Saturday, 12 July 2014


EFUK would like to welcome Sam Mansour as a contributor to the site and Facebook page.

Sam is from Tel Aviv in Israel and is a 21 year old student of Computer Engineering and Science at the city's main University.

He's been a fan since 2009 and has managed to see Ewa in concert on 2 occasions.  His only regret is that he was unable to get a photo or an autograph on either visit.

He plays football and basketball and his main hobbies are music, dancing and video games.  He also feels the 'need for speed' and is keen on motoring and cars!

All at EFUK hope that Sam's stay with us is a long and happy one.


  1. not only sam is a fan of EWA in israel.
    my name is gad i posted a comment in this website on 31.5.13 under the name of "anonymous" .
    i also have "ewa farna" playlist in youtube posted by me - gad4321b.

  2. Hi gad, we welcome everyone here from all around the world !!
    we appreciate your support for the site and for Ewa Farna!

    P.S: keep support and have a great time with us.