Thursday, 8 September 2016


By the way, why did you leave university?

I couldn't manage to study and sing in two countries – not physically, not mentally. I was also a judge in the Czech version of Pop Idol. I had time to do concerts, but I couldn’t make any new music. Soon I wouldn’t have any new material to perform with; and what about my friends and family? Even though it was a great university, the only thing I’m going to study is the school of life. 10 years in show business taught me something so in the future I want to mainly focus on singing and business.

What business exactly?

It may sound weird, but I’m an owner of a company, which deals with everything I do. From music through advertisement, projects with my participation, such as the 10 years on scene concert, to keeping my own e-shop, charity second hand or planning future activities, which includes my dream of having my own restaurant, because I love to cook. Anyways it taught me responsibility. Now I am a boss of my own business, which is great, but at the same time everyone’s waiting for my decisions. And if they are wrong, it’s all my fault. But I have to say, that this responsibility is much more valuable to me than studying law.

You mentioned that you do concerts in both Czech Republic and Poland. What is the biggest difference between your Polish and Czech fans?

I could write a book about this topic. Long story short, polish fans got to know me when I was 15 years old through my song Cicho, When I was a young lady with high heels. Here I came to the scene being a child. And people seem to still remember me like that. Many 30-year-old feel embarrassed because they listen to my music. Some of them even come to me and say sorry. Not so long ago one 45-year-old women came to me saying that she’s a bit ashamed that such an old lady listens to me. I told her that it’s fine – no one says that my fans need to be younger than me. Besides I’m really grateful for fans with fine taste. And 45-years-old lady is not OLD!

That’s why Czech media keeps saying you are more sexy in Poland than in the Czech Republic?

Well, today they can say really anything… But well, the reason is that in Poland they are much more interested in fashion than people here. They have the world’s perspective, so when I appear on some event in clothes made by polish designer, they get excited about it and write about it well. They know how to compliment, which is nice. But when I wear the same clothes here, it’s wrong and media says that Farna doesn’t have any taste. That’s ridiculous. Plus I find it a pity wear only a black long skirts being just 22 years old. I have a lot of time for that. That’s why I like to wear controversial clothes sometimes. And that’s why I’m reconciled with the fact that I’m never going to be understood in here when it comes to fashion.

You’re Polish with Czech citizenship. Which country is closer to you?

I love the Czech Republic and I’m happy that I was born here. I have a lot of friends here, my band, my boyfriend, but I’m Polish. So when there’s a football match Czech Republic – Poland, I’m rooting for Poland. I’m openly confessing this in a Czech magazine, because I’m often being accused of saying different things to Czech and Polish media. One time some people in here even advised me not to talk too much about my Polish nationality, because I could lose part of my fans here. That I have to know how do Czech people see Polish ones!


As an racketeers. But I think that comes out from stereotypes. I don’t want to defend Polish people, because when they left Poland and think, that God doesn’t see them, they are able of doing bad things. On the other hand I know that they love Czech Republic and Czech people. They love Czech humour and the way how we can make fun of ourselves. They are excited about how liberal Czech Republic is, how the country isn’t so closely connected with faith. In my opinion overlooking Polish people isn’t right. And I personally want to show Czech people, that Polish ones can be nice.

In what country do media more talk about your relationship with Martin?

I think both of them the same, because private things do interest people the most the same all over the world. A lot of people think that dating a boy from your band is a pro, but sometimes it’s a con. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s important to divide the personal life from work life.

That’s why your new song Na ostří nože (On a knife edge) is about relationship?

That song is about that every relationship needs to be taken care of. I had this old photo at home, portraying an old couple and it said that how’s possible, that they managed to be together for so long. Their answer was, that at their times, when something went wrong, it was being fixed, not thrown away. That’s so accurate! And when I was recently chopping something for diner, I told my boyfriend, that we have to buy a new knife, because this one is completely blunt.  And he said, what if we tried to sharpen it first? And at that moment I thought about that picture and I realised how much it says about a relationship as well. You need to take care of a relationship as well, from time to time fix something, if it gets broken. Throwing away at the first moment when things get wrong and getting a new relationship instead isn’t a solution. So every relationship needs to be sharpen just the same as the knife, only then it can work.

Being a boyfriend of such a popular singer needs to be very difficult for most men, especially, when the singer is their boss. How does your boyfriend manage that?

For now it’s fine. I’m definitely not a boss at home, I wouldn’t even want to be. I’d rather be taken care of like every other girl. But in my band I have to have the last word, because I take all the responsibility for that. And that demands a confident man who has balls. And the one I have definitely has!

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