Saturday, 22 October 2011


I must admit to being rather confused as to what exactly is going on (in Ewa World) with regard to the upcoming MTV Europe awards ceremony in Belfast.
What i do know is that she has been nominated in the Best Polish Artist category.
You can vote but how and where i don't know.
Those who win the 'local' categories can then go on to contest the Best European Artist (i think?).
You can vote for Ewa here -

Whether or not this means that Ewa will attend in Belfast or if she will perform here i can't quite decipher?
Obviously, i hope she does (both).  Allthough from what i have read in the local press there are very few tickets going to made available to the general public and those that are available are scarce and are changing hands for sizeable amounts of money.

Until something more concrete comes from Team Ewa i can't state anything more with any accuracy.
Watch this space, methinks.

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