Tuesday, 1 November 2011


First of all, I'd like to say hello to everyone. I'm Criss, I will try to make sure that all latest news from Ewa are available here, for you, in English.
Referring to latest Junkmale post I'd like to make things a bit more clear. Recently the main issue about Ewa was her weight, gutter press had topics like "Did she put on weight?", "Oh, it looks like Ewa gained some weight" etc. Yes, it's true, Ewa herself admitted that she gained some weight. Let me translate some parts of this Facebook post.

I'm fed up with this, come on, get a grip. I'm a singer, I focus on my voice, I don't want to be a slim model! I'm an average teenager and, really ... I'm sorry to hear that. Do all people need to be slim like skeletons? Is there any law on that? Are there any showbusiness rules? Leave my fat alone and care about your own problems. And I wish you that they are so trivial, as my weight.
Have a good night!

So, as you may notice, she really don't care. In recent (last Sunday) interview in breakfast television DzieƄ Dobry TVN she explained this a little bit more. She said that:

"I'm always on the road, I don't have time to eat properly, exercise. I feel healthy and normal. I don't feel like I'm fat." Then after question, whether her clothing size has changed she replied with laugh that no, but her bust size changed:)

All in all, she does not find any problem with this.


  1. Thanks Criss. With the language problems sometimes it's easy for me to misinterpret things.
    In general though i can't imagine ANY teenage girl appreciating anyone talking about their weight? Even mentioning it is a big no no. I also think that Ewa wouldn't have gone to the trouble of posting about the press if it wasn't concerning her? Probably more than she would admit to?

  2. Oh, I should have write it in a bit different way. She was just fed up that this issue is such a big concern for this "press", rather than, for example, her new dvd with a single.