Thursday, 5 January 2012


I thought that it's now 2012 i would do a short report on how's the site has been doing in 2011.
When the old site was forced to close it took me quite a long time to summon the enthusiasm to try it all again.  Hence, this new Blog only 'officially' launcing in September 2011.  The Facebook Group has only just been started so it remains to be seen what impact it will make.
It's almost impossible, unfortunately, to provide any kind of accurate viewing figures.  From the start we have been plagued with what's known as a 'Referral Spam Bot'.  It originates from someone in Ukraine i think?  What it does is complicated but it gives false readings as to how many and the locations of viewers to the site.  Although it is a harmless piece of software it has become pretty irritating.  There is no current way via Blogger to remove it. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CANNOT GET THIS BOT BY VIEWING,COMMENTING OR BEING A MEMBER!!
Otherwise the figures have been not surprising, but hugely disapointing.  There are only 2 members (how many have subscribed by email is unknown).  Comments on posts are practically nil and since the beginning personal emails to myself have been minimal.  I have also asked for further contributors twice now and had no applications.
It was always my intention this time to keep the site simple.  No Flash intros, banners, fancy graphics or anything.  Just somewhere were non Polish and Czech speaking fans could come to find a combination of news, reviews and other posts which we think would be of interest.
That's still the case and the intent.  Ewa is practically unknown outside of her 'homelands' and it's always going to be an uphill struggle to get the message across.
We have no intention of going away any time soon.  My own personal health has been very poor in 2011 and that's unlikely to improve much in 2012.  However, i promise to keep the site going for as long as possible.
So on behalf of myself, Benjy and Criss welcome to Ewa Farna UK 2012.

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