Monday, 31 October 2011


Ewa made a rather emotional Facebook post this morning regarding her relationship with her local press -

Google translate is lacking (as per usual) but it does appear that she is getting just about fed up with the negativity and sometimes totally false news items that are reported about her.
For obvious reasons I'm not fully aware of what goes on in either Poland or the Czech Republic with regard to any specific details but i do pick up rumours on various other sites and blogs that i look at on a daily basis.
Some of the recent stories i.e. she is pregnant, has already had a baby etc are total nonsense and should be treated with the contempt that they deserve.  They also seem obsessed with her weight which would, no doubt, be upsetting for any teenage girl.  She looks pretty good to me??
Unfortunately this is just a symptom of the 'Celebrity Culture' society we live in?  One were every move is watched and reported by a press system which seems to glory in reporting every negative aspect of a celebrities life.  Were there is nothing to report they just invent something or blow a trivial matter out of all proportion.
Some celebrities thrive on the attention.  Others don't.  Ewa clearly falls into the latter category.
As far as i can tell she has nothing whatsoever to be anxious about.  She knows that she is a role model to young fans and acts accordingly.  From a very young age she has grown up in the spotlight and has behaved in an impeccable manner.
Words, however, hurt. And the stories are difficult to ignore. As a celebrity she is going to have to learn to cope with the sometimes unwanted attention that comes with fame and popularity.
I'm sure, like myself, we all want to give her 100% support in what appears to be a difficult time for her.

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