand?  Over the years we have never had any assistance whatsoever from anyone in Ewa's 'Officialdom' and that makes me angry.  It makes me seriously question the entire purpose of actually doing this at all.  I would have naturally presumed that if UK dates were being arranged that it would only be logical that would at least try to keep us informed of what was going on?  Not for the first time that didn't happen.

As i've stated many times in the past i don't speak or understand Czech or Polish and so doing this site is extremely difficult for me.  Paulina has been very busy with various other projects and helps as much as she can but the daily task of having to wade through news sites, blogs and facebook pages written in 2 languages that i don't understand is sometimes very tiring.  We have asked time and time again for new contributors to come on board and it hasn't happened.  I would have thought that after all these years someone, somewhere would have been interested in the job?

So where do we go from here?
I just don't know at the moment.  Is there actually any purpose in keeping this whole thing going at all.  I don't know the answer to that right now.

The UK tour experience has left me very very bitter and totally lacking in enthusiasm right now.  I so wanted to help but wasn't able to do so.  That's just not right.  In any way.

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